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  • Reply to: Shakur Stevenson vs Edwin De Los Santos   3 weeks 3 days ago

    That was painful to watch (hard to fight sleep when you have woken up in the middle of the night to watch it), and very hard to score with so many rounds where almost nothing happened (haaven't seen that since Casimero-Rigondeaux). And we already had a very boring fight earlier in the meeting (Norman Jr vs Randall). No one deserved the win and the belt. Stevenson can no longer pretend he is a top fighter pound for pound, even though he won an unanimous decision.

  • Reply to: Carmen Basilio vs Johnny Saxton   3 weeks 5 days ago

    Can't find my written down scorecard

  • Reply to: Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou Scorecard by Buttafava   3 weeks 6 days ago

    I deducted a point from Fury in the 6th for elbowing Ngannou.
    I also scored a knockdown in favour of Ngannou in the 7th.

  • Reply to: What fights are we missing?   3 weeks 6 days ago

    Please don't add it, but apparently James Toney (55) fought Donovan Ruddock (59) recently in Jamaica, where a fight at this age can happen. 114 years between the two former champions.

  • Reply to: Vassiliy Jirov vs. James Toney   4 weeks 1 day ago

    The draw scored by Lederman was on of his worst scorecards ever. Competitive match, but Toney was clearly far more accurate and the crystal clear winner.

  • Reply to: Muhammad Ali vs Alex Miteff   1 month 23 hours ago

    Round 3 competitive

  • Reply to: The Moment: Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Marcos Maidana I Scorecard by Addi_Bomaye   1 month 1 day ago

    R12- Mayweather stands in front of Maidana for the final round, but his defense is as sharp as ever. Despite compubox labeling this as a close round, it seemed as if Mayweather was able to block or dodge most of Maidana’s offense and perhaps reduce his accuracy to a single digit amount. However, the body work and right hand to the head are very accurate for Mayweather. With his best performance occuring in his previous fight, Mayweather escapes with a majority decision in arguably his toughest fight. I can see one making an argument for a draw or a close win for Maidana, but I feel that the right man won and that neither man won more than seven rounds. While I gave this the same score as first Castillo and De La Hoya fights, I feel that Maidana made Mayweather work harder from the jump and was overall more consistent than them, making this Mayweather’s toughest fight in my personal opinion. Very interesting that Maidana had struggled with pure boxers (Corley) or was flat out schooled by them (Alexander), just to go on and give a grueling, tooth and nail effort against perhaps the best pure boxer of all time. Maidana was as awkward as he was efficient, throwing punches in bunches from lots of angles, working Mayweather’s body as good as anyone had since Castillo, having as much success with his jab and defense as anyone since Oscar, and did better at countering the elite counterpuncher than anyone. However, Mayweather’s defensive edge, superior IQ, and consistent body work enabled him to wear down, figure out, and convingly outbox Maidana in the final third of the fight, winning it for him. Overall, this was a tremenous, five star bout with tons of talent being on display by both guys. Like he did with Castillo, Mayweather would run it back with Maidana right away and school him.