Joseph Parker vs Junior Fa

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Joseph Parker vs Junior Fa
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Saturday, February 27, 2021
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Fa is well schooled, has a good amateur and WSB background, but I think he's limited based on how competitive his fights have been, he moves well, has a good jab, has an accurate right hand, doesn't over reach against a shorter opponent who is cutting the distance, he has a great left hook to the body, and he can fight on the inside, but he doesn't have good variety overall, doesn't fight off the ropes, I don't think he hits hard, and his chin is questionable. Parker has fought 5 opponents who are better than any of Fa's previous opponents, beat 3 of them, he's more experienced, and his last fight was more recent than Fa's. Fa is good enough to make use of his reach, and I think Parker is a target for Fa's right hand, but I don't think Fa can hurt him with that shot, Parker is fast, explosive, throws straight shots to head and body, can fight going backwards, Fa can use the ring and avoid engaging with Parker, but I don't think he can out box Parker on the back foot. Parker has the power to hurt Fa, but he has lacked aggression and killer instinct in the past. I think Parker is the better overall inside fighter, but if Fa can land the left to the body, it will be interesting to see how Parker takes that.

I think Fa will have the better of the early rounds, I think he will out jab Parker, Parker will struggle to get into range, Fa will be light on his feet, will land the right hand as Parker comes in, but Parker will take it well, Parker's pressure will be consistent, Fa will exert a lot of movement, Parker will let his hands go everytime he's able to get into range, Fa will keep moving off the ropes, get the distance back, but he'll have to keep moving and throwing straight shots to keep Parker off. I think the first 6 rounds will take a lot more out of Fa than Parker, Fa will be an easier target as his legs slow down and Parker can walk through his jab more easily, Parker will land clean, hurt Fa, I think Fa will keep moving, it will be interesting to see if he's more dangerous with the right hand if it's a bent arm shot Parker isn't prepared for, but I think Parker will dominate the mid-late rounds, Fa will take a lot of punishment, and Parker will break him down and stop him.

I wouldn't be surprised if this went the distance, but I think Parker will stop Fa late, I'd be surprised if Fa won this.