Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz II

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Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz II
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Saturday, November 23, 2019
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WBC heavyweight world champion, Deontay Wilder, makes the 10th defence of his title, in a rematch against Luis Ortiz, who he beat by late stoppage in a great first fight.

Wilder knocks Ortiz out in 7 rounds, 3 rounds earlier than in the first fight. Wilder landed a great right hand, knocked Ortiz down heavily, and although Ortiz tried to get up, he didn't beat the count.

Wilder was behind on all the cards at the time of the knock out, 55-59 on 2 cards, 56-58 on the other.

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Champion97's picture

Did you think he did better in the Ortiz rematch than the first fight? Because I don't, I think he could have done better, but is a one punck knock out so much better than accumulation stoppage that he was more impressive this time than the first time? I thought he cleary lost the first 5 rounds and I don't think he won a round. Wilder got the win, and the finish was very impressive, but I don't think he does better in rematches based on this fight overall, and Stiverne shouldn't have got the rematch, that was disgraceful from the WBC.

PhillyPhan69's picture

Wow! I am not a fan of HW boxing but this was even more of a snooze fest than Fury Wilder. The ending punch was brutal...the rest of the fight? Meh

Just got round to watching the fight last night. First of all, Fox PPV should fire that fool doing scoring cards for them. That's literally his only job and he had Wilder up after 5 rounds. Wtf.

I don't think this was as bad from Wilder as it may appear on the surface. He knew Ortiz is a better boxer, that's pretty much fact. So he took things slow, waiting for the opening. Very much like against Fury, he wasn't looking to win the rounds, he backed himself to get the KO and he did. There was a notable shift in gear from Wilder in the 7th and throughout the round I felt he was getting closer. He probably brought that right hand into play in the 7th more than 1-6 combined.

I'm not saying it was a 'good' performance but I do think he knew what he was doing. Sure Ortiz wasn't having to fight as frantic pace but he is the wrong side of 40. It's almost like Wilder planned to change gear in the 2nd half of the fight. I've always felt Ortiz is underrated. He can't be judged on the Hammer fight, he's one of them that needs a good opponent for motivation. Don't forget it wasn't all that long ago when he looked terrible against Dave Allen!

As for the Wilder ducking allegations, I'm split on that. I think it's his team just wanting to string him along into more paydays. I genuine believe that Wilder would happily fight AJ but that money is talking. The men behind the scenes, spoiling the heavyweight division in my opinion just want to keep getting paid.

Personally I don't know what they're afraid of. A loss in this division isn't the end. As we've seen with AJ, he gets a rematch right away and the fight against Wilder or Fury will be just as big as before the Ruiz loss because he's shown some vulnerability.

Champion97's picture

Who had Wilder up?

He was looking to win the rounds against Fury, he was more frustrated in that fight, started fairly fast, but against Ortiz, he just didn't get going. I agree in that he isn't motivated to go well technically and win rounds because he knows he carries top, top level power.

I agree, Ortiz is a challenge for any heavyweight until he is shot. I agree he shouldn't be judged based on the Hammer fight, and Hammer is underrated in my opinion.

Thank you! Finally, another UK fan who doesn't hate Wilder! Man, 'no technique, can't take a punch, no resume, ducking Joshua', all these fools in this country. Wilder is like Joshua and Fury, money talks, but none of them are scared to fight each other.

They are afraid of nothing, Joshua vs Wilder would have happened if Hearn and Wilder whad agreed on a price, but how does a fight get made when one side wants 50% and the other says 40 at a push?

Just to clarify - I was talking about the money men being the ones that were afraid, not the fighters.

Some old guy who was the official scorer for Fox has Wilder up. Completely crazy.

Wilder isn't the best boxer in the world, we all know that. But this is heavyweight boxing man, there's more than one way to skin a cat and the most entertaining way is to knock the other guy out! That's what Wilder does. He's always had haters. I remember when he was like 25-0 and pundits in USA didn't rate him, saying they didn't think he had a chin. Well damn, he's sure shown he's got a good chin.

I thought Wilder was too erratic against fury. Just looking for the KO too early. I think when they fight again Wilder will approach the fight very similar to how he did vs Ortiz 2.

p.s. I actually think if any heavyweight is overrated it's AJ. I don't want to hate on the guy at all, I like him. But honestly I wasn't shocked to see Ruiz get him. Not that I thought Ruiz would win but I wasn't shocked.

Champion97's picture

I disagree, I certainly don't rate Wilder higher after the Ortiz rematch, and AJ is underrated, 'hype job exposed', that would have happened against Klitschko, he wouldn't have beaten Parker or Povetkin either if he was a hype job by any stretch of the imagination. I think Wilder would beat Joshua, but I still think Joshua is better than people think based on the Ruiz loss.

I've started a forum page about game plans for both fighters in upcoming fights, do you want to give it a read?

dizzy's picture

This was a pointless rematch in many ways, that may have done more harm to Wilder than good. The way boxing works, the rematches at the highest level (AKA world title fight) usually happen for three reasons: 1) The outcome of the first fight was unsatisfying and inconclusive, to some extent controversial 2) The first fight was a huge upset 3) There's no one else left to fight. This particular fight does not fall under any of these criterias, so besides the payday (the fight was on PPV), there was no good reason for Wilder to fight Ortiz again. I'm not going to waste time by going into details - there's a Youtube channel that has already done a fantastic in-depth breakdown of the fight that I recommend everyone to take a look at, so I'll just leave the link here. But to sum it up, Wilder didn't have a good reason (from pure boxing perspective) to defend his title against Ortiz again - he beat him fair and square in the previous fight without any significant controversy, and he already figured out Ortiz in their first fight, he already knew what mistakes Ortiz usually does and how and when to capitalize on them - he was able to neutralize Ortiz with the right hand, because he knew exactly what needs to be done on his and Ortiz's part to land it. It's like trying to pass an exam you've already passed, with (almost) the same questions. And if he and his team believed he could've got the job done in similar fashion against Fury, than IMO this fight indeed did more harm to him than good.

MattDixon's picture

I think the reason they made this fight is that they watched Luis ortiz struggle against hammer and needed a credible but easier opponent in order to secure the February 22nd date with fury. He shouldve fought someone else I completely agree.