Jamel Herring vs Carl Frampton

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Jamel Herring vs Carl Frampton
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Saturday, April 3, 2021
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Carl Frampton SD12

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Frampton has the better resume, but Herring's recent form has been better, Herring isn't older, but he's fresher, and he's big at 130, Frampton is small. Frampton hasn't fought a southpaw since 2012, that should definitely be a factor, Frampton doesn't have the best basic defence, has a low left hand, telegraphs a right hand, so it will be harder for him to reverse how he usually defends. A prime Frampton was a better counter puncher, judged distance better, but he's definitely past his best. Both fighters have good footwork, good fundamentals, throw body shots at long range, can box on the outisde, both can fight on the inside, but are predominantly outside fighters. Stance aside, Herring doesn't have the worst style for Frampton based on Frampton's losses, because he isn't a volume puncher, but I think he'll beat Frampton at his own fight. Herring has a big reach advantage, and based on his last few fights, he'll use that, which will make it very hard for Frampton to out box him on the outside, he'll have to risk getting caught coming in to land his own shots, and if he can't get the better of Herring on the outside, he'll have to fight out of character.

I think Herring will back Frampton up in the early rounds, get behind his jab, Frampton will be an easy target for it, Frampton will block the left hand, but Herring will have the momentum. I think Herring's lead foot will be outside Frampton's more often than not, Frampton's lead right hand will fall short even if he waits for an opening, because of the reach difference. I think Frampton will have success in the mid rounds, will land the counter right hand when Herring throws the left to the body, will be busier with his own jab, will throw it to the head and body, but I think the fight will take a lot more out of Frampton than Herring, because Frampton will have to use his legs more, will have missed more, will have had to fight under pressure, and the jab will have knocked a lot out of him. I think Herring will land the left hand to the head and body more and more easily after 8 rounds, Frampton will try to get inside Herring's reach and fight at close range, but Herring will step back and land the left hand as he's coming in, hurt Frampton, will make feet adjustments, do a lot of damage with the left hand, and dominate the late rounds.

I'd be surprised if Frampton won this, I wouldn't be surprised if Herring got a late stoppage, I think he'll hurt Frampton, but I don't think he has the power or volume to stop him. I think Herring wins a fairly wide UD.