Marcus Browne vs Jean Pascal

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Marcus Browne vs Jean Pascal
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Saturday, August 3, 2019
Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, New York, USA
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Browne proved himself at world level against Jack, not only won, but won by a landslide. Browne is in a good division, he has good skills, can box on the outside, fight on the inside, but he isn't a devastating puncher, doesn't have a great chin, has been down at least twice, I don't think he is the best in his division, but I definitely think he is top 5, might be the best challenger in the division.

Pascal can't be far away from retirement now, he is 36, has 6 losses, took a lot of damage against Kovalev, but he doesn't have too many miles, has a granite chin, and he proved against Bivol that he isn't shot, he lost a landslide, wasn't in the fight for the first 7 or last 2 rounds, but he made it close in rounds 8-10, and Bivol is very good. Pascal didn't take too much damage against Bivol, I think he will probably just be very slightly worse in this fight than he was in that fight.

I don't think Browne is as good as Bivol, I don't think there is a lot in it, but I think Browne has more vulnerabilities, doesn't have the output of Bivol, which means Pascal has a better chance of doing damage in this fight by punishing the less experienced fighter with a counter if he gets careless, and it won't be as tough for him to try and match his opponent for punch count, or at least come fairly close to that, but Browne has age on his side, he is faster than Pascal, in hand and foot, which will make it hard for Pascal to get a good start, and he has good skills, I think he is technically better than Pascal.

I think Browne will start fast, beat Pascal to the punch, Pascal will have more success in the mid rounds, if he lands clean, I think he will hurt Browne, might put him down, but I don't think he will be able to finish him, he isn't explosive enough at 36, doesn't have sustained beating in the tank, and if he gets dropped, Browne, he will get on his bike. I think Pascal will give it everything, empty his tank in the late rounds, but Browne will out box him, and when he is stationery, stops throwing, Browne can pick him off, nick the rounds by doing him the clean work.

I think Browne wins a UD.