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Blair Cobbs

Samuel Kotey Neequaye

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I'm finally back, sorry for the hiatus. I still been keeping up with boxing.

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No worries pal, good to see you man. What did you think of Ruiz vs Joshua II?

Great to talk to you again, I'm still trying to score and watch all the current fights, sometimes it's hard because I go to a bar or casino to save money on the fights and it's hard to score. I loved Joshua vs Ruiz rematch, I'm happy to see Joshua as world champ again. What were your thoughts?

Some quick questions here.
Thoughts on Canelos opponents pricing themselves out?
Fury Wilder rematch thoughts?
Rigo possibly fighting Inoue?

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You too bro. I can imagine, a lot of distractions, I find beer makes scoring fights harder as well. I thought Joshua boxed brilliantly, used his movement, didn't go back in straight lines, kept it up for 12 rounds, controlled the fight with the jab, didn't get greedy after landing a power shot, but Ruiz was disappointing, he lacks dicipline. Joshua vs Pulev should be confirmed next week.

I think it's a case of fighters wanting a percentage rather than a flat fee, thinking they are being ripped off, but Canelo is always the A-side, and is the biggest draw in boxing, same reason Joshua vs Wilder didn't happen when it was in negotiation, people forget the fight was on the cards, Wilder wanted 50%, Hearn wouldn't give him 40.

I'm leaning towards Fury, the boxer wins the rematch more often than the puncher, he doesn't have the inactivity issue, but Wilder might have had issues the first time, might have been too light, and questions have to be asked of Fury, the trainer change and the cuts in his last fight, and you never know with Fury in terms of dicipline.

Great tune up for Inoue if he beats Casimero, it's a great name on his resume, but an easy fight at this stage. I think for Rigondeaux, that's just cash out?

What are your thoughts on those subjects?

I don't really drink or gamble when I go out to watch the fights, but a lot of people there can be a distraction. I think Joshua fought the closest thing to a perfect fight, maybe even one. He stuck to a good disciplined gameplan and it paid off. I think that Ruiz had a bad one to be honest, I think he was relying on trying to get one big shot on Joshua. I would love to see Joshua vs Pulev.

I think that Smith and the rest deserve big pay days, but they have to be realistic about it. If they beat him they could get a higher payday.

I think that Fury wins as well. My thing is he tasted Wilders power at it's very best, I think he can withstand whatever he has coming this time. He knows what to expect and everything. Do you think the trainer change will have any effect on the fight? I feel like Fury still needs to fight the perfect fight to beat Wilder. He is still dangerous at any given moment. I also think that Fury is pretty disciplined, and he answered all my concerns I had in the first fight.

Honestly I think it's a cash out for Rigo. He's older and Inoue is in his prime and a top 5 pound for pound fighter. I think he annihilates Rigo now.

Also who do you think wins Dubois Joyce?

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I think it was a 9/10 performance from Joshua. I don't think it was that, I think he tried to cut off the ring, but couldn't because he was too heavy, couldn't rally at the end because he was tired. That's 99% guaranteed, it should be in May or June.

Definitely if they beat him, they wouldn't get what Canelo gets now, but maybe 55%. I think the Smith or Saunders fight will happen next, Canelo would be wise to fight at 168 in his next fight, I don't see why they can't agree on the money eventually, it's a big payday even with a low percentage.

I think it's more that he can avoid it, but his recovery is phenomenal. If Fury is in trouble, I think it will, and if what he says is true about going for the KO and changing trainers for that reason, then yes I think it will have an effect on the fight, what do you think? I had it closer than you did, I don't think the draw was a bad decision, but based on Wallin fight, getting down to 254, Fury is diciplined, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, but I won't be surprised if he does what Ruiz did.

Dubois, I think he's a level above, I think it will be his toughest fight so far, but that isn't saying much. What do you think?

It’s about time they fought pulev is underrated it’s going to be a big opportunity for pulev.

A payday against Canelo, Joshua, mayweather, or pacquiao are high paydays regardless of percentage. If they can beat them then take it.

I think fury is more mentally tougher then Ruiz imo, he has a lot of looks to his game I feel he has more then one plan if one goes bad unlike Ruiz. They finally put wilder fury 1 on YouTube, I still scored it 10-2, I thought wilder had better rounds then I remember, but I still feel fury won comfortably scorecard wise. Who even is his new trainer? To be honest I’m glad fury is back, I just hate it when potential is wasted. If he would’ve been active in the years he wasn’t he could’ve made history by now. It’s good he’s making up for lost time. Did you see the malinagi and peter fury debate yet on the fight?

I think dubios wins. He’s younger and i think he’ll take over the heavyweight division in a few years. When the big 3 start to decline. As for the fights go, I think he wins in a very short but physical fight like within 3-4 rounds. Love the fight.

Thoughts on Ryan Garcia?

Also do you think pbc is doing in house fights or “ducking” fights from other companies?

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I don't think he's underrated at this stage but it's a tough fight by tune up standards, good enough after the tough year Joshua had last year.

I agree, it's a case of the teams knowing what's realistic, but they should be able to do that.

Sorry, I should have been clear, I only meant in terms of dicipline and not training hard enough, I know they are very different fighters in the ring. You are not the only one who scored it like that, Wilder certainly didn't win a clear 10-9, and 115-111 for Wilder was off, but I definitely don't agree personally, and I can see a draw. Sugar Hill, Emmanuel Steward's nephew. So am I, and I agree on Fury's comeback. No, who did you agree with?

I agree on Dubois. I don't think it will be over early, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was.

Great KO over Fonseca, people don't like Garcia, but he was called a hype job before he had a chance to prove himself, and he is another good prospect, like Ortiz, Haney, Stevenson, Ennis. Which prospect are you most impressed by?

I think PBC do what is best for them as a company, even if it isn't what the fans want, that's just business, it depends how you define ducking, I believe it's Haymon who has been stopping Spence vs Crawford.

Thoughts on Mikey vs Vargas?

That is true, he was more under the radar when the fight was first supposed to happen.

I just thought the scorecards were way off, I just feel Fury did the better work in 10/12 rounds. Emanneul is a great trainer I'm sure his nephew is great too. I agreed with Malinaggi on it by saying that Fury won the first fight, but I kind of don't remember what was said throughout.

I could see it for sure.

I like him, but I want to see him step up in competition soon. I think Linares might be a good option. Easy to make. I'm most impressed with Stevenson and Ortiz too be honest. What about you?

I agree on that, even though I'm not a fan of the only in house fights.

I'm not a huge fan of it, but I don't hate it by any means. I think it's a good test for Mikey at 147, but to be honest I don't want to see him fight at 147, I rather see him fight at 135 or 140. I got Vargas, what about you?

Also is Canelo Saunders close to being made?

Will Thurman ever return?

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And he must have declined since then.

John Fury shouldn't be on BT sport debating with analysts, he's just Tyson's dad, he was a professional fighter, but not a good one.

I agree, but to be fair, Duno and Fonseca are not bums, Garcia did very well to stop them both in one round.

I'm most impressed by Stevenson, but him and Lopez aren't technically prospects any more, I am most impressed by Ennis, followed by Ortiz, followed by Haney, followed by Garcia.

Me neither but it doesn't matter, PBC will do what is best for themselves as a business, sometimes it will be what we want to see, sometimes it won't.

I think Mikey wins, I think the difference in caliber is enough, but I wouldn't be shocked if Vargas won. It seems Mikey isn't giving up on being a 5 weight champion, but I agree, he is just too small for 147.

Yes, almost done, great fight if it gets finalised. What do you make of that fight?

I think so, there is money to be made, as long as he doesn't suffer any severe injuries, I think he will be back this year.

I think so too.

I agree on that, his dad has a bias in the fight. Some fighters with biases towards certain fighters shouldn't be taken seriously for some fights.

I was never too big on Fonseca, but nonetheless it was impressive to get him out of there in one round. I still got to watch Ennis fight, I have watched the others. What do you think of Garcia vs Linares?

It's annoying.

It's hard to pick that fight to be honest. Vargas is underrated but he has lost a step.

I like the fight hopefully no funny business happens and the fight doesn't happen. I got Canelo by stoppage.

I never know with him.

Are you excited for the fight tonight?

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Good step up for Garcia, Linares isn't shot, so it is a good test for him, no question he can hurt Linares, but it will be interesting to see how deals with what comes at him.

I think UD, but a stoppage wouldn't shock me.

It was a great fight, Fury is at his best, I think Wilder is done, he might take the third fight, but if he does, it will probably just be a cash out. What did you think of Fury's performance?

I think it could be too early, Linares is still a good fighter with a lot of experience. I'd maybe take Linares in this one, what about you?

Best performance of his career. He proved in this fight he was the better man, and really made Wilder just look bad. But you really think Wilder is done for good? I'd have to give that some time before deciding that. What did you think?

Also Fury vs Joshua, what do you think of the fight?

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I think Garcia, I think Linares is too vulnerable, Garcia has proven he can punch in his last 2 fights, and Linares is still past his best.

More or less, I think he won't be the same after that, he was broken physically and mentally.

It's the fight we all want to see, the biggest fight in heavyweight boxing, no doubt. I think Fury is better than Joshua in most departments, not power or explosiveness, but strength, all round skill, is a better inside fighter. I think Fury would stop Joshua, but I think it's a tougher fight than Wilder. You?

That is a good point.

He doesn't seem broken mentally, but physically might be a lot different.

I think Fury will win and will be a tougher fight then Wilder was.

Predictions on the Martinez, Roman Gonzalez, and Vargas fight?

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He sacked his coach and has made a ridiculous excuse, to say he's broken is an exaggeration, but the signs are he's definitely mentally affected.

Fury vs Joshua is tougher for Fury than Wilder? I agree.

Martinez mid, Gonzalez UD, Mikey UD, you?