Carl Frampton vs Tyler McCreary

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Carl Frampton vs Tyler McCreary
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Saturday, November 30, 2019
Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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Frampton comes off 11 months out, his last fight was a competitive fight, but still a damaging loss, he is 32, has a lot of miles from all the tough fights he had in 2015-17, and his last fight, and this is only Frampton's 2nd fight at super featherweight, his first was at an agreed weight of 127, and I thought he was bad in that fight, his best wins have been at 122 and 126. McCreary is 26, has a lot less miles, fights between 126 and 140, the majority of his fights have been at 130, and he has fought twice this year, been more active than Frampton.

I don't think the factors which are in McCreary's favour make this a tough one to call, but make it a slighty more interesting fight, and more likely to be at least fairly competitive, but I think despite the size, age, activity factors, the vast difference in levels, experience, makes it a fight Frampton should still win well, all the pedigree is with him.

Frampton is a 2 weight world champion, former unified champion. McCreary has had a lot less fights than Frampton, has never had a 10 round fight, he has a draw and 3 split or majority decision wins at 6 and 8 round level, his last opponent was Jessie Cris Rosales, who he beat by SD, probably his best win, but even Rosales was stopped early by Shakur Stevenson and Jhonny Gonzalez.

Frampton might get off to a slow start, but if there is ring rust, I don't think McCreary can capitalise, take the momentum win the early rounds. I think Frampton will out box McCreary very easily, but it will be a case of whether he can impress and make a statement, because if he isn't fully shot, this should just be a tune up for him. I think Frampton will struggle to hurt McCreary without putting more shots together than he would need to at a lower weight, but McCreary has 41% KOs, probably can't test Frampton's resistance much, and that's if he lands anything significant at all.

I think Frampton wins an easy UD, a landslide, but I don't think he beats Herring, Valdez or Berchelt.