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Carlos Cuadras

David Carmona

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We had same card for this fight.

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Yeah, it wasn't a great performance from Caudras, I'm gutted about Gonzalez losing, devastating.

I thought so to. I am to. I hope he can bounce back and I think he can.

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Yeah, I believe him too.

You want to talk about GGG vs Alvarez? Or Wilder vs Joshua?

Joshua vs Wilder sounds good.

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I've been thinking about it recently, and there are so many interesting questions, can use his physical strength whilst being cautious of the power ofhis opponent?, could Wilder use his feet, box at range, frustrate Joshua, and sustain this? how would Wilder respond to Joshua's power?, how would Joshua react to Wilder's power

I think Wilder would come from behind, I know I've told you I think Wilder is better, and would win, but I think Joushu would be a long way ahead.

There are many interesting questions. We will see what Wilder's chin is really like in this fight. Joshua would be the toughest test for him. Same with Joshua. I mean he was hurt vs Whyte but we'll see how he is when in with someone who hits way harder.

I still think Joshua will win by ko and will be ahead while doing it. I can be wrong.

I'm watching Broner vs Quintero sometime soon.

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That goes both ways, there so many questions about both their chins, many seem to over think Wilder having a vulnerable chin, I don't think he does, and Joshua, well people see, to insist he has a poor chin just because he was in trouble against Whyte, and he got stopped as an amateur, against a Polish guy, I mean, I saw that, and it was a case of a young fighter struggling with a more experienced opponents, he took some flush shots, staying up, but not knowing what to do when he was hurt, and as for Whyte, he took an ambitiously swung left hook to the temple, which rattled the jaw, a shot he didn't see coming, when he was in a vulnerable position, from a guy with an over 80% KO ratio, of course he was hurt, he recovererd very well, and two rounds later, he was dominant again.

And someone who can sustain it, Whyte hit him and hurt him, but hurt his shoulder, and he wasn't in great condition, Wilder would be much more likely to build on hurting Joshua.

I think it would resemble Foreman vs Ali.

Ok, as a Broner fight, it isn't a fight I would recommend because it doesn't make Broner look like as good a fighter as he is.

It does. This fight will really show what both their chins are made of. I don't think Wilder has a vulnerable chin as one will think. As for Joshua, he did get stopped in the amateurs, but if those 2 were to fight now I guarentee that Joshua knocks him out. So it probably did more have to do with inexperience than anything. He didn't know what to do hurt but he sure did recover.He was able to dominate and get the ko.

I think so to.

That's fine. For all my favorite fighters I have to see them in fights they didn't look great in.

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Oh yeah, well, Joshua losing is so unlikely, that we can factualise the statement that if he did lose, which is never completely impossible, that there would 100% have to be a factor, e.g. it is impossible, well as unlikely as the world ending tomorrow, that Joshua would lose that fight without him being very unwell, seriously injured, mentally, in a terrible place etc, but the pre occurring factor there, would have to be massive, it's a bit like the liklihood that Rod Salka beats Keith Thurman.

It was inexperience, it was a specific issue.

Ok, well it was an interesting fight, it was one of four decisions which could have gone either way for Broner.

I'm so interested in who the late rounds would suit, I'm also very interested in whether in who has the better jab of the two.

That's true. Boxing is an unpredictable sport and anything can happen.


I am just about to watch it. We could discuss it after I'm done.

Me to. It will be interested to see how the fight goes and how it will be fought.

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Yes, but when it comes to this level of unlikely, we can say the same about absolutely anything.


I think Wilder has the better stamina of the two, and he's 15-20 lbs lighter, that tells me that the late rounds could well suit Wilder if we were to see the late rounds, on the other hand, the only thing telling me Joshua would struggle with the distance is that he is carrying around all that muscle, I think his heart rate is probably extremely slow, his cardiovascular system is probably strong, he's very athletic, if he could push the less physically strong guy back, sustain pressure, try to limit his breathing, be conservative, but pull the trigger when he can (because if he is very accurate, then it could take more out of Wilder taking the punches, it isn't just an "ouch" kind of thing, or a painful thing, it is exhausting), then maybe Joshua could take over the late rounds, would Wilder fade?, it is possible, especially if Joshua punishes him, but maybe not, Wilder, against Stiverne, unloadeed with massive amounts of punches, missing occasionally, but badly when he did, and I noticed, he didn't need long to recuperate, this a fantastic attribute for a Heavyweight.

Hand speed - Joshua
Foot speed - Wilder
Power - Wilder
Physical strength - Joshua
Stamina - Wilder
Durability - Wilder
Jab - Joshua
Head Movement- Joshua

There's 8 departments, 4-4, how about you do that for another 8 departments?, and do you agree with all of mine?

That's true. I feel that's how boxing has been as of late. Bellew beat Haye when no one picked him, Santa Cruz won when most people picked him to lose, Danny Jacobs arguably beat Golovkin when people said Golovkin would knock him out.

That's true. Muscles take up oxygen and Joshua could tire out depending on how good of shape he is in so Wilder does have an edge there. Wilder could possibly take over later rounds, but mabye Joshua could to.

I agree with you on all of them again. I think you are spot on.

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My main point here, is that if we look at potential future upsets, we realise that the only way for the underdog to win, is if there is a big factor, which makes all the difference, flr example, was Bellew an underdog?, yes, could he have won without there being a factor? yes, was Wade an underdog against Golovkin? yes, could he have won without there being a factor?, no, is Klitschko an underdog against Joshua? yes, could he win without there being a factor? Yes.

Also, he the pace could suit him or not suit him for other reasons, such as, could he work at a sensible pace and still be successful?, can he control the pace, could he give Wilder a reason not to raise the pace?

Work rate - Joshua
Amateur experience - Joshua
Adaptability - Wilder
Punch variety - Joshua
Ability to dictate range - Wilder
Professional experience - Wilder
Over all counter punching ability - Wilder
Consistency - Joshua

I will respond later I am busy at the moment.