Alexander Besputin vs Radzhab Butaev

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Alexander Besputin vs Radzhab Butaev
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Saturday, November 30, 2019
Casino de Monte Carlo Salle Medecin, Monte Carlo, Monaco
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I think this is definitely a 50/50 fight.

Both were very good amateurs, Besputin was in more tournaments, has the better pedigree, but Butaev's amateur record isn't too far off Lomachenko's, and although they were both in the WSB, Butaev had more fights. I think Besputin's opposition has been slightly stronger than Butaev's, he has had 4 10 round fights, Butaev has had 1.

Besputin has been impressive as a professional, he beat his last opponent better than Jeff Horn did, he beat Abreu better than anyone else who beat him. Butaev's lost 1-2 rounds on the cards against Silverio Ortiz, in a 6 round fight, Ortiz, 36, 24 losses, Yeleussinov, Shigashev, Ponomarev beat Ortiz wider before Butaev fought him, and Butler and Lubin stopped Ortiz before Butaev fought him.

I think Butaev hits harder than Besputin, he has the slightly better KO ratio, and although Besputin has been impressive so far, a 33 year old Prescott went the 8 round distance against him, he dropped Prescott, but Levan Ghvamichava and Dmitry Mikhaylenko both stopped Prescott in 7 rounds, before Besputin fought him, and 3 other prospects have stopped Prescott in 4-5 rounds, since the Besputin fight, so Besputin might not hit that hard.

Both fighters have fought at 147 and 154, but Butaev is more experienced at 154 more and Besputin is more experienced at 147, he is 3 inches taller than Besputin, and has 4 inches of reach on him, so he's likely to be the naturally bigger, stronger fighter.

Besputin uses the ring very well, has great footwork, uses pivots, throws combinations, has very fast hands, and he's accurate, got a good skilset, but I don't think he does the basics that well, doesn't have a high guard, doesn't throw the 1, 2 as often as he seems to look for a combination.

Butaev does the basics well, gets behind the jab, blocks well, he has good overall skills, uses his feet, has good variety. Butaev has success when his opponent is on the ropes, capitalises very well when his opponent stops moving, but when his opponent uses lateral movement, he seems to struggle, he isn't the fastest, and he isn't the best at cutting off the ring.

I think both fighters are decent defensively, neither have brilliant defence, both are great at putting combinations together. I think Besputin has more speed, Butaev has more power, but I don't know who the better counter puncher is, that could be very important.

If Besputin stays off the ropes, uses the ring, pivots out of the corner, fires the left hand and right hook, doesn't over commit, doesn't give Butaev the ground to make it his fight, he wins, but I think if he is on the ropes, and he isn't moving, that favours Butaev, because that's when Butaev puts combinations together, that's when Butaev can impose his size. I think in a stand off, in centre ring, it's an interesting fight, because Butaev has the reach, good jab, but based on what I've seen, Besputin is better at landing combinations from long range, can use his feet to get in range, and he has the faster hands.

I think Besputin has transitioned from amateur to professional, better than Butaev, based on how well they've beaten their previous opponents. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Butaev won, but I think Besputin will out box him for a slight majority of the fight, and he'll win, very close, maybe even an SD, but I think Besputin wins.

I think Besputin will be ahead after 6 rounds, will get the better start, with speed, movement, combinations, Butaev will come on strong in rounds 7-10, his size will be more of a factor, Besputin will be on the ropes more often, but Besputin will finish stronger, he hasn't been past 10, but Butaev hasn't been past 8, I think fighters who get good sparring, often struggle with the distance not as soon as they go into but a couple of rounds into uncharted territory, so I think Besputin will be stronger in the championship rounds.

I think Besputin wins an SD.