Terence Crawford vs Egidijus Kavaliauskas

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Terence Crawford vs Egidijus Kavaliauskas
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Saturday, December 14, 2019
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USA
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WBO Welterweight World Title (Crawford's 3rd defence)


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I thought Ray Robinson outpointed Egidijus Kavaliauskas but the judges had it a draw. That said and the ole boxing adage styles make fights, yeah, yeah, right, blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada, if Egidijus Kavaliauskas struggled like that against Robinson, then there's no way in hell Crawford doesn't pick him apart. I not only have Terence Crawford winning this by stoppage but also this being an easy night of easy work for Bud. My prediction is Crawford stops him within 4-6 rounds.

Kavaliauskas is the hardest puncher Crawford has fought, he is a big welterweight and he KO'd Avanesyan. He is no walkover, but Crawford should get the job done. Ray Robinson fought very negative in that fight...imo he was lucky to get a draw Vs Kavaliauskas. I thought Kavaliauskas won. Ray Robinson didn't really want to engage. That could have just been an off night. Kavaliauskas is a solid Amateur as well

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I expected Kavaliauskas to stop Robinson in the mid rounds like he stopped Avanesyan, but the fight was a draw, that was his last fight, so I don't think he is a good challenger, he wouldn't have got this shot if there were more highly ranked Top Rank fighters at 147.

I think there is no comparison in terms of speed, athleticism, and most importantly skill, this should be an easy win for Crawford. On the other hand, Kavaliauskas's power has been spoken very highly of, he knocked out Avanesyan in 6 rounds, he has 77% KOs, and seems to be a big welterweight, so he might well hit harder than any of Crawford's previous opponents.

Kavaliauskas is slow in hand and foot, so he will struggle to start fast and stop Crawford from getting into a rhythm. Against Robinson, Kavaliauskas did a poor job of cutting off the ring, Robinson out boxed him on the outside at times, and he couldn't stop the movement of Robinson, so I don't see how he can make Crawford fight his fight, even if he cuts off the ring better than against Robinson.

I don't think Kavaliauskas is defensively good, and I don't think he can fight off the back foot, so whenever he backs up, Crawford can attack without being made to pay. Kavaliauskas has a decent jab, but I don't think he's a good overall outside fighter, and if the fight is at long range, Crawford easily out boxes him.

I think Kavaliauskas is a very good inside fighter, offensively good, good variety, attacks head and body, uses the uppercut very well, lands at awkward angles, and if he can close the gap, make Crawford fight on the inside, he can give Crawford a tough fight, but I don't think he can stop Crawford easily out boxing him on the outisde.

Kavaliauskas cuts very easily, which will obviously be a major problem if his cutman can't keep the blood out his eyes, his previous cuts haven't stopped his fights, but I think he will get hit with far more shots than before, that will worsen any cuts. Kavaliauskas's chin hasn't been that tested, no record on BoxRec of him being down. If Kavaliauskas takes Crawford's power well, that will allow him to take the risk of going for the KO if he is behind.

I don't think Crawford will stop Kavaliauskas, but it wouldn't surprise me if he did, I think he will respect Kavaliauskas's power, I don't think he will take any unnecessary risks. I think Kavaliauskas will try to go to the body in the early rounds, try to pressure Crawford, but I think he will walk into shots, get stopped in his tracks, and Crawford won't give him the ground to fight his fight.

It would be interesting to see how Crawford takes it if Kavaliauskas lands clean, but I don't think Kavaliauskas will land with full power even once, and I think in the late rounds, he will go for broke, Crawford will easily make him miss, and Kavaliauskas will take punishment whenever he backs up. I think Crawford wins a shut out.

Kavaliauskas has been stopped in the ams a few times, I don't think his chin is that good. I expect a late TKO win for Crawford

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I should have known that, I don't know if I'll change my prediction, but that's definitely worth taking into account.