Andre Berto vs Miguel Cruz

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Andre Berto vs Miguel Cruz
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Saturday, August 3, 2019
Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, New York, USA
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Champion97's picture


This is a very interesting fight.

Berto has been out of the ring for a year, he has not been active, his last fight was one of the best wins of his career on paper, beat Alexander, but Alexander is far past his best also. Berto is 35, been down at least 11 times, been in damaging fights against Soto Karass, Guerrero, Ortiz, Collazo, Porter, I think he is shot, I think Cruz has a good chance to win, as a fighter in his prime, but he has not been active himself, had one small fight in the 14 months since he lost very one sided to Lopez, and I don't think he is a top 20 welterweight, not fought any half-decent world level fighters apart from Lopez, and je wasn't in that fight, so this might well be a case of Berto being so much better than Cruz that he still beats him even though he's shot.

I think Berto will win this, I think the difference in calibre is enough that he still wins, especially with Cruz's lack of activity (which could be more of a problem for a less experienced fighter than a veteran like Berto), and I think he will win, I would not be surprised if Cruz won, because Berto is close to the end of his career, should already be retired in my opinion, I think this will be a competitive fight, but Berto will win a UD.