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Boxing Forum Rules

Forum Rules. I expect fans that will be into Eye On The Ring will be pretty cool, so probably just the basics will do. All rules are subject to interpretation.

  • No personal insults: Do not post messages which harass, insult, or threaten. Debating is fine.
  • No racial or ethnic slurs.
  • No Disclosure of Personal Information: You may not post any personal information regarding any forum member, their family, or friends. This includes, but is not limited to, names, pictures, addresses, phone numbers, etc. Additionally, this includes information on a private social network account such as Facebook.
  • No offensive Images. In other words, don't post anything you wouldn’t want your children to see. That stuff is OK in other boxing forums, but we are focused on the top tier of fans, and what to generate discussions that will welcome more of the same fans to join in.
  • Do not spam the forum: Advertising, spamming, and trolling is not allowed.
  • Do not post links to PPV streams or links to Torrent sites. Additionally, do not solicit streams on the forum. It will get us in trouble.
Re: Boxing Forum Rules

Is it a rule that you can divulge no personal information about yourself, or just no info about others?

Re: Boxing Forum Rules

Good question never thought of it that way. Info about yourself is totally fine -- those rules need an update. (That rule was meant to keep guys from posting other people's personal stuff like facebook accounts or addresses or something without consent.)

Re: Boxing Forum Rules

Thanks for clearing that up.

Re: Boxing Forum Rules

I understand these rules and will abide by them. I have always had a gut feeling that a guy like champ looked me up and found me lol. IDK it all really started when I just BS'd a MMH-SRL and thurman-guerrero card (10-6 rounds ect). I was being sarcastic with him and honestly at the very begining I thought he was the only one that would read my reply because I got the notification from gmail. I didn't appreciate basically the life coaching by him and I think it might be a lesson for both of us and all of us that turning the other cheek is the best option.

Re: Boxing Forum Rules

'No personal insults: Do not post messages which harass, insult, or threaten.'

'don't post anything you wouldn’t want your children to see.'

Looks like Champion97 needs to give this a read.

Re: Boxing Forum Rules

I read that 6 years ago, you need to read it, you are the one who goes looking for trouble, stop playing the victim, you are guilty of personal insults, and you are the one who instigates problems.

The site owner knows me very well, she won't believe your lies, nobody cares about swearing, you are guilty of discrimination, you are guilty going looking for trouble, and now you are the one having a tantrum, as SalTnutZ1 told you the other day, you are obnoxious. You failed at making me out to be the bad guy before, and you will fail at this.

You trying to start shit a week after I did the adult thing and stopped communication between us, is a joke.