Moruti Mthalane vs Akira Yaegashi

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Moruti Mthalane vs Akira Yaegashi
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Monday, December 23, 2019
Arena, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
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IBF Flyweight World Title (Mthalane's 3rd defence)


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Both fighters have won world titles, Mthalane is the current champion, Yaegashi is a 3 weight champion. Both fighters are very, very old, both have a lot of miles, but Yaegashi more so, and his miles seem to have caught him, Mthalane, based on his last 2 fights, is not shot, but Yaegashi, based on being stopped in 1 round against Milendo, is shot. Yaegashi was a very good fighter in 2011-14, he was in a close fight against Ioka, beat Rungvasai, but he doesn't seem to have been the same since he lost to Gonzalez. Mthalane is certainly past his best, he does very well to be declining so slowly, but his age was a big factor in his last fight even though he won, but unless he has gotten old overnight, the timing aspect should favour him in this fight.

I think Mthalane stops Yaegashi in 4 rounds, I think it will be competitive while it lasts, but Mthalane will get the early stoppage.