Battle Of Brisbane: Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn

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Battle Of Brisbane: Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn
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Sunday, July 2, 2017
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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WBO Welterweight Championship
Mark Nelson

Official Judging
Waleska Roldan 111 - 117
Ramon Cerdan 113 - 115
Chris Flores 113 - 115


Undefeated but unknown Jeff Horn pulls off a monumental upset on his home turf of Australia when he captures the WBO Welterweight Championship with a controversial but unanimous decision over Manny Pacquiao. Horn comes to fight, taking the first round by force and making many rounds close through the first half of the bout. In the sixth, a clash of heads opens a cut on the top of Pacquiao's head before Horn stuns him with a right hand. Another clash of heads sees Pacquiao cut over the left eye, causing blood to pour over his face. In the ninth, Pacquiao unloads on Horn, lighting him up with power shots for half the round and bloodying his face, but the challenger survives. Horn makes a fight of it in the twelfth before the judges award him the bout.

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I thought Horn won 5 rounds but nothing more. This was a total steal.

it does show you that Manny lacks natural size at 147 and he can get bullied at times

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Champion58 good eye mate.

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Thanks mate, leanred a lot about scoring fights from my son!

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To all those out there who are hanging on to the ridiculous notion that Pacquiao was robbed.

WBO still wrong they just trying to back up the judges the fight was a Draw 114-114 Boxing Knowledge got the correct score.

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I just posted something about this haha.

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The WBO just finished re-scoring the fight with 5 judges 1 had it 114-114, 1 had it 114-113 Pac & the other 3 had it 115-113 114-113 & 114-113 for Horn. So it's official (even though the decision wouldn't have been altered even if the judges had it for Pac) they still had Horn as the winner. If Manny's real diehard fans could possibly watch it without their bias they would see a hard fought competitive fight in which Horn imposed his will on Manny for the majority of the fight, and landed a heck of a lot more then he was given credit for. Even if you give Manny a 2 point round for round 9 (I didn't) it's still 7-5 114-113 Horn. If he trains just as hard as he did for this fight, I think Horn beats Manny again, maybe even more convincingly the second time. Manny has aged past being a champion at 147.

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"Jeff Horn was a real man! He manhandled Pacquiao" - Keith Thurman lol

So I watched this fight and he's right, Jeff Horn got the deserved win in my eyes!!!

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Jeff Horn owes Teddy Atlas a punch, he had some nerve behaving the way he did, would have had no right to confront any fighter like that after a fight, for getting a decision, but he was wrong, there was no robbery, just like Freddie Roach said, and Atlas holds a grudge, was talking about Ferreris and Fiesta, making analogies after Horn lost to Crawford, disgraceful, when every fighter who fights Crawford gets dominated, but only when Horn lost did Atlas milk it. I would blame Atlas in part for this going down as a robbery.

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Teddy Atlas is a great voice in boxing and a decent enough trainer. However, if you listen to him talking about anything controversial he’s one of the most unreliable people there is. Hyperbolic and can’t even acknowledge that another opinion can exist.

I can understand that all 3 of these cards probably shouldn’t have gone to Horn. But he fought a gritty fight where he really roughed up Pacquiao and got the deserved win.

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100% agree.

How about Gvozdyk vs Beterbiev?

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Great fight. I’m picking Beterbiev by mid fight KO

Gvozdyk does seem to rise to the occasion but Beterbiev’s knockout power is tough to be. I wasn’t impressed with gvozdyk’s handling of ngumbu and I thought the Stevenson fight was a near draw up to that KO. Bivol is the light heavy #1 for me though

What your opinion on the fight? Also who’s your #1 light heavy?

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I have no idea what my prediction is yet.

Yeah he has devastating power, but so does Gvozdyk, they both have skill and power, they are both very good fighters.

I think it is a very interesting one, a lot of questions will be answered, who is more adaptable, both have been down before, both can be hurt, but if they go for finish, and it's an all action fight, who recovers and gets the other guy out of there? Who has the more skill and adaptability?

I agree, Bivol is the best in the division, was a good amateur, has adapted very well to the pros, isn't the biggest puncher in the division, but he has very good skills, output, got the experience he needed last year. What do you think of the idea that Bivol moves down to 168?

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It’d be better for Bivol, it’s time he gets some bigger fights. His skillset may be the best of all fighters between 168-175 but I’d love to see a showdown between him and callum smith.

Here stateside DAZN is putting out the best cards by a good margin this year so I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a fight like that. But yea I love unification fights so can’t wait for gvozdyk v beterbiev

This was a very close fight that Pacquiao won but it was no robbery.