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Krzysztof Glowacki

Mairis Briedis

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What happened in this one? I heard there was a lot of controversy.

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Glowacki hit Briedis in the back of the head, disgusting, should have been penalised for that, Breidis lost it, gave him the elbow, marked his face, fair enough, can't blame Briedis for that, and Glowacki should have lost a point as well for the rabbit punch, the more dangerous foul, but Briedis went too far, he heard the bell, but he continued to attack, gave Glowacki a bad beating, disgraceful, he took advantage of the lack of organisation from the referee, Byrd should have physically dragged Briedis off Glowacki and to his corner, but he didn't, he was slow, the bell kept ringing, and Briedis kept battering Glowacki because nobody was stopping him.

It's highly likely Glowacki was concussed there, he will never be the same again, 99%% sure the fight ruined him, he has to retire now. Briedis was very lucky, he shouldn't have got away with that, if he loses the title, gets kicked out of the WBSS, there can be no complaints, but I doubt either of those things will happen.

That's horrible on both ends. Can't really blame Bredis for the elbow since it was in the heat of the moment. How didn't the ref catch the after the bell stuff, that's just terrible?

It was really that bad that he might have to retire? I'm watching right now to see what happened. Do you think this will shake things up in the tournament? I can see this being controversial and potentially screwing up the whole tournament. I didn't know there was some sort of feud between the two fighters.

Also how about Dorticos?

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Bad refereeing.

Well you've seen it now, so you can have your own opinion, but that was am extremely damaging fight, got pummeled and dropped heavily 3 times, was allowed to continue, when he aught not to have been. No I don't, of course I could be wrong, but I think this will just go down as a controversial fight.

Yeah great KO. Dorticos vs Briedis will be a great fight.

For sure.

It did look damaging. At first he was defending himself, then Bredis got him hurt and dropped. I think that something big will happen.

It makes me think what a fight Usyk vs Dorticos would've been.

Other then the 2 WBSS fights, what other fights did you like from yesterday? Even though Schwartz wasn't a great test for Fury, man did Fury look great last night.

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You think he'll be punished? I hope he is, he can't get away with that, the elbow was wrong, but the after the bell beatingwas disgusting.

I don't it would have been much of a fight, and easy UD or maybe late stoppage for Uysk, Dorticos is good, but so is Hunter, so is Gassiev, and Usyk is great.

I haven't seen Warrington vs Galahad yet, I'm watching the bill in Russia from yesterday, Romanov (stopped Wilder as an amateur) is being made to work against Bracamonte, good fight so far, Tishchenko and Papin both won easy, but this is a the first competitive fight of the night (not including the first fight on the bill, which I didn't watch).

I saw Fury against Schwarz, Schwarz was very poor, I expected more, but Fury was great, is getting better with each fight. I think if Fury keeps doing what he's doing, he is the best heavyweight by a fair amount, will the best heavyweight who has ever lived.

I think he will that was pretty bad.

Usyk is great, I think he would've beat him but I would've loved to see it.

It was a good fight. A little scrappy but not bad. I think that Warringotn struggled to find range early, then was able to get it in the later rounds. I had it a draw.

So you think he's basically picking up from where he left off in 2015? I agree with you, he's looking better and better. I think he beats Wilder more decisive next time around. Who do you want to see him fight next? I say Pulev or Miller, Miller might be fighting with espn soon after his suspension.

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Disgusting, should be fined heavily, lose his belt.

Like Lebedev, and other fights that Usyk could have been in, not bad match ups, but Usyk is on another level, so Usyk vs Dorticos would have been nothing special.

Yes, I think he's back there now, he has been training hard for 18 months, fighting for a year, has been busy, had 4 fights, if he stays consistent, fights again this year, only gets better, he is by far the best in the division, will be undispited and reign for years. As far as I'm concerned, there was no robbery the first time with the draw, so the rematch is very necessary, but I agree he wins a wide UD. If that's the case, I think Miller, Miller is probably a tougher opponent than Pulev, not too tough a fight coming off the Schwarz mismatch, but the Pulev fight is a good one as well, wouldn't mind seeing either one of those two, I believe Fury said late October or early November. I think Wilder vs Fury II will happen next year, and if Joshua has a trilogy with Andy Ruiz, the winners have to fight for undispited.

I think he'll be fined at least.

I could agree on that.

I think so to, I just want to see him stay active. He seems to be in good shape, and is staying consistent. I think he's the clear best in the division now. I heard that Miller might be signing with top rank next and that he could be next for Fury. I like the fight, it'll show more then the Schwartz fight, same with Pulev. They are both tough tests and if he can show what he did in the Schwartz fight, Wilder should be worried. I thought it was late September or early October. I say Pulev or Miller next, Fury rematch then go for undisputed (for the winner). I also heard there might be a trilogy for the Wilder fight. I think Fury stops Joshua now, what do you think?

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It is unpredictable whether he will or he won't, I hope he does, we will see. I wouldn't say clear, but I definitely think he is the best. Wilder won't be worried because he knows Fury can't easily hurt him, he knows he has easily hurt Fury if he can land, he will expect Fury to beat them and not have problems, but it will be interesting to see how easily he can beat likely top 10 fighters like Pulev and Miller. To be fair to Pulev, he deserves the shot, not Miller, I don't think Miller is much better than Pulev, not a level above, and what's he done? Beaten any top 15 opponents?, he failed 3 tests, he doesn't deserve a big opportunities, I know Fury is not a champion, but it's still a great opportunity that Miller doesn't deserve, and Pulev has beat Chisora and Hughie Fury since his last world title fight, so I think it should be Fury vs Pulev next.

You might be right, September seems too soon, but even if it is September, might not make a significant difference, because the Schwarz fight was easy, quick, not really half a year's work, I would be surprised if he got 2 more fights in this year, and he doesn't need to, but I believe it was origionally the plan that he would fight 3 times this year.

I don't think so, we will see, but I don't think Fury will want the immediate rematch with Wilder after beating him, then again, he went for th immediate rematch against Klitschko.

I don't think he stops Joshua because I think Joshua would take too much beating, what I mean by that is that Fury would need a lot of accumulation, he is not a puncher, Joshua's chin isn't as weak as the Ruiz fight suggests, and he has heart, fitness, Joshua, I think Fury has the power to hurt Joshua, if Joshua walks into one, and Fury does have timing, accuracy, and when you have those things, that great shot, even a KO punch doesn't even have to be the hardest shot, but I think Fury would play it safe, would be smart, not be pressured to get the stoppage. I think Fury would get a wide win against Joshua, Fury and Joshua can hurt each other, a fight is close, neither have great chins, no comparison for recovery, Joshua hits harder, but when it comes to boxing skill, there is no comparison, Fury is smart, he would make it the fight Joshua can't win.

That's true. Fury is looking great right now, I think Pulev is more deserving because of that reason. Miller cheated and Pulev didn't.

It probably is too soon, I say that October is perfect for him. Do you think he can get a third fight in? I find it hard to do because his first one was in June, if he fought in before June it could be doable but I can't see it.

I think it all depends on how the rematch goes.

It's possible. I think Fury could accumulate a lot of punches, I feel that he'll land at will. I can definitely see Fury winning a wide decision against Joshua. He will make it his fight, if he's winning comfortably then he won't try to push it. I guess we'll see if the fight ever happens. Do you think it can still be one of the biggest british fights ever?

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No need for that, twice a year is plenty, Fury needs to be consistent, not take time out, but not fight too often, Fury should fight in October or later, against a Pulev or Miller, and hopefully the Wilder rematch happens in spring 2020.

I don't think Fury would produce the accumulation unless Joshua was hurt bad, almost out on his feet, and still trying to fight back, but Fury is very capable of hurting Joshua, he can stop him, but obviously, Joshua can hurt Fury.

I think he would win wide, but the problem with breaking down that now is, we don't know where Joshua is at, we can't have a good discussion about the Fury fight until the rematch. Yes, if Joshua wins the Ruiz rematch, rebuilds, then yes, Fury came back from 2-3 years out of the ring, about 15 months out of the gym, Vinny Pazienza came back from a broken neck, Joshua can come back, but it is a big risk to take the immediate rematch, a necessary risk, but a risk, there is a lot at stake, that's for sure.

Also, I recommend you watch Kudryashov vs Makabu, it was a great fight.

I agree on that. I do think Miller might be front runner for the fight. The wilder rematch should be in spring next year, like April or May.

Easily. Do you still give Joshua a good shot against Fury?

That's what I was thinking we can't really see until the Ruiz rematch. Do you think it's possible that Joshua might be the better fighter it's just Ruiz could possibly have his number? Like Tarver did with Roy Jones jr. The Ruiz rematch is very risky at the moment if he loses again where would he go from here?

I want to watch it but couldn't find a link on dailymotion.

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Not a good shot, can't say I give anyone a good shot to beat Fury at this stage, but no, Joshua does a lot of things well, 'exposed against Ruiz', rubbish, he had already proven he was a good world level fighter, he is a good, solid fighter, but Fury is a special fighter, and everything Joshua does well, Fury has an answer for.

Possible, but I don't think so, coming across styles that are bad for you is part of boxing, and I think Joshua is better than Ruiz, is adaptable enough to avenge the loss despite Ruiz having the wrong style. We will see, Joshua made a mistake, in round 3, after he dropped Ruiz, Ruiz recovered incredibly quickly, Joshua didn't have to take that left hook, but even if he hadn't taken that shot, Ruiz would still have gotten up, we don't know if he would have caught Joshua anyway later in the fight, there are a lot of questions that need hopefully will be answered in the rematch.

If Joshua loses again, I don't think he's necessarily done, but he would have to forget about Fury and Wilder, definitely for now, he would have to go back to the drawing board, rebuild.

How about Spence vs Porter being finalised?

I agree on that, Fury looks unbeatable right now. Joshua was not exposed, he beat fighters arguably better then Ruiz it's just Ruiz was better on the night.

Agreed. I guess we have to wait for the future to see if this is the case. Ruiz had great recovery after the knockdown. I think Joshua can get careless when he got the knockdown, and Ruiz capitalized off it and Joshua never recovered.

I honest don't know where he'd go if he loses again. The only way it wouldn't be bad is if he was "robbed" by the judges or a bad stoppage.

I love it and is it reall official? Who do you think wins?

Also do you think Crawford vs Brook is going to be next for Crawford?

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I don't think another loss would be the end for him, but for sure, he would have to rebuild, take easier fights, maybe get a new trainer.

Spence, he's a level above in my opinion. You?

Possible, Crawford doesn't have a lot of better options, Top Rank has very few fighters at 147, and Brook said yesterday the retirement rumours were false. If Brook got offered enough money to fight Crawford at 147, he'd take it, but I don't think he'd make the weight, and if he did, he would be drained, so I don't think it's a great match up, but not the worst.

I could agree on that.

I think Spence wins, he's just a level above Porter. Great unification fight though.

If Brook can make the weight well then I'm fine with it, if not I'd look for other options. I think he's too big for 147.

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Definitely, I am a big fan of both fighters, I hope it is a good fight, I think it will be, Porter will go out on a high even though he will lose, but I think he will retire after the fight, he's a two-time world champion, beat Alexander, Broner, Garcia, gave Thurman all he could handle, and I think he'll give Spence a tough fight, give him some problems, but at 31, I think Porter should retire after this fight, assuming it goes the way I think it will.

I think so, if only Khan would just agree to fight Brook, they could do a catchweight of 149, big money fight, PPV, people would complain about it happening now, but 90% of them wpuld still pay for it all the same, it's a good match up, same level, both fighters are at the same stage of their careers, but Khan just does not seem to want the Brook fight. I think Crawford against Besputin or Adames would be good, unbeaten prospects, not great match ups, but better than Crawford vs Brook at this stage, in my opinion.

BoMac seems confident Spence vs Crawford happens soon, it won't happen this year because Spence is fighting Porter, but if negotiations go well, I can see that fight happening next year.

Same. I think Spence might win a Ud but not a stoppage. Do you think if Porter pulls this off he should continue or no? I didn't realize how young he is.

Do you think it's an ego thing with Khan with not wanting the Brook fight? I feel that he rather lose to a Canelo or Crawford then to lose to someone from his own country. I heard someone say that Brook was a wasted talent, would you agree on that?

I can see it for sure happening next year. Also what about Thurman? They said he might fight him to get the three belts then fight Crawford for undisputed. That may delay the fight even longer.

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I think he'll stop him, we'll see. I don't think 31 is young for a welterweight, it's not old, but it's not young, I think we've seen the best of Porter, I don't think he can repeat his performance from the Garcia fight, and if he gets stopped or loses a landslide to Spence, he should retire in my opinion. If Porter beats Spence, I think maybe stick around for another year or two, because there would be money to be made on another level, if he can beat Spence, then he probably isn't declining as I think he is.

Yes, he doesn't want the risk of losing, he hates Brook, doesn't want to even be in a big money fight against him, because of his ego, he wants to think of himself as better than Brook, and it's a shame, because if you ask me, that crap is the reason why the fight might never happen. Yes, not ompletely wasted like Frankie Gomez, Odlanier Solis, because he beat Porter, proved he was a very good fighter, but his 3 successful defences were not good enough for him to prove anything, they were not meaningful fights, Dan and Bizier were mandatories, but I don't know why they had to fight Gavin, surely they could have got a better opponent than that. We saw Brook's skillls against Golovkin, but only briefly, had he not got his eye socket broken, he would have taken a beating and got stopped, that was a worse fight than I thought it was at the time, but Brook made a fight of it for 4 rounds, and against Spence, it all went wrong for him again, there were factors like the eye, the weight, as well as being in against the better fighter, he did give Spence problems, I thought he was ahead after 6 rounds, he was the more experienced fighter, that was the learning fight Spence needed, but not only do I think it would have been a better fight had Brook been slightly younger, not having the weight issues, eye issues, but other than Spence and Porter, we never saw him against anyone at world level in his own division, would have been good to have seen him against Thurman, Garcia, Pacquiao.

Whoever said that is putting the cart before the horse, Thurman is inconsistent, he has more than enough to worry about with Pacquiao, I don't think he will, but he apparently said he'd retire after the Pacquiao fight, I don't think Thurman wants to fight Spence or Crawford, I might be wrong, if he fights one or both, that will prove me wrong, but I think Crawford and Spence will fight next year, Thurman is likely not on their level, it's a bigger fight, and after fighting Pacquiao, I'd be shocked if Thurman's next fight was anything more than a tune up.

It's possible that he could stop him, but he's tough enough to go the distance I feel. I do agree on if he gets beat by a wide decision or a brutal stoppage he should retire. I think it depends how much damage he takes to determine what he does.

I think he wants to leave it to the fans to think he's better then Brook without fighting him. Khan may not be the better fighter, but he can make fans into thinking he is because of who he fought was better then who Brook did. I think that Brook was just a victim of poor management. I thought that the GGG fight was all bad for him. Also, he was under challenged with some of his mandatories.

That's true, Thurman needs to get passed Pacquiao. He's a wildcard when it comes to fighting consistently, his first time fighting twice in a year for a long time.

Also what's this WBC situation going on?

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He is tough enough to go the distance, but it isn't as simple as that, because it depends on a few things, how is Porter's resistance at this stage? How much of a toll will the body work and other aspects of the fight have taken on Porter? How risky will Porter's tactics be? Yes, but also this fight will show us where he is at, because we don't know how far past his best Porter is, if he gets decisively stopped, I think he should retire, not that he has so many miles he is on the verge of being shot, but more just that there is no good reason to continue if that happens, like Groves.

100% agree, he cares a lot about his reputation, and although he must have some pride, I think the thing that gets to him the most about the Crawford fight is people thinking he quit, it's his own fault, 5 minutes was more than enough time to recover. He doesn't have any wins better than Brook's win over Porter in my opinion, I know he beat Maidana, but that wasn't the same Maidana as we saw against Broner and Mayweather, Robert Garcia turned his career around, Barrera was completely shot when Khan beat him, but yes, he was in more fights against big names, he must be richer than Brook, but peole aren't stupid, they know that just because he has more money, had the privilege of more opportunities, beat bigger names, that that doesn't necessarily mean he is better than Brook. I agree, apart from Porter, he never had that balance of a fighter being not so good or with such an advantage that he couldn't beat them, but was good enough that it was a real fight and the win would get him credibility.

And that means 100% focus on Pacquiao, he doesn't need to think about fighting Spence and Crawford, because going into a fight like this, you have to be 100% focused on that opponent, and that is a lot easier said than done. Good point, first time since 2015, he is wise not to plan a 3rd fight this year, because that's an over compensation, at this level, especially when both fights are hard and gruelling (assuming the Pacquiao fight is as tough as we think it is), 2 fights is the right amount, and he should wait until early 2020 to fight again.

Canelo vacated, the WBC have given Charlo the belt, and to protect Canelo's reputation, rather than just stating outright, 'he is not the WBC champion', they have instated him as the 'franchise champion', so basically, Charlo has the title now, but Canelo has the WBA and IBF, still likely to be the best in his division, still the unified champion, but he is not the current WBC champion.