Josesito Lopez vs John Molina Jr

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Josesito Lopez vs John Molina Jr
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Saturday, September 28, 2019
Staples Center, Los Angeles, California, USA
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This will be a great fight, almost guaranteed, these two are well matched, both have positive styles, are entertaining fighters.

Lopez lost to Thurman, but it was not one sided, he was close to stopping Thurman, gave Thurman a beating, only for one round, but he still won a very one sided round. Lopez has improved a lot since training with Robert Garcia, and I think he might still have a bit left in the tank, but not much, he took some damage himself against Thurman, he has a fair few miles, is an old fighter, at 35, he is coming to the end of his career, but he raised his stock with the effort he gave it against Thurman.

Molina is a very entertaining fighter, was getting well beaten by Lundy and Bey, but pulled out a late stoppage against both of them, he is a veteran, has had 38 fights, has a win over Provodnikov. Molina proved he wasn't shot on his last fight, fought Omar Figueroa, didn't win, but it was a very competitive fight. Molina has a lot of miles, and he is 36, very old, and Figueroa was probably overrated, so being competitive against him was probably not as impressive as it seemed.

Both fighters are old, especially Molina, both have a lot of miles, Lopez has been stopped 3 times, dropped at least 8 times, Molina has also been stopped 3 times, dropped at least 5 times.

Both fighters are very experienced, Lopez has been in against Alvarez, Molina has been in against Crawford, Lopez has had more fights than Molina, been in against Maidana, Thurman, who are probably better than anyone Molina has fought except for Crawford, so overall, he has the better experience, I think his form has been better as well, Molina was down against Redkach, he might have made it more competitive against Figueroa than Lopez made it against Thurman overall, but I think Thurman is a level above Figueroa.

I think Lopez wins this, I think it will be a great fight, very competitive, both might go down, I definitely think both will be hurt at least once, but I think Lopez is more skilful overall, Molina is older, and I don't think he is fresher even though he has been down less times (hard to say who is fresher), given the damage he took against Matthysse and Crawford. I think Lopez will stop Molina, I would not be surprised if it went the distance, but I'm 60/40 on Lopez getting a late stoppage, in a war, swings in momentum, both hurt, throwing the kitchen sink at each other, emptying their tanks, Lopez isn't Crawford, this is no mismatch, but I think Lopez gets a late stoppage.