Jean Pascal vs Badou Jack

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Jean Pascal vs Badou Jack
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Saturday, December 28, 2019
State Farm Arena, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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Jack is experienced, but Pascal is a veteran, had his first world title fight in 2008. Both fighters have good resumes, Jack has wins over Dirrell, Groves, Bute, didn't lose against DeGale or Stevenson, Pascal beat Dawson, Browne, Bute, didn't lose against Hopkins. Who's resume is better can be debated.

Pascal definitely has the momentum, he comes off an upset win, Jack comes off a loss, didn't take a beating, but it was one sided, and he hasn't fought in 11 months. Jack got a terrible cut in his last fight, it was a head clash cut, very unfortunate, a deep, wide gash, I've not seen many cuts worse than that in boxing, I think a cut that bad won't 100% heal, and that is definitely a concern for Jack.

Browne was the last opponent Jack and Pascal fought, Jack lost by a landslide, Pascal edged Browne by TD, he lost in rounds, but he scored 3 knock downs. I don't Pascal beat Browne after Browne easily beat Jack, not for a lot of reasons, but Pascal's style was wrong for Browne, he had the right game plan, and Jack didn't.

Jack has better blocking abilities, Stevenson and DeGale both struggled to land clean, Kovalev and Bivol didn't have to punch through the guard to hit the target against Pascal. I think Pascal's head movement is better than Jack's. I think Jack is the better pressure fighter, better at cutting off the ring and walking his opponent down, but Pascal can attack off the back foot better than Jack.

Pascal is both the power puncher and the counter puncher, but Jack has the far higher output, and I think he has the better variety. I think Jack will be the aggressor, and Pascal's feet are slow, so Jack won't have problems getting into range, but when he's in range, Pascal will land the harder shots. It will take more out of Pascal, if Jack can fight his fight, land a lot of shots to head and body, but I think Pascal can definitely hurt Jack, and it will be interesting to see if he can get Jack's respect, and stop the pressure and work rate of Jack.

Apart from Stevenson, Pascal might be the hardest puncher Jack has faced, and if he respects Pascal's power, fights similar to against Stevenson, that gives Pascal more of a chance, because Jack won't be forcing him to work, and if he tries to box smart, I think Pascal will beat him to the punch, and he won't control the pace.

Both are old, both have a fair few miles, but Pascal is slightly older, and he definitely has more miles, the Kovalev fights are the real difference, he took a lot of damage in those fights, especially the rematch. I think if anyone's miles have caught up to them, it will probably be Pascal, but it's hard to say the timing benefits Jack, with how much better Pascal did against Browne, the inactivity, and the bad cut.

I think Pascal wins this fight, I think it will be very close, Jack will out land him, finish stronger as well, but I think Pascal will land the better shots in most rounds, do more damage, Jack's cut will open up, and will be a problem, and I think Pascal will edge the fight.