Julio Cesar Martinez Aguilar vs Cristofer Rosales

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Julio Cesar Martinez Aguilar vs Cristofer Rosales
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Friday, December 20, 2019
Talking Stick Resort Arena, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
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Vacant WBC Flyweight World Title


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Champion97's picture


I think this will be a good fight, both have entertaining styles, both can punch, are dangerous to head and body, but I think Aguilar has a lot of potential, is a level above Rosales, and although Rosales will have success, I think Aguilar will do more damage, is a much better offensive fighter, hits harder, and when he has Rosales hurt, it will be hard for Rosales to survive.

Both fighters fought Edwards and Selby. Aguilar knocked Selby out and was a whisker away from stopping Edwards, and it was an NC. Rosales lost to both fighters, he dropped Selby, and Edwards respected his power, was on the back foot, but I don't think the main difference is power, I think Aguilar has more ability to get in range to land his shots, cuts off the ring better, and when he has opponent hurt, he takes full advantage.

Rosales is tough, he can punch, he can fight, there is no record on BoxRec of him being down, and he is more experienced than Aguilar, his opposition has been better overall, he has been 12 rounds twice, 10 rounds, 4 times, Aguilar has never been past 8 rounds, and Rosales has had twice as many fights, so I don't think this will be an easy fight for Aguilar. If Rosales lands clean, it will be interesting to see how Aguilar takes it, it will also be an interesting fight if Rosales takes Aguilar's power early.

I think Rosales will soak up Aguilar's power in the early rounds, and he will try to take centre ring, land his own shots, but I think the variety, more power, and the accuracy will come from Aguilar, probably the more volume as well. I think the fight will be competitive, fought at a high tempo, but Aguilar will be doing the better work for the most part, landing more clean shots in the majority of the rounds, and his shots will knock more out of Rosales than vice verse, and Aguilar will break him down. I think this will go late, but I don't think Rosales's experience past 8 will be a factor because the first 8 rounds will have taken a lot more out of Rosales than Aguilar.

I think Aguilar stops Rosales late.