Shakur Stevenson vs Joet Gonzalez

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Shakur Stevenson vs Joet Gonzalez
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Saturday, October 26, 2019
Reno-Sparks Convention Center, Reno, Nevada, USA
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Vacant WBO Featherweight World Title


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Stevenson is a great talent, was a great amateur, is adapting well to the professionals, improving, had a decent learning fight against Christopher Diaz in April, went 10 rounds, but he won almost a shut out.

Gonzalez is 23-0, his opposition has not been bad, he's probably the underdog, doesn't have the amateur background Stevenson has, but he beat Gervonta Davis as an amateur, and had at least 1 WSB fight, he has had almost double the professional fights Stevenson has.

Gonzalez hasn't established himself at world level, but at 25, 23-0, he is close to his prime. I don't think Gonzalez has as much potential as Stevenson, but Stevenson is 22, not many fights, he is inexperienced, and nowhere near his prime, he isn't ready for the best at 126, I think he'd have lost to Valdez and it wouldn't have been close, same against Warrington, but Gonzalez isn't as experienced as Warrington or Valdez.

Stevenson schooled Diaz, which is impressive, Diaz lost wide against Ito, but with just 10 fights, Stevenson did well to beat him so wide, and all his other fights have seemed easy, made a big statement against Viorel Simion, stopped him in 1 round, Simion went 12 against Quigg, Selby.

Gonzalez has been impressive overall, knocked out Rodrigo Guerrero and Manuel Avila in the mid rounds, Guerrero had never been stopped, but he was moving up two weight classes when he fought Gonzalez. Gonzalez did well to stop Avila, Avila went 10 against Joseph Diaz, beat Rene Alvarado, Yoandris Salinas. Gonzalez beat Rafael Rivera, but that wasn't a great performance, it was an SD, and Rivera lost a landslide against Diaz, Santa Cruz, and Magdaleno, which makes you question whether Gonzalez is world level.

Stevenson has 58% KOs, I think he hits harder than his KO ratio suggests, I don't think he has devastating power, but he can punch a bit, is very fast and explosive. Gonzalez has 60% KOs, decent KO ratio, and based on the opponents he's stopped and how early he's stopped them, I think he can punch, but I don't think his power is anything special.

I think Stevenson wins this, and I think by UD, I think he has potential on another level to Gonzalez, but Gonzalez is more experienced, and this is a big step up for Stevenson. I wouldn't be shocked if Gonzalez beat Stevenson, he is an unbeaten fighter, has been in impressive in recent fights, very good offensive fighter, heavy handed, good pressure fighter, works the body, and he is fighting a raw Stevenson, but I think Stevenson already getting the better of him.

I think this will be a great fight, both fighters will raise their stock, it will be a tough fight for Stevenson, but a great learning fight for him. I think Stevenson wins a UD, but not a landslide, might be close.