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Daniel Dubois

Nathan Gorman

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What did you think of the fight?

Also RIP Pernell Whitaker, one of my favorite fighters to watch.

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It wasn't a great fight, but only because Dubois was a level above, it was another easy win for him, it was a big step up, and he walked it, I think Dubois will be a top fighter in 5 years, might be ready for a world title shot in 2 years, he has a lot of time, shouldn't be rushed, but he can moved forward fairly quickly. Well done on calling the mid stoppage for Dubois, I didn't see that coming.

Very sad, may he rest in peace. Underrated fighter, phenomenal defensive skill.

I agree on that, the fight was one sided as hell. I also agree that he shouldn't be rushed. He has the tools to rule the heavyweight division in the future, no need to rush him.

In my top 10 favorite fighters ever. I thought he was robbed against Ramirez and Chavez.

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just need to keep stepping up his opposition gradually, hard to believe he is only 21, he has a lot to learn, but he is learning, improving, probably faster than 33 year old Joyce. I think Dubois is the best of all the prospects.

He had a raw deal with the judges, like Augustus, Herrera.

Kovalev vs Yarde is on, thoughts?

Exactly. Who do you think is next for him? Also, I agree that he's the best of the heavyweight prospects right now.

The Dela Hoya fight was close but I had it a draw, but I had him winning Chavez and Ramirez.

I love it, it's a fight both guys need to prove themselves. Kovalev will prove in this fight if he still got it against a younger fighter, and Yarde can prove if he can be a legitimate fighter at 175. Who do you think wins?

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No idea, I had a discussion with Gold recently about opponents for prospects at heavyweight, and one thing I realised is how much easier it is to get opponents with Matchroom.

It is a great opportunity, we will find a lot out about Yarde, he is inexperienced, no amateur pedigree, fair few professional fights, but not thay many, and his opposition has been very weak, so if he does well, he is a very gifted fighter, his chin will be tested, he will be tested mentally, his power will be tested, we'll see how technically good he is despite his inexperience, it is a great opportunity for Yarde. Bit of a lose/lose for Kovalev, if he loses he will be back where he was after losing to Ward the second time, and Alvarez, he'd probably retire this time, if he wins, he beats a 'hype job'. I think Kovalev wins, you?

That's true, I feel top rank and matchroom are the best when it comes to building superstars.

I didn't know that Yarde had no amateur background. I think with him being inexperienced and having poor opposition that will cost him against Kovalev. Even though Kovalev hasn't aged the best, I still do believe he's a top 5 heavyweight, and the most talented in the division in my opinion. I think Kovalev wins, he's just more talented and experienced for Yarde. You do make a good point about Kovalev being in a lose lose against Yarde.

Thoguhts on Beterbiev vs Gvzodyk potentially happening?

Also, any word on Usyk vs Takam? They need to get the ball rolling on that soon.

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Not literally none like Masayuki Ito, but very, very little, like Whyte, Rahman. It's just a crazy jump up in levels. I agree, he still has the best power at light heavyweight and hits harder than most cruiserweights, he is a counter puncher which always gets you far in boxing, his jab, controls the distance, it is accurate, a lot of weight behind it, itself, but it puts the opponent where he wants them, that's how he set up the Ward knockdown. I don't think he is more talented than Bivol, but I can see why you disagree, Bivol has much better variety, output, is a 12 round fighter, Kovalev is a 6 round fighter, but Bivol doesn't hit anywhere near as hard as Kovalev, and in the early rounds, Kovalev is harder to fight because of the way he uses that jab. We have idea whether or not he is more talented than Yarde, but he might be, and definitely, this is such a big jump up in levels for Yarde.

Awesome, 50/50 fight, battle of the unbeatens, and a unification fight. I don't know who to pick to win yet. You?

No, I've heard nothing, Usyk might get a different opponent, but hopefully we see him make his heavyweight debut this year.

That's a huge jump in levels for Yarde. I think that's why I think Kovalev will beat him. On th other hand Kovalev is on the wrong side of 30, that could help Yarde. This fight will show how good Yarde really is. I feel like Kovalev has more power, and a better jab. Bivol probably is a better then Kovalev at body punching. Bivol is also the more fresher fighter of the 2, there's a lot that goes into deciding whos the better fighter. I would say that Kovalev would be unanimously better fighter if he had a better gas tank.

Right now I might say Beterbiev, but I don't want to doubt Gvodzyk again.

I agree.

Who do you think Canelo and GGG are fighting next? It's hard to say since Canelo isn't fighting in September.