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    Ugas should retire

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    Prediction: Canelo knocks out the 154lber Jermell Charlo who has never fought above 154lbs in his entire career and is also coming off a 17month layoff in the mid rounds.

    Canelo will then call out the 160lber Jermall Charlo who last fought 2 1/2 yrs ago for a Cinco de mayo 2024 showdown.

    Canelo will continue to avoid the top dogs in his weight class in Benavidez and Morrell and the Bivol Rematch.

    It will be a big embarrassment and humiliation for the former PED cheat Canelo if the 154lber Jermell Charlo lasts until the final bell.

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    Unfortunate to see this fight - don't see that Charlo really has a chance. But we'll get to see what Canelo looks like - he's certainly shown all of his 60+ fights recently.

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    Amazing fight, and amazing that Leonard came back from the layoff, moved up to his first middleweight fight, had no tuneup, and still performed at a high level against a guy as tough as Hagler.
    I didn't score it when I first saw it, but have had it as a draw in 2 subsequent viewings. The sentimental favorite was clearly Leonard and that plus his late-round flourishes probably won the day.
    Hagler's disgust at the outcome is kind of sad in my mind. I get that he felt cheated in previous fights, and overlooked as a tough southpaw, but I would love to have seen these two go at it again.

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    Request @Champ @Saltnutz @Gold, however's been uploading fight pages recently to upload one for Garcia vs Resendiz

    Canelo imo stops Charlo in the mid rounds. 2023 had some top moments but some of the most hyped ones produced either the least competitive headliners and some of em not being the matchmakers fault on the slightest...Spence vs Crawford.Personally wouldn't mind seeing more competitive matchups despite being lesser known than 2 stars fighting
    If CHARLO beats Alvarez is it the biggest upset since Horn vs Pacquiao, 2 weight divisions

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    Held the same opinion since this fight was announced 3 months ago,mismatch. Claimed PBC could save the card from a competitive standout by "creative matchmaking" and that they have. Elijah Garcia vs Resendiz has potential to be the best fight of the night, Boxer puncher with precision vs an intelligent mauler, unorthodox on the inside could be fireworks and back and forth, will also depend on their chins and imo a cut, especially for Garcia could prevent that fight from going the distance and hopefully both fighters are healthy coming in, Garcia did have a rest period too after a crazy schedule