"Legal Margaritos"

Some Curtis Stevens footage here, with Max Kellerman narration, in which Max supposedly spills private details on glove sensors, in development by HBO, that measure punching power. Early tests on the sensors were thought to be failing because Curtis Stevens' punching power was off the charts.

Stevens will have his hands full on November 2nd, when he battles heavy favorite Gennady Golovkin.

Judge Robert Hoyle Talks Controversial Decisions

Robert Hoyle is familiar with media attention regarding a controversial decision. Remember Hoyle scored Pacquiao vs. Marquez III 114-114. Now that the dust has settled, 114-114 seems a respectable card for that fight. He's also on tap to judge Marquez vs. Bradley tonight, which could be another tough one.

FOTY checkbox added to EOTR fan scorecards

Cast a vote for EOTR Fight of the Year Candidates when you save a new card. Also vote for: upset of the year and knockout of the year. Fun stuff, I'll publish candidates later in the year. These check-boxes are on your old cards too, if you feel like updating them.

If you think of other obvious annotations I should add, let me know in the comments...

Floyd Mayweather Jr Tops Earnings List, Again

Surprising to no one: Floyd Mayweather Jr tops the highest earning athletes in the US list put out by Sports Illustrated.

It's interesting to note how far Floyd is beyond the second place earner. Floyd's estimated earnings: 90 million dollars. Second place: 56.5 million (for LeBron James). The only massive gap is between the first and second place earners, the differences between the amounts between tenth and second are miniscule in comparison.

Full story at Sports Illustrated.