Errol Spence Jr vs Shawn Porter

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Errol Spence Jr vs Shawn Porter
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Saturday, September 28, 2019
Staples Center, Los Angeles, California, USA
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WBC (Porter's 2nd defence), IBF (Spence's 4th defence) Welterweight World Titles


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Is this official?

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Spence is a great fighter, one of the best today, I think he is definitely top 2 at 147, the Crawford fight would be the best in boxing in my opinion. Spence is in his prime, at 29, got the experience he needed against Brook, went 12 against Garcia, is improving with every fight, I think he's an overrated puncher, but an underrated boxer, schooled Mikey, he was the favourite, but most of us didn't think he'd have the better boxing IQ. Spence is very aggressive, has a high output, is one of the best body punchers in boxing, but his judgement of distance, timing, accuracy, basic boxing skills, great. Porter is good, he put himself on the map in 2013, beat Alexander for the IBF belt, stopped Malignaggi early in his first defence, but he lost to Brook in his second defence, Brook boxed very well, dealt with Porter's rugged style. Porter came back, beat Broner, he had a classic against Thurman in 2016, lost, but close, and he raised his stock in defeat. Porter rebuilt after the Thurman loss, and in 2018, he beat Danny Garcia, became a 2-time world champion, got the win of his career. Porter didn't impress in his last fight, he was a heavy favourite, he missed the weight on the first attempt, controversial decision also. Ugas is a good fighter, probably underrated, that was a factor, but I think Porter underestimated him, and at 31, he is starting to decline. I think Porter will be better in this fight than he was last time, it is the fight of his life, but I don't think he can repeat his performance from the Garcia fight, can almost, but I doubt he can match that.

I think Spence is a level above, he hits harder, has a lot more skill, but the main issue for Porter, is that he might not be the bully in this fight as usual, I think Spence is stronger than Porter, is big at 147, and he has a very high output also, and Porter's output might dip slightly in the late rounds if he works at the pace he normally does in the early and mid rounds. If Spence can match or beat Porter for output, push him back, I don't know what Porter does, I don't think he can win if that is the case. An overlooked attribute Porter has is foot speed, he isn't a defensive puncher, can't really box on the back foot, but he can be purely defensive going back, change direction at the right time, cover the canvas very fast. I think Porter can frustrate Spence and cause him problems with his foot speed, Spence will have to be patient in the early rounds, use his jab, judge the distance, and wait for Porter to get off with his own offence, but if he tries to be first, he will struggle to land, because Porter is very illusive, fast on his feet.

I don't think Porter is better than Mikey, but I don't think there is a lot in it, and I think the weight disadvantage Garcia was at, that Porter isn't at, more than compensates, so I think this will be a tougher fight for Spence than the Garcia fight, Porter will do better. I think Spence wins this, but not by stoppage, Porter has a great chin, his resistance might not be what it used to be, Spence is not the puncher a lot of people think he is (according to a lot of his previous opponents), but he does hit at least fairly hard, still has power, and uses every bit of the power he has very well. I don't think Porter can hurt Spence, not unless Spence makes a bad mistake, he has some power himself Porter, but not that much, and Spence has a good chin. I think Spence by UD, 118-110, 117-111, it will be one sided, but fairly competitive. I think Porter still has enough resistance, a fast enough recovery, that Spence will struggle to hurt him, and if he does, he won't get stop him, but he might hurt him once or twice, because Porter walks into shots. I think technical ability is the main difference in this fight, Spence will control the distance like he did against Garcia, beat Porter to the jab, and whenever Porter goes on the attack, Spence will time him. I don't think Spence will match Porter's output, but he will come close, and he will overpower Porter, push him back, and that will stop Porter having success and the way he usually does.

I think he wins with a late stoppage.

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