Efe Ajagba vs Ali Eren Demirezen

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Efe Ajagba vs Ali Eren Demirezen
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Saturday, July 20, 2019
MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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Good match up, good step up for Ajagba, Demirezen is also unbeaten, has been fighting a similar level opponent to him overall, he was in the 2016 Olympics, Demirezen, lost in the first leg, but that was against Hrgovic, who went on to win the bronze medal, he is 11-0, very similar record to Ajagba.

I'm impressed by Ajagba, he's a good prospect, has a ulot of potential, and he needs more of a challenge. Demirezen is 29, not young for a prospect with a record of 11-0, heavyweight or not, and he hasn't been as dominant as Ajagba, I don't think he has as much potential as Ajagba, and I don't think this is a 50/50 fight, but it is an interesting fight, because Ajagba is in against an opponent with a similar amount of experience to him, another unbeaten prospect, which is not something he's been up against before.

I think Ajagba will win this, and by stoppage, but he will go into unfamiliar territory, it will be a competive fight, the toughest fight of Ajagba's career so far, but he will stop Demirezen in 8.