Alen Babic vs Tom Little Scorecard by SalTnutZ1

scorecard by SALTNUTZ1



Alen Babic

Tom Little

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Are you impressed by Babic at all?

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Fringe contender at best. Too small and too undisciplined with his offense to be a factor. If he could squeeze to cruiser, I’d be more interested.

Speaking of intriguing prospects, have you seen William Zepeda? He’s a guy, if Teo was still at 135 in a year or two, could be an interesting matchup. Quick hands, southpaw, sound defense/movement and quick hands. Reminds me of a mix of Edwin Valero and Jose Zepeda.

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I'm impressed by him overall based on what I've seen, based on his results, but Little was never going to give him that tough a fight, doing better than all his previous opponents isn't saying much, I'm interested to see Babic go rounds, see his chin tested, and to see how good his defence is, his defence has been poor so far, because his opponents haven't been able to hurt him. Wardley made a statement last night, I think heavyweight is the best division for prospects, Dubois and Anderson are the 2 I'm most impressed by.

No I haven't, I'll watch him fight, thanks, is he any relation to Jose Zepeda?

Great month next month, let's hope most of the fights aren't cancelled.

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I think he can be decent, I just see his size and defensive openness as being too big a hurdle in the future.

It is a packed class. I’m still very high on Hrgovic as well, just need to get him a live opponent. I’d like to see Hunter, or the winner or Bakole-Kuzmin at the least in his next fight.

Not as far as I know. He’s faced fairly limited level competition, but if I had to tab someone at the weight to watch, he’s one I’d keep an eye on. Seems like a very complete fighter.

I hope they don’t get canned as well. My city and state are hotspots right now, and I’m having to work in a building that has 2,500 people, so it’s a constant worry. I got exposed 10 days ago and had to get tested. I’m okay so far, but keep fingers crossed.

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Bakole is another one I'm very impressed by, I expect him to win, but I'm interested to see if he can make a statement. Hrgovic against Hunter would be very interesting, big risk for both, neither have achieved what they potentially can, I'm high on Hrgovic as well, but I think Hunter is very underrated, and in terms of experience, it would be a big jump up in opposition for Hrgovic.

I'm still shocked Lopez beat Lomachenko, what a fighter, a lot of people seem more disappointed by Lomachenko than impressed by Lopez, but Lomachenko still has his own resume, was a 3 weight champion even if he was somewhat overrated, and I don't see 135 as an open division, I think Lopez has everything, Tank doesn't have the professionalism, and I haven't seen the fight, but Haney should definitely have been able to stop Gamboa.

Sorry to hear that, my sister has had to deal with OCD about covid, out area has been a hotspot as well recently. I'm hopeful about this new vaccine, which is apparently 95% effective.

Hopefully Povetkin vs Whyte II happens early in 2021, Campbell had covid, and the Garcia was only postponed a month, Povetkin's case might have been worse than Campbell's, but I hope the fight still happens, I think Whyte's career is on the line, I'm interested to see if Povetkin can adapt and find another way to beat Whyte.