Mario Barrios vs Batyr Akhmedov

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Mario Barrios vs Batyr Akhmedov
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Saturday, September 28, 2019
Staples Center, Los Angeles, California, USA
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Great match up, battle of the unbeatens, both good prospects.

Barrios is 24-0, Akhmedov is 7-0, but Barrios turned professional 4 years after he started boxing, no amateur record on BoxRec, Akhmedov was a good amateur, was in the Olympics in 2016, got to the quarterfinals, he also had a few WSB fights.

Akhmedov's handlers must have tried to fast track him because of his age and amateur experience, Ismael Barroso is dangerous, retired Kevin Mitchell, so it was a tough fight for a fighter with 4 professional fights, and Akhmedov got the win, by KO as well, but he was dropped, which is good and bad for him, because he proved he could get up off the deck to win by KO, which takes some doing, and that gives a fighter confidence, but on the other hand, Akhmedov's last 2 fights have been steps down, especially his last fight, which makes you question the confidence of his team, and if they think he needs more easy fights before he can start working his way up through the levels.

Barrios's opposition has not been good or bad in my opinion, he hasn't fought an unbeaten opponent, all his opponents were always very well beaten when they stepped up to world level or close to it, but he hasn't fought an opponent with a losing record since 2016, but although he has no particularly impressive wins, he made a statement in his last fight, stopped Velasco in 2 rounds, Velasco previously went past 7 rounds against Progrias.

Akhmedov is 28, he is almost in his prime, will probably have a short prime, so there is more pressure on him, because Barrios is 24, has more time.

Akhmedov has been 10 rounds once, Barrios has been 12 rounds once, so if this goes past 10 rounds, that might favour Barrios, but there isn't a lot in it for the rounds, because Barrios has only been past 9 rounds when he beat Devis Boschiero by 12 round UD, and Akhmedov won a 10 round UD before he knocked out Barroso in 9.

This is a hard fight to predict, but I think Barrios wins this, professional experience is more important than amateur, he has had more than 3 times the fights, but I wouldn't be surprised if Akhmedov won, because I think he would beat all Barrios's previous opponents, and Barrios is untested, if he can't hurt Akhmedov, can't land clean, and Akhmedov proves to be technically better, he might not have the skills or adaptability to deal with Akhmedov, but I don't think so, I think Barrios hits harder than his KO ratio suggests, Akhmedov has been hurt and dropped, Barrios is probably better than Barroso, Barroso can't have been as explosive at 36 as he was earlier in his career

I think Akhmedov will edge the early rounds, will have the slightly better technical skills, and he will be ahead after 4 rounds, but Barrios will hurt him, Akhmedov will be discouraged, and Barrios will take over the fight in the mid rounds, and he'll stop Akhmedov late.

Tough one to call, but I think Barrios late.