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Game plans for upcoming fights

Ruiz vs Joshua II


Double jab, right hand
I don't think Joshua should be first with the single jab, because Ruiz is too good a counter puncher, is too good at cutting distance, he doesn't have as good a counter overhand right as Povetkin, but he still has good head movement, and I think being first with the single jab is an ineffective tactic against Ruiz. The counter jab is a good weapon for Joshua, because it stops Ruiz in his tracks, and if Joshua can land it, round after round, everytime Ruiz tries to get on the inside, that will take more out of Ruiz. The double jab is a great weapon for Joshua, because it gets Ruiz in position, sets up the right hand, and even if Joshua doesn't follow it up with the right hand, the jab still scores points, and the second jab stops Ruiz capitalising on the opening which the first jab gives him. The long right hand is definitely the best power shot for Joshua, because while it does damage, it is a shot thrown from a safe distance for Joshua, and range is very important for him.

Use your feet
Joshua's best defence is definitely the use of his legs, because it's hard to use head movement and blocking abilities against Ruiz, who is fast, accurate, throws combinations, but he has slow feet, so the best way to defend against Ruiz is to disallow him getting into his punching range. It's important that Joshua doesn't go back in a straight line, because if he does that, Ruiz can walk him down, he'll hit a dead end, and if he can't get off the ropes, all he can do is tie up or try to fight in the pocket, I think neither are good tactics for him, he can't out fight Ruiz in Ruiz's punching range, and I think Ruiz can do damage as he works out of a clinch. Joshua needs lateral movement, needs to pivot to get out of range and avoid exchanges.


Body work
Ruiz's counter left hook was what changed the fight the first time, he hit Joshua high on the head, hurt him bad. This time, Joshua is likely to hold the phone on his right side, meaning his right hand will be high, he can't realistically keep the hand up for 36 minutes, because he needs to throw his right hand, but aside from being patient, waiting for the opening, Ruiz should go to the body with the left hook, it won't be easy to get past Joshua's jab, but if he moves to his left slightly, he can avoid the jab, step in and land the left hook to the body. Joshua has a long reach, but if he holds the phone, that will bring his elbow up slightly, give Ruiz an opening to the body. Ruiz might be wise to set up the left hook to the body by throwing the lead left hook to the head, that will take Joshua's mind away from the body, and with Ruiz's head movement, I don't think Joshua can land the single right hand as Ruiz comes in.

Make him work
In the early rounds, whether he wins them or not, Ruiz can't let Joshua control the pace, and if he holds off, tries to be clever, tries to out box Joshua, I think that won't work, and it will allow Joshua to work at his own pace, and even if he tries to be a defensive puncher, backs up and tries to fire a counter off the back foot as Joshua attacks, that's a bad tactic, because Joshua won't take that bait. Ruiz has to apply educated pressure, can't get frustrated about struggling with the range, has to make Joshua exert his legs, because the more Joshua has to use his legs, the less mobile he'll be down the stretch, and even though it won't take away Joshua's jab, the jab will lose speed and snap if he's been made to work hard, round after round. If Joshua's feet slow down in the second half, and Ruiz can get past his weaker jab, Ruiz can fight his fight, and that's not a fight Joshua can win.

From what I understand, Ruiz and Joshua will both be lighter in the rematch. I think being lighter will be a big help to Joshua, it will benefit his stamina, mobility, and he won't lose power, he will be slightly less strong, but overpowering and out hustling Ruiz shouldn't be part of his game plan, so it's worth the sacrifice in strength, for better stamina. Ruiz, in terms of hand speed, stamina, overall conditioning, was fine last time, the way he looks means nothing, but if he loses a small amount of weight, I think that will benefit him if anything, because slow feet were a problem for him in the first fight, so if he is lighter this time, and that increases his foot speed, he can get into his punching range more quickly.

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Commey vs Lopez


Make him work
The worst thing Commey can do is let the more technically skilled fighter, with the better amateur pedigree, box comfortably, the second half is when he is likely to do better, he doesn't need to rely on winning the early rounds, it is very important that even if Lopez is beating him to the punch, Commey is making him work hard, and taking a lot out of him.

Rough him up
Commey is fighting a highly regarded prospect who is inexperienced, but not so inexperienced he can rely on just the 12 round distance, and the level he is fighting at, to be too much for him, he is in against an opponent who has skills, has fast hands, who has the better amateur background, so Commey needs to make this the kind of fight that the amateurs don't prepare you for, needs to do what he can get away with, rough Lopez up, use pushing and shoving to get him where he wants him, try to unsettle Lopez with ugly, rough house tactics.


Keep it basic
Lopez has to be conservative, he has been 12 rounds, but only once, only been 8 rounds once, he doesn't want to let Commey get the momentum, early, but at the same time, he has to be patient, because if he obliges Commey, is aggressive in the early rounds, Commey can have success more easily. I think Lopez should use his amateur pedigree, use his better skilset, look to counter Commey.

Take centre ring
While I don't think Lopez should start too aggressively, shouldn't throw a lot of punches in the early rounds, I don't think he should try to box on the back foot, I think he is strong enough to take centre ring, not allow Commey to get his shots off or get any momentum.

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Povetkin vs Hunter


Make him work
Povetkin will struggle to get into range, early, Hunter's movement will be a problem for Povetkin, but Povetkin needs to throw shots as soon as Hunter stops moving and looks for his own shots. The more Hunter moves around the ring in the first half of the fight, the more his movement will slow down in the second half of the fight, and if Hunter is throwing a lot of shots on the back foot in the first half, and he isn't taking a toll on Povetkin, that will work in Povetkin's favour.

Lead left hook
Povetkin was a great amateur, but he is not a typical well schooled European, he has a professional style, he is a very good inside fighter, attacks head and body, good variety, but he is hard to prepare for, because he jumps in with the left hook, it's hard to anticipate his attacks, it's hard to see the left hook coming. If Povetkin throws the lead overhand right, I think that's a bad tactic, because Hunter can see that shot coming, avoid it easily, and Povetkin can only land that shot once he's in range.


Use Pivots
Hunter should use his feet, use lateral movement, which will keep him out of Povetkin's punching range, and Povetkin won't be able to walk him down if he changes direction at the right time, but it will be hard to get his own shots off if he is trying to stay out of Povetkin's range throughout the round, and if he stays at that distance, while it frustrates Povetkin, and stops him getting into range, it doesn't take much out of Povetkin because he doesn't waste anything, won't be taking shots either. Hunter has to let the shots go, but he should pivot, rather than just stepping to the side or backing up, because Povetkin will try to counter as soon as he's in range, and Povetkin throws wide shots which makes it harder to take a simple step to the side, but pivots will make Povetkin miss, and briefly stop the pressure of Povetkin.

Throw a lot of shots
Hunter has to focus on winning rounds, not on a stoppage, he should be cautious, but I think using feints and looking for openings is a mistake against Povetkin, because he is compact, and it's hard to prepare for his attacks. I think Hunter should be busy, not load up, keep the jab in Povetkin's face, land the follow up right hand the split second Povetkin moves forward.

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Harrison vs Charlo II


Lateral movement
The worst thing Harrison can do is try to out fight Charlo in the centre of the ring, his lateral movement was a big problem for Charlo in the first fight, and I think it will be again, even if Charlo does a better job of getting into his punching range than last time.

Throw Combinations
Harrison, as the lesser puncher, shouldn't use single shots, he has hand speed, but Charlo is a better counter puncher, so he needs to throw combinations. I don't think Charlo deals with combination punchers well, he looks for one great shot, it benefits Charlo when his opponent throws his own single power shot.

Attack the body
Going to the body is the best way to slow down the movement of a mobile fighter. Harrison's movement is a big problem for Charlo, he doesn't cut off the ring well, he couldn't stop Harrison's movement the first time, and for a come forward fighter, he head hunts too much, doesn't attack the body enough.

Make him work
It's important for Charlo, not that he wins the early rounds, he shouldn't go for the early finish, but he should try to make Harrison work hard, because to come on strong in the second half, he needs to slow down Harrison's movement, and to do that, he needs to bully Harrison into having to work hard to win the early rounds. Charlo can't load up, look for one big shot, he has to apply consistent pressure, cut off the ring.

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Eubank vs Korobov


Consistent pressure
Korobov is likely to box on the back foot, Eubank was the counter puncher against DeGale, but I don't think he will be against Korobov, and I don't think those tactics would work in this fight. Eubank has to keep Korobov occupied, can't afford to let him rest, he needs to take advantage of Korobov's age, needs to get into range, get past Korobov's straight shots, find the balance between swinging for the fences like he did against Groves, and loading up, being stationary, and letting the opponent steal the rounds like against Saunders.

Jab to the body
Eubank should attack the body, but I think the jab to the body is the best shot for him, because even if it isn't a power shot, it can still knock wind out of the opponent, and it leaves a smaller opening than power shots to the body.


Keep it on the outside
There is no reason for Korobov to stand and trade with Eubank, no reason for him even to throw anything long range shots, he should box like he did against Charlo, use the ring, don't let the opponent cut the distance, use the 1, 2 to not only score points but to keep the opponent at range. I don't think Korobov should try to be versatile, varied with his attacks, I don't think Eubank can deal with the 1, 2, and Korobov can win rounds just by landing those shots.

Counter left hand
Korobov shouldn't be the aggressor, he should be on the back foot, but if both fighters are looking for openings, the judges will favour the aggressor, so while Korobov should be patient, he can't let the early rounds slip away. Korobov should nick the points with the jab, be first with that shot, not the left, but he doesn't need to look for the counter jab, because that's a much harder shot for Eubank to counter than the left, I think Eubank can land the counter right over the left, but I don't think he has the skill to land the counter left hook when Korobov throws the jab. The 1, 2 is a good combination for Korobov, but I think he can land the single counter left when Eubank throws the right.

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Wilder vs Fury II


Outside first half, inside second half
I think Fury should box on the outside in the first half of the fight, because he has the movement, the use of his reach to keep Wilder at the range he wants him, but in the second half of the fight, when his legs slow down, and Wilder can get closer to the target, he is a lot more at risk of being caught, because his slowed down movement will allow Wilder to narrow the gap by the few inches he needs to, to be at the right distance for him to detonate either the overhand or straight right hand, which Wilder might only need to land one of to finish the fight. Fury is obviously a better outside fighter than Wilder, but he is also a better inside fighter, Wilder often needs space to get his shots off, and Fury will be stronger than Wilder even if the strength difference is less than in the first fight, so he can push Wilder back, which will make it easier to smother Wilder's punches. If Fury fights on the inside in the second half of the fight, he can drain Wilder. I think the worst place for Fury to be is just inside Wilder's punching range, but only a few inches closer than where he needs to be to establish his own jab, but Fury has the beating of Wilder not only if he uses his reach advantage, and uses the ring, but also if he fights on the inside.

Use the jab as a range finder more than point scorer
The jab is a good weapon, it is enough to win rounds when there aren't many power shots landed, but at this level, it is more of a way of controlling range than a point scorer. I think Fury needs to establish his jab, but rather than throwing it as it's own weapon, he should feint, give Wilder different looks, keep him unsettled, use the jab to set up the right hand, and land that shot as Wilder tries to land the counter right over the jab, because not only does that do more damage and take more out of Wilder, but it makes him more unpredictable, harder for Wilder to make an adjustment.


Straight more than overhand right
In the first fight, Wilder threw the overhand right more than the straight right, and I think that was a mistake. The overhand right, at long range, is an easy shot to avoid, it's usually a wild swing, it's unorthodox and it's not a shot the opponent sees coming if it is a chopping right hand at close range, but in the first fight, Fury was able to easily see most of Wilder's overhand rights coming, and make him hit air. At distance, it's harder to avoid the straight right hand than the overhand for a few reasons, it is usually a faster, more explosive shot, and because it's thrown at an upward angle, the overhand allows you to move under it. Marcos Maidana straightened out his right hand for the Mayweather rematch, and although it probably wasn't closer, he did more damage than in the first fight. I think of Wilder is in range, he should throw the straight right hand, with speed, like the shot that Stiverne never recovered from, and the shot that knocked Ortiz out, it looks more basic than the overhand, but Wilder has done a lot of damage with that shot, and I think he has a better chance of knocking Fury out in this fight with the straight right than the overhand right.

Don't let him settle
Wilder should be patient, but he can't afford to let Fury get away with winning rounds at a comfortable pace, because that means Fury will be less tired later in the fight, and less likely to leave an opening. Wilder shouldn't try to be clever, because if he tries to be the thinker, he fights Fury's fight, and if Fury gets away with boxing at a slow pace, he won't give Wilder any openings. Wilder has to keep Fury working hard mentally, and make it so that Fury needs his reflexes throughout the rounds, I don't think he needs to be smart to do that, because Fury will be very cautious, but it is important for Wilder that Fury can't box comfortably even if he is winning the rounds. I don't think Wilder can cut off the ring well against Fury, and I don't think he can force him to use his feet more than he does at his own pace, but if Wilder uses feints, throws the jab or dummies with the left hook, that will take very little out of him, and he will get a reaction from Fury every time.