Dereck Chisora vs Artur Szpilka

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Dereck Chisora vs Artur Szpilka
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Saturday, July 20, 2019
O2 Arena, Greenwich, London, UK
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I think Chisora stops Szpilka, I think he is slightly better, but although he is the one who is not young at 35, and Szpilka is only 30, Szpilka is shot, has a lot of miles, been dropped at least 8 times, I think the Wilder loss absolutely ruined him, it was one punch, but it was a devastating and damaging knock out, he beat Wach in his last fight, but Wach is also shot, Szpilka had to get off the deck to win that. Chisora has a lot of miles himself, he is past his best, but I don't think he is shot, he has had a tougher schedule than Szpilka overall, but he has been down less than half the amount of times Szpilka has been down, has never been on the end of a shot like the one Wilder knocked Szpilka out with. I think this will be a competitive fight, there is no difference in levels in my opinion, it will be a good fight, neither have much to lose, but I think Chisora stops Szpilka in 6.