Need review Before buy Boxing Gloves

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Need review Before buy Boxing Gloves


I am Aanna, I am new female Boxer, I want to know about top Brands for Boxing gloves and need review like RDX sports for Boxing Gloves or Next Products etc so where to buy? or RDX is best?

Re: Need review Before buy Boxing Gloves

Hello Aanna,

That's great! Well, I think it is different in different countries, but I know that Everlast are great, solid quality gloves, without being too expensive, Grant are fantastic, but they do not come cheap, some metalic pairs cost $1,000!. I think sports stores like Sports Direct, have a wide range of solid gloves in stock, but this is a UK store chain, but I imagine that other big sports shops all around the world supply good gloves.

Good look with your boxing career, and I hope this post is at least slightly helpful.

Re: Need review Before buy Boxing Gloves

Hello Anna.
RDX it's an ok brand for entry level boxers. I personally don't like their quality, but the prices are good if you don't plan to make a big investment just yet.

By the site link, it looks like you are in the UK. I would recommend you to take a look at the Adidas gloves. Lately they have improved their quality, and they have products for all different levels. Rivals is a good option too but I just dont like their designs, and they may be a bit more expensive than entry level gloves.

Personally I like Cleto Reyes training gloves, but they are more expensive.

Re: Need review Before buy Boxing Gloves

Thanks for Feedback I check few TOp Brands from

Re: Need review Before buy Boxing Gloves

Whoa! I didn't know you could get TITLE over there.
TITLE is a very decent American brand. They usually make copies of other brands with the same or sometimes even better quality at an affordable price.
I truly advise you to get TITLE.

Re: Need review Before buy Boxing Gloves

I think that if you are a novice, then you should not immediately buy the best of the best (especially considering that this is the "best" is usually very expensive, as Champion97 noted). Maybe you will not like boxing after a while (I hope this does not happen, but still - very many after several trainings understand that boxing is not what they would like to do even as a hobby), I, after reviewing several tops often noticed that there are such brands as RDX venom and other non-expensive manufacturers. I think that the best solution is to consult your coach, I'm sure he will be able to suggest something suitable for you.
Except I still quite often check