Best boxers of all time

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Best boxers of all time

My opinion

1. Floyd Mayweather Jr
2. Joe Louis
3. Ray Robinson
4. Muhammad Ali
5. Terence Crawford
6. Julio Cesar Chavez
7. Vasyl Lomachencko
8. Marvin Hagler
9. Ray Leonard
10. Andre Ward
11. Rocky Marciano
12. Roy Jones Jr
13. Roberto Duran
14. George Foreman
15. Bernard Hopkins

Could be way off, just a start, those are definitely my top 4, but the rest I'm not sure about.

Re: Best boxers of all time

I'll go top 15 for me, and only guys I got to see in their prime, and when I remember(so from about 1991 to present), and in no particular order initially, at least until I think about it more.

1. Floyd Jr (top 5 all-time for me)
2. BHop (also in my top 5)
3. Roy Jones Jr ( his peak may have been the best I've ever seen)
4. GGG (still best fighter in the world to me until he loses)
5. Loma (likely most skilled of this generation, though I think he still has a few things to prove to shake some of the doubters off)
6. James Toney ( an absolute craftsman in the ring, if he only had a better work ethic)
7. Lennox Lewis ( best of the second best generation of heavyweights, the 90's)
8. George Foreman (old man edition George was a joy to watch, and still could crack with the youngins)
9. Tyson Fury ( the kid can flat out box, and in his prime, he would have been scary for anyone with his technique and ring craft).
10. Andre Ward (can't deny his credentials)
11. Winky Wright( always one of my favorites, and like Calzaghe, you'd expect him to get mowed down by these fighters, that he go in and pick apart)
12. Miguel Cotto ( too good, too skilled, and a killer left hook, in addition to being, at least seemingly, a very good man as well).
13. Wilder (just too damn fun to watch, and that power is otherworldly; makes his iffy ring craft at times moot very quickly)
14. Pac Man (won titles in so many divisions, and was the most feared man in boxing, not named Mike Tyson, during his prime)
15. Kostya Tszyu (the first "little guy" I became a fan of, and one of the best Super Lightweights ever in his prime.)

Re: Best boxers of all time

I always found ranking the best boxers of all time in a pound for pound sense to be a lot more difficult than ranking the greatest boxers of all time because it is hard to determine how good old boxers were compared to recent ones, but I'll give it a shot here.

1. Roy Jones Jr
Easily the best athlete to ever have put on gloves. His lightning-fast punches, the fastest above Middleweight in history, combined with his unbelievable reflexes, fast feet, unorthodox punching ability, and elite power overwhelmed even the best. I believe he would be a betting favorite versus any boxer in history from Middleweight to Light Heavyweight.
2. Muhammad Ali
Incredible movement, hand/foot speed, and counterpunching. His peak before he was banned from boxing was without comparison for a heavyweight. Past his physical prime in his return, his ring IQ, chin and pure will gave boxing some of the best fights of all times.
3. Sugar Ray Robinson
One of the greatest combinations of power and speed in history, a phenomenal and versatile offensive fighter, great ring IQ and an all-time great chin.
4. Roberto Duran
One of the most complete fighters of all times, despite being a pressure fighter his legendary power, speed and ring IQ made him extremely versatile.
5a. Floyd Mayweather Jr
Arguably the best defensive fighter of all times with phenomenal ring IQ, reflexes and counter punching ability.
5b. Sugar Ray Leonard
One of the best offensive boxers of all times with all time great hand speed, combination punching, technique and counterpunching skills.
7. Henry Armstrong
One of the greatest pressure fighters of all time with legendary power, stamina and boxing craft.
8. Manny Pacquiao
One of the most devastating lower weight fighters of all times. Very well rounded with elite hand/foot speed, power, reflexes, stamina and chin.
9. Pernell Whitaker
One of the greatest talents to put on gloves. Amazing defensive ability, hand/foot speed, reflexes, and counter punching.
10. Willie Pep
One of the best pure boxers in history with all-time great defense, ring IQ and hand/foot speed.
Just missed the cut (in no order): Julio Cesar Chavez, Joe Gans, Benny Leonard, Carlos Monzon, Alexis Arguello, Bernard Hopkins, Lennox Lewis, Tony Canzeroni, Ezzard Charles, Joe Louis, Eder Jofre

I don't rate guys that don't have film (e.g. Greb, Langford) in a sense of who is "best", I don't think that is fair to anyone.