Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua II

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Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua II
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Saturday, December 7, 2019
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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WBA, IBF, WBO Heavyweight World Titles (Ruiz's 1st defence)


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There are many theories on Joshua's loss. Did Joshua have a panic attack, sparring accident or both? Did he overlook Ruiz? Is Ruiz better? Wrong style? It's these fights, with so many questions, that we need a rematch. I think Ruiz is better than most of us thought, we judged him on losing to Parker, a fight he now says he trained himself for, Parker said just before Joshua vs Ruiz, that Ruiz was the hardest puncher he fought. I think Andy Ruiz was underrated, but I think Joshua is better, I think when Joshua and Ruiz both prepare properly, do everything right, I think Joshua wins. I think before, Ruiz won because Joshua made the mistake he needed. I think Ruiz is better than we saw against Parker, but he is also not as good as he looked last time.

Joshua's chin is weak, we've seen proof, and that's it, you either have a chin or not, Ruiz however, has a chin. Joshua hit Ruiz with a fair few clean power shots which Ruiz walked into, and he soaked them up. The one time Joshua hurt Ruiz was when he dropped him, Ruiz didn't see it, it hurt him, but he didn't get up too early, and he recovered very fast. I think Joshua underestimated Ruiz's power, and if the sparring story is true, his resistance might have been worse than usual, but the main issue for Joshua is being reckless, went at Ruiz like he was done, he stood there and traded, Ruiz had recovered, and that's when Ruiz landed the left hook, staggered Joshua, changed the fight. Joshua recovered from round 3, but he took time, he seemed to recover in round 5, wasn't dazed, head seemed clear in round 6, but he was tired, and Ruiz hurt him to the body late in the round. I think Joshua was unwise in round 7, he didn't try to survive, recover, he stood and traded like earlier, gave away his reach, landed shots, but Ruiz took the shots and landed his own simultaneously. As they both landed, Joshua went down twice, he didn't quit, that's for sure, but he was gassed, defenceless, he didn't know what to do.

Joshua boxed well for 2 rounds, moved, used his jab, caught Ruiz clean a few times, and seemed to make a statement when he dropped Ruiz, but I think he should repeat that, and if he hurts Ruiz, he should find the balance between getting reckless and letting Ruiz off, use the jab, and follow it with a straight right hand, long left hook, and if Ruiz takes it, go back to boxing smart. I think Joshua should use his feet, jab, think about range, be light, put stamina first (I think weigh about 240). I think Joshua will be smart, won't move as much as in the early rounds last time, but will still be mobile, use his jab to control the distance, follow it up if the opening is there, and then move, I think he won't give ground, won't throw short shots and let Ruiz close the distance, and if Ruiz is hurt, he will be smart, prepare for Ruiz to recover.

I think this will be very competitive, Ruiz will be smart in the early rounds, will use educated pressure, make Joshua work, take the power, work the body when in range, capitalise whenever he corners Joshua, be explosive and hard to telegraph, but Ruiz will struggle with the range, and if Joshua sets up the right uppercut and lands it clean, he can hurt even Ruiz, because that is lethal, I think Ruiz has the fastest heavyweight hands, but slow feet, he isn't good back foot wise, and even on the front foot, once he gets in range he's a beast, but Joshua can keep Ruiz at bay, because Ruiz has slow feet. I think Joshua wins a wide UD, not easy, not a one sided fight, competitive, both hurt at least once, but Joshua will win clearly. I think there will be a trilogy, because this will be a great fight, and it will be 1-1.

I wouldn't be shocked if Anthony Joshua wins the rematch. If he's going to win he will have to fight a very boring boxing match where he'll use his height and reach advantage and basically stick and move for twelve rounds, don't look for the knock out, just jab/cross/clinch/ref breaks/get your distance again/rinse and repeat and just coast thru to a very boring the fights will be booing all night UD win. Hey, a win is a win. However, the way he lost the first fight it is very iffy to me if he'll be able to do that for 12 rounds. I think he'll do well for the first few rounds but just like the first fight Ruiz will come on strong, pressure him, and Joshua folds again. If I had to bet, I'd go with Andy Ruiz Jr getting a stoppage in the mid rounds perhaps a round or two earlier than the first fight.

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Do you want to be in the prediction competition?

Sure. How does it work?

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Here is the vault.

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Okay. Very well then, I'm in.

Here are my pics:

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Nice one pal, you are behind this month, but no harm in giving it a go, and if you enter at the start of next month, you have a fair shot.