Dillian Whyte vs Alexander Povetkin

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Dillian Whyte vs Alexander Povetkin
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Saturday, August 22, 2020
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MattDixon's picture

My prediction

This is a great fight and one that I've wanted to see for years now since whyte koed Lucas browne. Cant wait for this battle of the left hooks

Whyte is coming off that horrible last performance against wach which is understandable why it was that why since the fight was taken on 2 weeks notice whilst he was out with the whole ukad situation (which I thought was a load of bollocks but It is what it is). Besides that whyte has shown that he can technically box behind a double jab and mix in the body shots well like he did against oscar rivas. He is also a hugh puncher which hes displayed multiple times with his disastrous left hook. Whytes best performance to date imo was againest Joseph parker where he got off to a slow start but took the fight to parker in the mid rounds and beat him up for a few rounds straight. But whyte is known to gas late on which could cost him againest someone with the stamina and recovery capabilities like povetkin.

Povetkin is coming off a good last performance against hunter, which some people say was a clear hunter win. But I dont see it that way, i scored it a draw and could understand a 7-5 round score by either fighter. Povetkin proved that he isn't shot. However povetkin has known to have problems againest an opponent with a good jab, like hughie fury and anthony joshua (I also think fury beat him). Povetkin starts strong and ends strong in 12 round fights, most often wins the first 3/4 rounds and the last 2, but he has known to struggle in the middle rounds of a fight such as those againest Joshua (where he got koed), chagaev and hunter. Povetkin like whyte has a lethal left hook and a good looping right which he uses to close the distance but which often leaves him open to counters.

I think a large factor in this fight will be whytes body work, I think in the early rounds povetkin may be winning, but whyte will continuously use the left body hook to sap energy from the ageing povetkin, as time goes on into the middle rounds, povetkin will start to slow down and whyte will begin to take over in scrappy fashion.

I think WHYTE WINS BY MID ROUND STOPPAGE, wouldn't be surprised if it went to decision, povetkin isn't shot but hes also past prime at this point where as whyte is in a fighters prime right now and I trust he will improve himself from the last time againest wach.

I think its atrocious how whyte is yet to be given his mandatory wbc title shot and Is a perfect example of the WBCs protection of deontay wilder over his title reign via boxing politics, hopefully fury will give him his shot after the Joshua fight so whyte doesnt need to keep taking these risks.

Gold's picture

Whyte had his chances when he could have fought Ortiz for the WBC mandatory and when he could have fought Joshua as the WBO mandatory. He obviously didn't want the smoke and/or didn't think it was worth the risk/reward. Don't buy into Whyte and Eddie's propaganda

MattDixon's picture

Actually whyte vs ortiz was called for the secondary mandatory, so he turned it down to fight a clear better fighter in Joseph parker. They also offered ortiz the fight in december, but ortiz wanted to fight on the wilder fury undercard instead of headlining so they gave it to chisora instead who btw was coming off a way better performance than ortiz.

Also usyk got put over whyte for the who mandatory so once again making up shit like a hater.

Yes your correct that whyte turned down the Joshua rematch for Wembley april 13th 2019, but he wanted to go for the wbc title instead as he seen it to be a better fight for him.

I dont know what your on about with their propaganda, I haven't seen any of it, i pay more attention to the fights than eddie hearns interviews.

Gold's picture

Even if I posit that everything else you said is right, you already proved my point "Yes your correct that whyte turned down the Joshua rematch for Wembley april 13th 2019, but he wanted to go for the wbc title instead as he seen it to be a better fight for him", at that point it is propaganda to say he was wronged. He had his opportunity and he passed it up. I don't watch Eddie's interviews either, I see the results of them online with widespread misinformation. Enjoy watching Whyte fight a 40-year-old Povetkin instead of rematching Parker who he beat because he floored him with a headbutt and a historically incompetent British referee called it a knockdown

MattDixon's picture

Well I said "its atrocious how whyte hasn't been given his WBC MANDATORY TITLE SHOT" so yes you are correct by saying that he had a chance and turned it down, but I'm talkin about the wbc because that's the route he wants to go down.

Also your talking about how hes fighting "a 40 yr old man" in povetkin over a parker rematch:

1) this fight was in negotiations whilst parker already had a fight booked againest Tyrell winters on the garcia vargas card, and they wanted to get the fight made for may 2nd where as parker would've needed to have a break after his fight with winters for a few weeks and then go fight so they wouldn't have been able to make that date.

2) by saying "40 year old man" your suggesting that povetkin is too old to be in the ring and is shot. Povetkin proved the last 2 times out that he is definitely not a shot and worn out fighter. Povetkin is still on the top 10 level alongside parker.

3) whyte was winning that fight even without that 2nd round headbutt "knockdown". I had the most close card out of anyone on this site at 114-113 in favour of whyte, and that score was partly produced by me scoring the 2nd round a 10-9 over the official 10-8. But still factoring other cards where people on this site have whyte winning wider with 115 and 116 points even if you give parker the point back he never should have lost in the 2nd for the headbutt. And I could understandably score that fight with less rounds towards parker like rounds 3 and 4 which I gave to him.

You clearly dont like whyte as a fighter or person and I respect that, but don't let it deter you from that fact him not recieveing a WBC TITLE SHOT with over 2 years as the no.1 contender and taking hugh risk fights such as parker, povetkin and rivas is an atrocious example how the politicians of boxing like that idiot Mauricio suleman can protect champions from the top level talents of divisions landscape. Have a good day my friend

Gold's picture

A lot of people want things even if they aren't entitled to them, so why give Whyte special treatment for his whining?

It wasn't and isn't about how this specific fight should be Whyte vs. Parker II, it's that it should have happened in general. Whyte clearly doesn't want the fight because the risk isn't worth the reward. Yet, he had no issue giving Chisora a rematch because Chisora is old with many miles on him and didn't represent the risk that Parker represents.

Hunter vs. Povetkin was supposed to be a cross-roads fight where Hunter would win. Why else would Eddie make that fight? Hughie and Hunter's levels are questionable at best. To say Povetkin is a top 10 HW is fair, but the drop off is huge from the top guys to the bottom of the top 10. Whyte wouldn't be taking the fight if he viewed it as high risk with his WBC mandatory position.

He was not going to win the fight, Parker was winning round 2 clearly and if the "knockdown" was called correctly it would have been a split draw. That's not even taking into consideration the effect the headbutt "knockdown" would have outside of that.

You and many other fans should actually read the rules of the sanctioning bodies. #1 ranking is not the mandatory challenger. Fighting name fighters that aren't for eliminators doesn't entitle him to a mandatory position. During that time he was offered Ortiz for a mandatory and he declined it. If there was a case that the WBC broke their own rules Eddie could have taken them to court as fighters have done with sanctioning bodies before. Parker is the only high-risk fight he has taken out of those you mentioned. I would say the highest risk Whyte has taken is jucing but UKAD covered for him, so I guess I can't.

MattDixon's picture

Whining? The man is pissed that wilder wont give him his shot. Also why does whyte need to risk anything at this point, hes already beat parker in a convincing way despite what your bias and narrow mindsetted view on that fight, any one of rounds 2, 3, 4 and 7 in that fight could've went either way, parker's best case for that fight was a draw and didnt win.

You keep saying wbc called whyte vs ortiz for the MANDATORY, but dominick brezeale was already mandatory at that time by beating Eric molina (which is another fine example of the wbc feeding weaker opponents to wilder over true top level fighters and If you disagree I'm going to question your knowledge) so that fight was for the secondary mandatory. Brezeale wasnt due his mandatory shot until spring 2019 so from their whyte if he were to beat ortiz for that mandatory, would have to wait another year to spring 2020 where we are now. And so whyte fought a far superior fighter in Joseph parker (just imo, I know wilder butt-huggers will say ortiz is no.4 ranked In the world or some shite like that).

The chisora fight was made due to ortiz turning down the december headlining fight to go fight on the wilder fury 1 undercard which he asked whyte to fight on, but whyte wanted to headline his own ppv.

Your keep mentioning the fact that this should be whyte parker 2 and not povetkin, but as I've previously stated by you've disregarded, the timing and date wouldn't have lined up right even if they wanted that fight to happen. Plus povetkin is coming off 2 strong performances agaienst higher level opponents than who parker has faced.

Imo whyte is going after name value to strengthen his resume and if he were to beat parker in a rematch, that wouldn't look as good as another name such as povetkin as the majority of fans saw the parker fight as a clear win for whyte without the rd 2 headbutt.

I really just dont get why you think declining a secondary mandatory shot against a lesser fighter than the one he fought untitles whyte to a wbc shot. Its just the wbc using politics to their advantage. Is it right by laws? Yes. Is it right by the fighter morally? NO.

Gold's picture

Realistically, why would Wilder feel he absolutely has to give Whyte a title shot? He doesn't care about Whyte or Eddie's whining if they wanted to get in the WBC mandatory position they had clear steps they could have taken but they didn't. Shows your bias to think Whyte won clearly, that fight was just another example of why B side fighters shouldn't go to the UK if they expect to win, zero chance Whyte would have been allowed to be so dirty if he were the B side from outside the UK. As I said, if round 2 were 10-9 Parker as he was winning the round before Whyte's headbutt "knockdown", it would have literally been a split draw, fighting on the road. That also isn't taking into consideration the effect the headbutt had on Parker's style and effectiveness on the other rounds.

It was for a mandatory as after Breazeale vs. Molina, the winner of that would have been the mandatory. Whyte has to wait even longer now because he didn't take that fight and decided to take lower risk fights outside of Parker where he cheated to win.

If Whyte and Eddie really wanted to they should have pushed for it to go to purse bid, but they walked away before doing that.

As I've previously stated which you've disregarded, it hasn't and isn't about that this specific upcoming fight is Whyte vs. Parker II, it's that it hasn't happened in general. Interestingly you said two strong performances because you wouldn't be able to say two wins. If Povetkin at this point fought Parker, Parker would be a strong favorite.

Exactly, he is going for relatively low risk and relatively high reward. You get it completely with that and that's his own prerogative, but when he acts like a victim that's when there's a problem. The majority of fans did not see the Parker fight as a clear win for Whyte for the reasons I mentioned before.

Because it literally "untitles" him to it due to the WBC rules which they were aware of. Whether you believe it is moral or not is irrelevant to a discussion of if someone deserves something according to a set of rules.

dizzy's picture

Everybody wants to fight Povetkin now that he's 40 years old and way past his prime.

MattDixon's picture

I agree with you that he is past his prime, but hes not too far past it and certainly can still do the damage and bring the smoke with a good chance of winning against any top 15 heavyweights

dizzy's picture

Hard to say, Michael Hunter is not exactly world class and was carrying some additional pounds around his waist (politely said) during their bout, but still looked as the better fighter. IMO, Povetkin's power and speed aren't what it used to be and his stamina is gone. He might be a challenge but I'd rather consider him as the gatekeeper as of now.

Champion97's picture

Hunter is not exactly world class? Strongly disagree, how a heavyweight looks means very little, no shame in getting beat by Hunter, and that's if you agree Povetkin got a gift which not everyone does. If you saw Hunter against Bakole and Kuzmin, I doubt you'd say he isn't world class.

dizzy's picture

Looks does not mean everything, that's true, but Hunter is definitely able to stay in shape, the fact that he fought at cruiserweight proves it. He is a good fighter, definitely not at regional level, but I don't think he's done enough to prove that he's truly world class, he hasn't been competing at the top level for too long and the only time he faced a top fighter in his prime (Usyk) he was outclassed.

Champion97's picture

His conditioning isn't an issue based on his last few fights, so that doesn't matter. He drew against Povetkin and I thought he got robbed, he won rounds against Usyk, stopped Bakole, if he isn't world class, you can't class many fighters as world class. Are Glowacki and Gassiev not world class? Getting out classed by Usyk doesn't mean you are not world class. I think Hunter is top 5 at heavyweight.

dizzy's picture

I personally consider Hunter just below world class. And I kinda disagree on conditioning, IMO he was sometimes taking a rest after prolonged combinations, hence why he wasn't able to finish Povetkin after hurting him in the 11th round.

Champion97's picture

He set a high pace in the early rounds and didn't gas until round 12, he has a decent gas tank for a heavyweight, he lost the last round against Povetkin, but I think that was more about him trying too hard to knock Povetkin out earlier in the fight. I think Hunter fought the wrong fight against Povetkin, he should have boxed more, tried to nick rounds. World class is ambiguous, do you thimk Hunter is top 10? Top 15?

dizzy's picture

Right now I have him ranked No.10, I think he is a quality fighter that could give any heavyweight trouble, but I don't think he will hang in there for too long after the new generation of heavyweights (Ajagba, Hrgovic, Dubois, Tony Yoka etc.) appears on the scene.

MattDixon's picture

Hunter is definitely world class, even at cruiser he pushed usyk to his best. Hes beat top european level fighters and that draw from povetkin proved hes the real deal. To povetkin a gatekeeper is a disrespect to the man and what hes accomplishing at his age.

Champion97's picture


The battle of the left hooks is a good name for this fight, both have great left hooks. It wouldn't surprise me if this fight did or didn't go the distance.

Whyte is the bigger fighter, weighs in 15-40lbs heavier than Povetkin, he is probably stronger, he is a lot younger, I don't think he's fresher, but it's the older fighter who's miles are more likely to catch up to him. Povetkin is an Olympic gold medallist, Whyte had 7 amateur bouts, there is certainly no comparison for amateur background, both are experienced professionals, but Povetkin more so.

Povetkin is the better schooled, better technical fighter, but Whyte has the better jab, Whyte's left hook is the hardest shot either fighter has, but Povetkin has a better right hand, is more accurate, and a better overall offensive fighter, and has power in both hands. Povetkin throws the lead left hook, jumps into range with that shot, throws it more often than Whyte throws his left hook, Whyte throws a counter left hook, but I think for damage, Whyte is more reliant on the left hook than Povetkin.

Whyte can win rounds with his jab, but I don't think it will control or even frustrate Povetkin, Povetkin is patient, and it's hard to prepare for his attacks. I think Povetkin will have the better of the first half of the fight, Whyte will land his jab, be busier, but Povetkin will land the counter over hand right and pull the trigger with the left hook, will do the damage, hurt Whyte at least once.

I think Povetkin will gas in rounds 7-10, Whyte will sit down on the right hand whenever Povetkin tries to take a breather, I think Povetkin can still take that shot, but if he goes for the right hand, he will be easier for Whyte to time and counter with the left hook than in the early rounds, and if Whyte lands clean with the counter left hook, I could see him knocking Povetkin out cold.

I think this will go the distance, it will be a close fight, but Whyte will edge it.

MattDixon's picture

Champion97. So what is your full prediction for the fight.

Jarod Killian's picture

Pouvetkin UD

Intriguing fight. I've always like Povetkin and always thought he was underrated. However, he's slowed up noticeably over the past few years which has made him look a little more ragged. This is a clever fight for Whyte to take in my opinion. Provetkin is still a big name in the division but someone like Whyte should be taking care of him now, and I think he will. In my eyes, Provetkin is currently a gatekeeper to test weather or not opponents are truly world class or not, and by that I mean capable of challenging for a world belt. There's probably 6 fighters off the top of my head that I think would beat Provetkin without too much trouble; Fury, AJ, Wilder, Usyk, Ortiz and Whyte. Everyone else either wouldn't beat him or would have major trouble.

I agree with Dix and will go for a mid-late round stoppage. Maybe 6-10.

If Whyte does beat him comfortably enough I wouldn't mind seeing Dubois in with Provetkin, assuming he takes care of Joe Joyce (which is by no means a given).

MattDixon's picture

A fight between povetkin and Dubois would be very very interesting, I think that's a great fight for Dubois. But I believe if povetkin loses this fight he will retire, and rightfully so. The guy has nothing left to prove, been a world champ, accomplished wins at the top level, gave AJ a real test despite aj having the flu at the time.

However I pick joyce to beat dubois tbh, wouldn't be half surprised if dubois won but i think he will get dragged into deep waters where he may struggle to swim later in the fight where he may get overwhelmed by volume for joyce to get a tko finish

Guy Incognito's picture

W hyte
W ill
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Champion97's picture

He might do, but don't be shocked if Povetkin pulls it out.

My big question is how's Whyte's chin? He's been dropped multiple times in recent fights against opponents who don't have nearly the power of Povetkin. Whyte's defense isn't exactly all that sharp, which could cost him against a puncher like Povetkin.

Wouldn't be shocked to see it go either way.

Champion97's picture

His chin is solid, he soaked up Joshua's power for six rounds, look at the punishment he took in round 1 and didn't go down, Rivas dropped him clean with a similar shot the shot Joshua used to knock him out, but Rivas is a puncher, and against Parker, it was more about his tank being empty, and Parker having enough in the tank to almost stop him, he was hurt bad against Chisora and Helenius, but they can punch, especially Helenius, I think the damage he has already taken is more of a concern than his chin in itself. For a young fighter (young heavyweight), who is on the cusp of a world title shot, Whyte has a lot of miles, he's been in at least four very damaging fights, and it's easy to forget how bad he was hurt against Helenius.