Adam Kownacki vs Chris Arreola

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Adam Kownacki vs Chris Arreola
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Saturday, August 3, 2019
Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, New York, USA
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I think this will be a competitive fight, the early rounds will be close, back and fourth, Arreola will land the harder shots, his experience might be a factor, but Kownacki will be aggressive from the start, will be throwing more punches.

Arreola is 38, Kownacki is 30, Arreola will probably start to tire first, Kownacki will keep attacking head and body, will be relentless, take a toll on Arreola, not let him rest. Kownacki will tire as well, sooner or later, with the pace and tempo he fights at, he is bound to tire, and Arreola will try his best to force out a rally, capitalise, but at 38, I think he will struggle to find a second wind, won't be able to take advantage of Kownacki slowing down, won't be able to produce the power he could, early in the fight.

I think Kownacki will find a second wind, come on strong in the late rounds, Arreola's resistance will be a lot weaker in the late rounds than in the early rounds, he will be exhausted, and he will take a beating, he is a warrior, he'll try his best to land a big shot himself, but his heart will be the only thing keeping him in there, and Kownacki will stop him.

I think Kownacki by late stoppage.