Jaron Ennis vs Bakhtiyar Eyubov Scorecard by Gold

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Jaron Ennis

Bakhtiyar Eyubov

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Cinderell Man is worth a watch for sure. And The Fighter is one of the best boxing movies I've ever seen. As far as the comment about liking it because it's realistic, I didn't like it for that - it's just a great story and movie in general, I think most average movie fans would like it if they gave it a chance. And for those of you who thought The Fighter was great, you should watch The Wrestler. I would like to know what you think.

The Hurricane was also really good if you haven't seen it. Same for Ali. Both of those films are a bit older now.

I'll also be the odd one out and add that I didn't think Raging Bull lived up to it's reputation.

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It's certainly more realistic than Rocky, and not just because it's based on a true story. That's fine man, happy to hear about it. Do you watch CSI at all? I ask because there was a boxing episode.

I think his sons are also trainers, same stable, definitely Pita, and his other sons help out at the very least, so he doesn't have to handle all the responsibility himself, still, he has about 30 fighters, so you might be right. I believe he will just based on what he has been doing since the loss. Would you pick Ruiz to beat Whyte? We've discussed the fight but I can't remembered if I asked you that question.

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When I was younger I watched CSI Miami but I don't think I've seen the original one.

I would probably pick Whyte. I would pick Ruiz and be confident in it if I knew Ruiz was going to be in good shape but I don't think he will be. The timing and intangibles favor Whyte significantly in my opinion.

Ramirez vs. Postol was postponed because of the disease outbreak in China. I really wanted to see that fight, to be honest, I think if Postol is able to bring his A-game his stick and move style using his length would cause Ramirez some problems. Hopefully, they do the logical thing and move the fight to Fresno and put it on soon.

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You should watch it man, 15 seasons, great show.

I think Ruiz, I think he's the more complete fighter, let's hope it happens next, great match up.

I heard that. I agree he will give Ramirez problems. I don't see any reason that won't happen, I don't see Postol beibg reluctant to go to Fresno, and we know Ramirez will fight there.

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I may watch it at some point, I've been going through some older TV shows to watch/have in the background.

Do you think he is the more complete fighter if he shows up at or around the weight he was at in the Joshua rematch?

It will happen because Postol wants it as the mandatory, just a question of when and where.

Have you seen any of Josh Taylor's mandatory Apinun Khongsong? I've seen some people say he's legit, not just a random can mandatory so that's why I ask. Sampson won the purse bid on behalf of Khongsong and apparently PBC so it'll be interesting to see what network they put it on. Apparently they want it in Glasgow which makes financial sense.

Seems like I didn't miss much with the Showtime card, Hurd and Garcia with what seems like disappointing performances.

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I do that, have the TV on in the background. There are some good reoccurring plots in CSI, but the mininture killer is genius.

No but I was thinking under the assumption that he won't show up unprepared next time. Do you think Ruiz at his best is a more complete fighter than Whyte? I think so because Ruiz is well schooled, less weaknesses and flaws, Whyte is a much more complete fighter than he was a couple of years ago, he has improved a lot, but he still has bad balance, still defensively poor and doesn't have great survival skill even if his survival skill is better than it was, he wise to take the knee against Parker, but it cost him a point.

I would have said chief support for Lomachenko's next fight, but with Ramirez being a unified champion, I know that's highly unlikely. Fresno in March seems realistic.

All I know is that the opponent's promoter won the purse bid, I don't know anything about Khongsong.

No you didn't, Garcia was poor, Redkach was disappointing, you could argue it was a survival mission. I don't think Hurd vs Santana was bad, I know I'm in the minority, but
I thought Colbert vs Corrales was very poor, was lower action than any of the fights last night.

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I think that is definitely an assumption and where we differ. Yes, I think definitely so, and Whyte would have difficulty exploiting Ruiz's weaknesses stylistically.

Seems like Khongsong could be an interesting fighter, I saw the clip of him destroying Kondo, who had apparently never been down to that point in his career, but I haven't seen the fight. I don't know if it is available but the fight versus Abdulhamid where he went twelve on points seems like it would be interesting as well.

I didn't end up watching Colbert vs. Corrales because I heard it was poor, but Corrales is a hard guy to look good against because of his style.

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Two ways of looking at it I suppose, on the one hand, if the Joshua rematch didn't motivate him, what will? But if that was the case, I don't think he'd be training. We'll see.

Akihiro Kondo?, the guy who went 12 rounds against Lipinets? By the sounds of it, this might not just be a tune up, and he's certainly not a can.

It wasn't a criticism of Colbert, it was a learning fight for him, but just in terms of entertainment value, it was very poor.

I'm looking forward to seeing the Wilder vs Fury II undercard announced,

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I personally don't think he is really training, but as you said, we'll see.

Yes, Akihiro Kondo. It was a close fight on the judge's scorecards with two having it even and then Khongsong blew him away with a huge uppercut. Here's a video of it: https://twitter.com/Delisketo/status/1097884573332058112

Yeah, I understand that, and it was a relatively big step up.

I wouldn't be, I've seen some of the fights talked about on twitter and it isn't anything interesting really. I guess the best one is Sergey Lipinets vs. Kudratillo Abdukakhorov for the IBF mandatory, that was the only competitive one I saw.

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Is Charles Martin vs Gerald Washington on the Wilder vs Fury undercard according to your twitter source?

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I had seen people saying they were adding that or were thinking of adding it, doesn't interest me though. It seems like it very well may be a sloppy low-level fight.

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Well I've put it in the vault which is complete now, hopefully it wasn't misinformation from BoxingNews24. I would agree if Washington was coming off the Kownacki fight, he looked shot in that fight, but based on his last fight, he isn't shot, and it was probably an off night against Kownacki. I think it will be entertaining, neither have anything to lose, both have weaknesses the opponent can exploit, I don't think it will be as good as Kownacki vs Martin, which was a great fight, but still a good fight.

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You seem to be more interested in that kind of fight than I am, if I were being optimistic I'd say it could turn into a slugfest like Kownacki vs. Martin but I don't think it will and I wasn't as entertained by that fight as others were.

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Round 10 of Kownacki vs Martin was a strong candidate for round of the year was it not?

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Both were hurt bad in the same round and went all out, I thought it was already a good fight for 9 rounds, I see how you could disagree on that because all the rounds were clear, but that last round, for me, was round of the year. I can see how could argue Wilder vs Fury was round of the year for 2018, that was a great round, will go down in history, but for sheer action, I definitely think Kownacki vs Martin was round of the year. We'll have to agree to disagree, but one question I have is, what does a ROTY candidate have that that round didn't have?

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High-level competitors and high-level boxing.

Not to butt in, but I've always been annoyed by the punch counter feature you are talking about. Just another way to try control the public perception of the fights.

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Completely, and a very blatant way to do so as well.