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PCOM Scoreboard

Prediction Champion Of The Month (April 2018)

1. SalTnutZ1 (12)
2. Champion58 (10)
2. JML14 (10)
3. Champion97 (7)
3. Gold (7)
4. Boxing Purist (5)
5. martin eden (4)
5. EndOfMe1994 (4)
6. mike25 (2)
6. what_is_the_default_password (2)
7. Floyd tough competitor mayweather (0)

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Hurd vs Lara

Boxing Purist - Lara beats Hurd (SD) (0 points)
Champion58 - Lara beats Hurd (UD) (0 points)
Champion97 - Hurd beats Lara (TKO mid) (2 points)
EndOfMe1994 - Lara beats Hurd (UD) (0 points)
Gold - Hurd beats Lara (KO late) (2 points)
JML14 - Lara beats Hurd (MD) (0 points)
martin eden - Lara beats Hurd (UD) (0 points)
mike25 - Hurd beats Lara (TKO late) (2 points)
SalTnutZ1 - Hurd beats Lara (TKO mid) (2 points)
what_is_the_default_password - Lara beats Hurd (UD) (0 points)

Truax vs DeGale II

Boxing Purist - DeGale beats Truax (UD) (5 points)
Champion58 - DeGale beats Truax (UD) (5 points)
Champion97 - Truax beats DeGale (SD) (0 points)
EndOfMe1994 - Draw (0 points)
Gold - Truax beats DeGale (KO late) (0 points)
JML14 - DeGale beats Truax (UD) (5 points)
martin eden - DeGale beats Truax (SD) (4 points)
mike25 - Truax beats DeGale (MD) (0 points)
SalTnutZ1 - DeGale beats Truax (UD) (5 points)
what_is_the_default_password - No prediction (0 points)

Higa vs Rosales

Boxing Purist - No prediction (0 points)
Champion58 - Higa beats Rosales (TKO mid) (0 points)
Champion97 - Higa beats Rosales (KO mid) (0 points)
EndOfMe1994 - Higa beats Rosales (TKO mid) (0 points)
Gold - Higa beats Rosales (TKO mid) (0 points)
JML14 - Higa beats Rosales (KO late) (0 points)
martin eden - No prediction (0 points)
mike25 - No prediction (0 points)
SalTnutZ1 - Higa beats Rosales (UD) (0 points)
what_is_the_default_password - Higa beats Rosales (TKO mid) (0 points)

Murata vs Blandamura

Boxing Purist - No prediction (0 points)
Champion58 - Murata beats Blandamura (TKO mid) (5 points)
Champion97 - Murata beats Blandamura (TKO mid) (5 points)
EndOfMe1994 - Murata beats Blandamura (TKO late) (4 points)
Gold - Murata beats Blandamura (TKO mid) (5 points)
JML14 - Murata beats Blandamura (KO mid) (5 points)
martin eden - No prediction (0 points)
mike25 - No prediction (0 points)
SalTnutZ1 - Murata beats Blandamura (KO mid) (5 points)
what_is_the_default_password - Murata beats Blandamura (UD) (2 points)

Frampton vs Donaire

Boxing Purist -
Champion58 - Frampton beats Donaire (TKO mid)
Champion97 - Frampton beats Donaire (UD)
EndOfMe1994 - Frampton beats Donaire (UD)
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Frampton beats Donaire (UD)
Gold - Frampton beats Donaire (UD)
JML14 - Frampton beats Donaire (UD)
martin eden -
mike25 - Frampton beats Donaire (UD)
SalTnutZ1 - Frampton beats Donaire (KO early)
what_is_the_default_password - Frampton beats Donaire (UD)

Tete vs Narvaez

Boxing Purist -
Champion58 - Tete beats Narvaez (TKO early)
Champion97 - Tete beats Narvaez (UD)
EndOfMe1994 - Tete beats Narvaez (TKO mid)
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Tete beats Narvaez (KO mid)
Gold - Tete beats Narvaez (KO early)
JML14 - Tete beats Narvaez (MD)
martin eden -
mike25 - Tete beats Narvaez (TKO early)
SalTnutZ1 - Tete beats Narvaez (TKO mid)
what_is_the_default_password -

Khan vs Lo Greco

Boxing Purist
Champion58 - Khan beats Lo Greco (UD)
Champion97 - Khan beats Lo Greco (TKO mid)
EndOfMe1994 - Khan beats Lo Greco (UD)
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Khan beats Lo Greco (UD)
Gold - Khan beats Lo Greco (UD)
JML14 - Khan beats Lo Greco (UD)
martin eden
mike25 - Khan beats Lo Greco (MD)
SalTnutZ1 - Khan beats Lo Greco (UD)
what_is_the_default_password - Khan beats Lo Greco (UD)

Broner vs Vargas

Boxing Purist
Champion58 - Vargas beats Broner (SD)
Champion97 - Broner beats Vargas (MD)
EndOfMe1994 - Vargas beats Broner (UD)
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Vargas beats Broner (MD)
Gold - Vargas beats Broner (UD)
JML14 - Broner beats Vargas (UD)
martin eden
mike25 - Broner beats Vargas (SD)
SalTnutZ1 - Broner beats Vargas (UD)
what_is_the_default_password -

Davis vs Cuellar

Boxing Purist
Champion58 - Davis beats Cuellar (TKO late)
Champion97 - Davis beats Cuellar (TKO mid)
EndOfMe1994 - Davis beats Cuellar (TKO mid)
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Davis beats Cuellar (KO late)
Gold - Davis beats Cuellar (UD)
JML14 - Davis beats Cuellar (KO mid)
martin eden
mike25 - Davis beats Cuellar (KO mid)
SalTnutZ1 - Davis beats Cuellar (SD)

Charlo vs Centeno

Boxing Purist
Champion58 - Charlo beats Centeno (TKO mid)
Champion97 - Charlo beats Centeno (KO mid)
EndOfMe1994 - Charlo beats Centeno (UD)
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Charlo beats Centeno (KO mid)
Gold - Charlo beats Centeno (KO mid)
JML14 - Charlo beats Centeno (KO late)
martin eden
mike25 - Charlo beats Centeno (TKO mid)
SalTnutZ1 - Charlo beats Centeno (KO mid)

Magdaleno vs Dogboe

Boxing Purist
Champion58 - Dogboe beats Magdaleno (UD)
Champion97 - Magdaleno beats Dogboe (UD)
EndOfMe1994 - Magdaleno beats Dogboe (UD)
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Magdaleno beats Dogboe (UD)
JML14 - Magdaleno beats Dogboe (TKO late)
martin eden
mike25 - Magdaleno beats Dogboe (UD)
SalTnutZ1 - Dogboe beats Magdaleno (UD)

Miller vs Duhaupas

Boxing Purist
Champion58 - Miller beats Duhaupas (KO late)
Champion97 - Miller beats Duhaupas (TKO mid)
EndOfMe1994 - Miller beats Duhaupas (UD)
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Miller beats Duhaupas (TKO mid)
JML14 - Miller beats Duhaupas (KO mid)
martin eden
mike25 - Miller beats Duhaupas (TKO late)
SalTnutZ1 - Miller beats Duhaupas (UD)

Jacobs vs Sulecki

Boxing Purist
Champion58 - Jacobs beats Sulecki (TKO late)
Champion97 - Jacobs beats Sulecki (TKO late)
EndOfMe1994 - Jacobs beats Sulecki (KO late)
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Jacobs beats Sulecki (TKO late)
JML14 - Jacobs beats Sulecki (KO late)
martin eden
mike25 - Jacobs beats Sulecki (UD)
SalTnutZ1 - Jacobs beats Sulecki (TKO late)

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

I have Davis by SD(changed earlier this week)

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Prediction Champion Of The Month (March 2018)

1. JML14 (15)
2. Gold (14)
2. SalTnutZ1 (14)
3. Boxing Purist (12)
4. Champion97 (11)
4. Champion58 (11)
5. martin eden (10)
6. EndOfMe1994 (9)
7. what_is_the_default_password (5)

JML14 wins PCOM

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Is there a difference in this game if you pick KO or TKO ? I always write KO and by that i mean KO,TKO or DQ...so a win inside the scheduled distance. I've noticed you put KO by my name and TKO by others so.

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Not at all, it doesn't matter. Nobody gets any points if it is a disqualification, but that rarely happens, you can predict a disqualification, and get 2 points though.

Great that you made predictions, but maybe make one for each fight in the prediction vault, up to you, but the more fights you make a prediction for, the better chance you give yourself of winning!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Yeah i plan to make a prediction for every fight in the fault...but i want to do it week by week...but i can do it for the whole month in once if you prefer that.

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

It is 100% up to you pal! Great to have you involved, the more participants, the better!