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Pulev is fighting Fury not only in Bulgaria, but his hometown in Bulgaria. There is a reason why Miller wouldn't take the fight, he didn't think he would have the power to stop Pulev and he couldn't get a decision there. I think Hughie is in the same boat as Miller. Props to him for taking the fight, but unless he dominates thoroughly he's not gonna get a decision in Pulev's backyard, and he doesn't have the power to KO him.

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It's too late to add now, but Catterall vs Davies would have been a really interesting 50-50 to pick.

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Prediction Champion of the Month (October)

1. Boxing Knowledge (54)
2. Matchroom (53) JML14 (53)
3. Floyd tough competitor mayweather (52)
4. Gold (49)
5. SalTnutZ1 (48)
6. Champion97 (46)
7. Champion58 (42)
8. goosu (6)

Boxing Knowledge wins PCOM October!

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I won 3 grand on Donaire on a 500 dollar bet, wish I would have picked him here too.

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Some going that, I could have won a lot with my predictions for Fury over Klitschko, Bellew over Haye, but I will never gamble.

Shame about the circumstances Burnettt vs Donaire ended under.