Jose Uzcategui vs Denis Douglin

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Jose Uzcategui vs Denis Douglin
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Saturday, September 21, 2019
Pioneer Event Center, Lancaster, California, USA
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Good comeback fight for Uzcategui, 8 months after the loss to Plant, probably the right time for him. Uzcategui is good, he proved that against Dirrell, he is still young, didn't take too much damage against Plant. I think this is a good tune up for Uzcategui, Douglin is not bad, gave Groves and Benavidez a few problems, no shame in losing to Groves, Benavidez, Jermell Charlo, Anthony Dirrell, he's not old, Douglin, is experienced, but this shouldn't be a tough fight for Uzcategui, because Douglin has 6 losses, has been stopped 4 times.

I think this will be a competitive fight for 4 rounds, Douglin will have success, but Uzcategui will take over in the mid rounds, attack head and body, Douglin will fade, Uzcategui will keep working away, and will stop Douglin late.

I think this is an interesting fight, Douglin can box very well, I think he is a bit underrated because of his record. He won about every round Vs Vaughn Alexander and that is very tough to do. Money Powell just lost to Alexander and Janibek (great prospect) only won a SD. Aside from that he had a very close fight with Dirrell that he lost by TD and he got stopped by Benavidez in the last round. There is no shame in that. I think Uzcategui is not as good as Benavidez, maybe a bit better than Anthony Dirrell at this point. This is a solid fight. I think Douglin will frustrate Uzcategui in the first half of the fight, then Uzcategui comes on late and hurts him... probably stops him late or it goes to a decision and Uzcategui will get the nod. I heard Douglin also did pretty well Vs Eubank Jr in sparring.