Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua II

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Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua II
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Saturday, December 7, 2019
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Official Judging
Steve Gray 109 - 119
Glenn Feldman 110 - 118
Benoit Roussel 110 - 118


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Jarod Killian's picture

I think Joshua loses to both Wilder and Fury. Hell, I think even Luis Ortiz might beat Joshua.

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Jarod Killian's picture

In reality though, Andy Ruiz is looking at a $3.5 million purse NOT $13 million after Federal and California state taxes, manager and promoter fees, and trainer cut. And yes $3.5 million is still not bad at all but seeing his spending habits after the first AJ fight he will probably blow it all pretty quick. This is also assuming he will not have to forfeit some of that purse to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since he technically earned that money in their soil and most likely will also be subjected to some sort of taxation before leaving Diriyah.