Angelo Leo vs Stephen Fulton

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Angelo Leo vs Stephen Fulton
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Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Champion97's picture


There's a big difference in speed, that's a problem for Leo, Fulton is better schooled, has better technique, better fundamentals, Leo is a solid inside fighter, likely hits harder than his KO ratio suggests, is a great pressure fighter, jabs his way in, moves his head, can fight at mid range, but is also a defensive puncher, is dangerous on the back foot. Leo's footwork was good against Williams, made it hard for him to use lateral movement, but Fulton's foot speed is a level above. Fulton's jab is fast, accurate, and methodical, he has great reflexes, and a stand off is one sided. It will be interesting to see how Fulton deals with Leo's consistent pressure, and if Leo can walk him down in the late rounds. Fulton has the better amateur background, which is the difference in terms of experience, but Leo fought in August, Fulton hasn't fought since January, which might affect his timing in the early rounds.

I think Fulton will edge the first half, Leo will struggle to cut off the ring, will struggle to reset when Fulton pivots, will take shots at long range, the speed and reflexes will be the main differences in the early rounds, Fulton will feint, won't struggle with the head movement of Leo, and will win 3-5 of the rounds with his jab. I think the second half will be very close, Leo will be at mid range more often, land the harder shots, be busier, and do damage to the body, but Fulton will still be mobile, land combinations off the back foot, and Leo will struggle to walk him down.

I think Fulton will win by a close UD, but I wouldn't be surprised if Leo won.

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Leo UD.

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i feel this one's gonna resemble Thurman vs Garcia in a few ways and Fulton comes out with a tough fought but what should be a clear cut UD vs Leo and not a split decision on some creative scoring (that includes even rds) lol