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Ivan Baranchyk

Josh Taylor

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What did you think of the fights today so far?

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This one was great. The other WBSS fight was entertaining for 1 round, great performance by Inoue. Saunders got hurt and failed to stop a very poor opponent, not watching the fight.

I enjoyed the WBSS fights today. Inoue looked great today, does he make your top 5 pound for pound yet? Also I enjoyed the Taylor fight, can't wait for him to go against Progaris.

I really hope that Wilder vs Breazele is a good fight. I hope it will be competitive, but I really doubt it.

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Top 6, you? Awesome match up, 50/50 fight.

I think it will be fairly competitive, Breazeale can hurt Wilder, he can knock him out if Wilder makes a bad enough mistake, loses control, but Wilder can more easily hurt Breazeale, is the better technical fighter, is the better athlete, so he should win, and this shouldn't go to the late rounds, but Wilder has to use his jab, set Breazeale up for the right hand, get him in position, because getting reckless, making it all about anger and bad blood, going in chin first, that's what Breazeale wants, that's what could give Breazeale a chance.

I'd have to look at my pound for pound list and make some updates, I know i have him in my top 10. Who do you think takes Taylor/Progairis?

I don't think that Wilder will have too many issues with Breazele. I believe he'll run through him like Joshua did. The only way I can see this being competitive is if Wilder makes a mistake/gets caught by Breazele.

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I think Spence, Crawford, Lomachencko, Usyk, Canelo, Inoue, all great fighters, the best current fighters. Very tough one to call, I'd have to think about that, Prograis has been a lot more dominant, we've seen Taylor in 2 tough fights now, but it is hard not to rank Postol and Baranchyk well above anyone Prograis has fought. You?

Well what a fight! Not one full round and both fighters were hurt, Wilder hurts Breazeale, gets countered, hurt himself, recovers, and lands that devastating counter right, knocks Breazeale out clean. It was a good fight, can't complain because Breazeale did hurt Wilder, but he didn't have him anywhere near as badly hurt as Ortiz did, and when it came to anything other than just landing one and hurting his opponent, Breazeale had nothing at this level, which is why the fight shouldn't have happened, it should have been Wilder vs Whyte. Hopefully Joshua vs Wilder happens this year, and I think it will, maybe in December.

That should be the consensus top 5 I feel, I feel Spence is in the 6-10 area. For the fight, I don't have an offical prediction just yet. Taylor I feel is the better boxer, but Prograris is bigger and stronger, tough to call.

It was a fun fight, I kind of knew this was how it went. Breazele did hurt him momentary but thats it. Highlight reel knockout, but Breazele should have never been allowed to fight Wilder it was such a mismatch, and that it should've been Whyte. I really doubt that the Joshua vs Wilder fight happens this year. His post fight interview didn't sound promising, saying "good things come to those who wait". I feel like he basically said that it won't happen next. I think that the Ortiz rematch will happen next, even though Ortiz looked underwhelming his last few fights.

Thoughts on Inoue vs Donaire, and Rigondeaux vs Ceja?

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I think Spence is top, but you can argue about that easily, I say Spence because against guys like Bundu, Algieri, Peterson, it is too easy for him, Brook was a learning fight, experience he needed, and against Mikey, people can talk about Mikey being small, but myself, Leonard, Pacquiao, Duran, thought Mikey would win, and Spence shut him out, nobody expected him to be so much technically better than Mikey.

I think it will, I might be wrong, maybe next year, but I would be surprised if another year went by and there was no fight, they need to fight each other, the fight is important for both their legacies. I think he's just not getting the fans' hopes up, but we've all had enough of waiting, we've been talking about the fight for over 3 years. Hopefully not, but Ortiz getting in the ring, fighting on his undercard in December, I wouldn't be surprised if that was next. Wilder vs Ortiz II isn't the worst match up, Ortiz still won very wide against Hammer, Hammer is not bad, he isn't shot yet, but he is definitely declining, definitely can't repeat what he did in the first Wilder fight, still has the skill and awkwardness to give Wilder problems, still has the same power, but I think Wilder would stop him earlier in a rematch.

I think it will be a passing of the torch fight, Inoue might be better than Donaire ever was even though Donaire was very good in his prime. Interesting in that they can both hurt each other, but with the extreme difference in skill level and the difference in calibre, I think Rigondeaux will make it technical, Ceja won't be able to land, and Rigondeaux will start to break him down after just a few rounds, stop him in 6 or 7. You?

Spence is still at my top ten pound for pound, it's just hard for me to put him number 1. I still believe Crawford is better, and there's fighters I still think are better. Also, when you have the power that Spence has he should've got the stoppage against the smaller guy. I think Canelo, Loma, Crawford and Usyk are in the top 4 in any order, then maybe Inoue at number 5. Canelo right now is going to be hard to beat he's been getting better every fight and has all the tools. Lomachenko is about to go undisputed in a weight class that isn't even the one he's best in.

I'm not getting my hopes up at all about the Joshua fight or Fury rematch. I'm tired of waiting for this fight to happen. When you "marinate" the fight, you run the risk of ruining it. Wilder got lucky and was able to leave the Fury fight with a draw instead of a loss. I just don't like the Wilder Ortiz rematch because, Ortiz I felt declined a bit and I don't think he can build on the first fight at all like Fury could. Who do you think is next for Wilder?

I like the fight. A lot of people say that it's not a good fight because Donaire is old. Like you said it's a passing of the torch fight, which are very necessary in this sport. You need fights like this to get a good name on the resume, and also to gain popularity. I think Inoue stops Donaire in 3, and for Rigondeaux I think he'll get a 10 or 12-0 shutout on the cards, depends on how much he has left.

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They are all great fighters, they can be in any order, but Spence is top of my list. I don't agree with that at all, Mikey was very aware, it is hard to stop an opponent who is being negative, he schooled Mikey technically, he didn't need the stoppage, he forced Mikey into a defensive mindset, made a very good fighter look bad. I agree, but so does Spence, he does everything well, has timing, accuracy, power, defence, does the fundamentals well. True, and like I say, they are all great fighters. For the record though, Commey has the IBF, still, I don't want to nitpick, Lomachencko has taken over the division, he is a natural super featherweight, although the same might be said for Crawford if welterweight as quiet as lightweight.

So am I, we all are, it's annoying, we all want to see the best fight the best. One of them could lose, their career could be hampered by an injury, so yes, it is a risk. He was lucky, we won't agree on that being a robbery, I think a draw was fair, and it was Fury who avoided the rematch, not Wilder. I agree, unless what Finkel said about him being ill in the Fury fight was true, might or might not have been, but I agree, Wilder is what he is, Fury wasn't back to his best against Wilder. I want to say Joshua, but I would not be surprised if it was Wilder vs Ortiz II. You?

Well Donaire as well has proven he isn't finished, can make 118 and rehydrate, and as long as he does that fine against Inoue, size is on his side.

You looking forward to Joshua vs Ruiz?, I am, I think it will be a good fight, one sided, won't be a classic because they aren't well matched enough, but Ruiz is underrated, will make it entertaining and competitive.

I just need to see him do it against a solid opponent that's a welterweight. I just feel like Canelo, Lomachenko, Inoue, Crawford and Usyk are better pound for pound. They have been more tested in my opinion then Spence has. Maybe not Inoue but the other guys I mentioned have been more tested. I know that Lomachenko doesn't have all the belts yet but he's closing in on getting them all, he's about to fight for the third one if he fights Campbell for it.

It's incredibly annoying at this point. We are at the point where the fight can happen whenever, the marinating is pretty much done now. I know we won't agree on how the outcome should've been, but I understand that Fury avoided a rematch, the thing is just because he did avoid the rematch doesn't mean he lost the first fight. I even think Fury is ready for Joshua. To be honest, I think it'll be Wilder will go the Ortiz rematch route then Fury and Joshua will do something next. I doubt Wilder Joshua or Fury fight each other this year.

That's true, but even though he is a hall of famer, he did get very lucky by having opponents get injured to advance. I'm not saying that because Donaire isn't good as the guys he was originally fighting, but any fighter who's in a tournament and gets 2 injuries on his way to finals somewhat catches a break. Still an interesting fight.

I always love watching Joshua fight, unfortunate Miller was a cheat and they had to replace him, but Ruiz is better then what people give him credit for. I think it'll be one sided as well.

Also, whatever happened to Frankie Gomez and Ruslan Provodnikov? They never retired they had a fight in 2016 and you never heard from them again. I was looking forward to see how Gomez built off the Herrera win.

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I understand, it is very arguable, but I also think Spence's sheer power is overrated, and my point there is we shouldn't read too much into him not stopping Mikey. Bundu says Thurman hits harder than Spence, Algieri says Provodnikov hits harder than Spence, Peterson and Mikey both say Lipinets hits harder than Spence. Spence is not a devastating puncher, he uses what power he has well, has volume, is a great body puncher. I know, but I think Spence would beat Crawford, but I see how you can disagree, that's a 50/50 fight.

It's not being marinated, not being strategically built up, the financial differences are getting in the way, the business of boxing is not always good for the sport of boxing. I'm not saying he lost the first fight, I'm saying it was a draw and the only corrupt scorecard was 115-111. He's ready, but Fury is smart, he only takes fights he needs, he doesn't need Joshua or Wilder yet. If you are Fury, you will go down in history for getting up like that, you are known as the guy who got robbed, why risk getting knocked out or just taking damage against Wilder again? For the belt and the win?, I don't think Fury is that bothered, he's happy with what he did against Wilder. We'll see, but Wilder vs Ortiz II is mot the worst. What do you make of people saying Wilder is improving and Joshua is getting worse? Ludicrous if you ask me, Wilder isn't improving, he is what he is, and Joshua is improving with every fight, his footwork and defence against Povetkin was better than we've seen before.

True, but at the end of the day, he makes 118, rehydrates, and is better than he was against Walters and Frampton, he isn't shot, Inoue vs Donaire isn't a 50/50 fight, but it is a good match up.

Well Provodnikov retired and it was the right time. Good memory, Gomez was a very talented fighter, he left boxing and got very heavy, wasted talent, like Fury only Gomez doesn't seem like he will come back.

I agree on that his power is a little overrated. For now, I feel Crawford beats Spence. However if Spence beats Crawford convincingly, he will probably be my number one pound for pound.

That's true. I understand what you mean, you think a draw is fair. I think that at most Wilder won 4 rounds. There was a lot of Fury rounds that I thought he won clearly, but I respect your opinion. Fury was more ready then expected, after the Wilder fight, he showed that he is ready for Joshua and Wilder. I think that Fury is doing the right thing by waiting on the rematch. Because he probably thinks he got robbed, he might just wants it to be an even playing field considering the risk he's taking to fight Wilder. I think it definitely benefits Fury not taking the rematch, becuase it's Wilder that needs the rematch more. I agree with you it's ridiculous that people think that Wilder is improving and Joshua is declining. Wilder was made to look like a killer against Breazele and even though he did, I never rated Breazele highly. He does have power but his athleticism isn't very good same with is chin or boxing skills. I thought he got very lucky against Mansour, and he struggled with Kassi. And for Fury I think the fight was made in hopes that Fury was rusty for a good win over a big name like Fury. I feel that Joshua has the better resume, and is adding more to his game with every fight. His fight against Povetkin was great, he became the first to stop Povetkin and looked great doing it.

I can't wait.

Ok because I don't remember him officially retiring. With Gomez, I saw that he kind of disappeared, and that in his most recent picture he looked really overweight. How do you think he would've done had he not disappeared?

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Respect your opinion as well. Regardless of what we think the result should or could have been, we can agree it was a great fight, after 8 rounds, it looked like Fury was clearly ahead, possibly by a wide margin, had boxed very well, Wilder did well to come back and get the knock downs, and Fury did great to get up and recover from that last knock down, that will go down in history.

I don't take too much from the Breazeale KO, it is impressive he got the job done so early, but coming back to drop but not stop Fury, beat Ortiz whether you are dominant or not, a lot more impressive than any victory over Breazeale. I don't know, maybe at first, and Wilder did say, "when I become the man who beat the man, I have a better resume than Joshua", oe something like that, but I think they knew not to look past Fury.

Joshua knocked steam out of Povetkin with the jab to the body, Povetkin landed clean power shots, but not a lot of them, wasn't consistent, Joshua's defence and movement was very good, and that right hand in round 7 which initially hurt Povetkin, that was a great shot, fairly similar to the right hand Klitschko put him down with, wasn't as good a shot as that, but the set up was similar.

Means nothing though, that is, if he has been out of the gym, because of he has, then a formality is the only difference. I don't know, could certainly have been very good, I haven't seen enough of him to say, but he was definitely a very talented fighter, but he is wasted talent.

Oh yeah, and especially how Fury changed everyones perspective on himself after the fight. A lot of people picked Wilder, and those same people had him winning the fight.

Same here. I just view the Breazele fight as a fight that was Wilders mandatory that was supposed to make him look good. I know he took every opponent seriously, but the thing is he might of expected him to be a shell of his former self.

I was impressed with that, he's showing more then just going upstairs. I think he's more versatile with his attack then Wilder is. Also I think if Wilder is at the fight Saturday, the pressure will be on him for the fight to be made. I don't like his comments saying it probably won't happen in 2019.

I didn't really see much of him but I did want to see how he would've built of the Herrera win.

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I don't think they expected Fury to be a shell of his former self, but they probably didn't thini he would sustain that pace for 8 rounds and have as much left as he did in the late rounds, and they definitely didn't expect him to get up from that knockdown in round 12.

He's a better body puncher, that's for sure, don't know who is more versatile overall, because Wilder can do the fundamentals better than people think, but he is also more unorthodox than Joshua. I don't think that's Wilder's fault, he's just being honest, if you don't think the fight will happen this year, don't give the fans false hope. Wilder looks like a ducker because he turns down offers, but it is only that the teams haven't agreed, I think the fight will happen this year or next.

That's probably what I was trying to say, that he wasn't going to sustain his pace. Because I thought that he woudn't be able go a full 12 and outbox Wilder. I knew he was going to give him problems, but I questioned his fitness and how long he can fight his fight against Wilder. He definitely proved me wrong.

If the fight doesn't happen soon, what do you think that could happen that ruins the fight?

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He did tire after 8 rounds which is why Wilder dropped him in round 9, but his recovery was phenomenal, recovered from the knockdown and found a second wind in round 10, at that point, Wilder had punched himself out.

If they keep winning the only thing that stands in the way is the same issue that has hampered the fight for the last 2 years, financial disagreements, wanting the fight at different times, pride, all that, but one issue I think there isn't is ducking, Mayweather didn't duck Pacquiao, Cabelo waited until he was slightly past prime, but fought Golovkin, and I don't think Wilder is ducking Joshua, Joshua isn't ducking Wilder either, but Wilder isn't ducking Joshua unless I'm wrong.

His recovery is great, after the knockdowns he even came back stronger.

Looks like Wilder Ortiz 2 is offical. Whats your thoughts on that? Also I just don't like the fight, at least negotiate with Joshua after the Ruiz fight.

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That's what makes Fury a special fighter, it isn't fair to other fighters to put it down to toughness, because most fighters wil never quit, they will try to get up no matter what, Breazeale showed the same grit and toughness as Fury, the difference is, Fury was up at 9, 10 seconds after he got up, Wilder looked in more bother than he did, it's his recovery which other fighters don't have, the toughness, he has that obviously, but most fighters do.

I don't mind the fight, Ortiz will probably do 80 or 90% of what he did last time, it was a great fight, but it rules out the Joshua fight for this year, which is a shame, but I think it will happen in the first half of 2020. That's a good point, Joshua doesn't have a fight confirmed after Ruiz, but they probably know the fight won't happen this year, I have no idea why, but I the interview with Finkel on SkySports, and he seemed confident the fight will happen in 2020.

Oh for sure. I think there hasn't been a heavyweight like him. How he moves for someone built like him, and that he has great recovery makes him a different fighter. Breazele did have heart, it's just it took him longer to get up and he couldn't beat the count.

I was thinking about it today, and if Ortiz can take Wilders punch well he can win. Although it is the case I doubt that he goes the distance with Wilder, especially a year later. I wonder who Joshua will fight after Ruiz. I like that he's confident that it gets made next year, but I'm starting to get impatient and want to see it next.

Also whats with Fury not wanting to fight Whyte. Personally if he feels Whyte is a bum, he should just fight Joshua next. They both would make big money to fight each other. Do you think it could be likely we see a Joshua Fury fight this year? Also, who do you think wins?

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100% agree.

I think Ortiz needs Wilder to take him lightly, but he should be able to make it very competitive again, he is much better than I thought he was, Ortiz, he can do probably 85% of what he did in the first fight, but he cannot repeat it, Wilder can, he can't. Joshua vs Wilder? We all want to see it, I think it will happen in 2020, but if it never happens, I'll have to eat my words on Wilder not ducking Joshua, and that is a shame if it doesn't eventualy happen.

I thought negotiations were going well, but if you are Fury, that might not be a good fight for you, I don't think Fury wants any part of a 4-10 ranked fighter, I think he wants to stay in shape, stay active, beat guys like Schwarz, will probably fight an opponent who isn't in the top 10 later this year, and when the time is right, he'll fight Joshua or Wilder, but I think he believes Wilder beats Joshua, he is hoping the fight happens, Wilder beats Joshua, he rematches Wilder, beats him, has all the belts, and dominates the division, but although I can't speak for Tyson Fury and might be wrong about his plans, I wouldn't think Fury would want to take any risks against a Whyte.

No, Fury will accuse Joshua and Hearn of not wanting to fight him, he is lying, he is the one who doesn't want that fight now, I think he would gladly fight Joshua if Joshua beat Wilder, but Hearn won't give Fury any more than 40%, which is fair enough, but won't encourage Fury to fight Joshua, it would be the biggest fight in British boxing history, no doubt, and I think it will happen if Joshua beats Wilder, but I think Fury wants them to fight before he fights either of them.

Fury, I would be rooting for Joshua, but that doesn't matter, he isn't as good as Fury in my opinion, the defence of Fury, the great skills, just too much, and yes Joshua can hurt Fury, wouldn't be as easy for Fury to out box as Wilder, but Fury recovers so fast, I don't think Joshua would be able to get the stoppage. I think Fury would beat Joshua by UD. You?

He was beating Wilder until he got stopped, so it could be possible. Although, he is older, and has been underwhelming in his last fights I doubt it. I'm not getting my hopes for the fight this year from any of the 3 to fight him. I hate that as fans we have to wait for these megafights, we been talking about it since 2016.

It's sometimes hard to believe stuff Fury says. As much as I like him, you never know what you're going to get with him. Do you think he's fighting these lesser opponents to be making up for lost time when he took off? I don't know why Fury doesn't fight Whyte. He's a top 10 heavyweight and I think he'd beat him easier then he did Wilder. I don't think that's a too tough fight for Fury, I think he boxes his ears off. For Joshua fight, why not take it? That would be one of the biggest fights in British boxing history.

He's said he doesn't want to fight him now himself(fury that is). I think they are just trying to build the fights up. With these 3 heavyweights it's frustrating to see them fight everybody but each other. I heard Pulev, Usyk or Whyte will fight Joshua next possibly.

For right now I'd pick Fury, but I'll always root for Joshua when they fight. I might change my prediction for the fight though, it could be made in a year and I can see somewhere where I can pick Joshua to win. As of now Fury by UD.

What do you think Pacquiao can do to beat Thurman?

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He wasn't beating him officially, Wilder was ahead by one point on all the cards, I didn't gree with the judges though, and most of us had Ortiz winning, I don't agree Ortiz got a 10-8, but I had him ahead by a couple of points, I saw 2 decent punchers from Wilder in the first 4 rounds, I think he was just getting through the early rounds, and he was always going to come on later in the fight. Good way to think, because it is unlikely, not impossible, not almost impossible, but unlikely, so don't get your hopes up, but it will be a good surprise if Fury has a change of heart or Ortiz pulls out and Joshua vs Wilder finally happens this year.

'Hearn is a little bitch, tell him I said that', ' Joshua is a pussy and a shithouse', I'll be the only one out of 7 billion people if I have to, but I've had enough of his big mouth, maybe if he would out his personal issues with Joshua and Hearn to one side, he could wake up and realise the fight could happen if he was prepared to take a risk even when it isn't 100% necessary to his reputation and a establishment as a top fighter. The talent is there, Fury is a warrior and although you wouldn't believe it listening to him, he is one of the most intelligent people in boxing, but I don't think he's a nice guy or even an honest competitor, he is a liar, he's laughing behind people's backs when they believe that Joshua and Hearn don't want the fight when they've been pushing for it for years, 40% is no less than Fury is entitled to, and that's what Hearn just offered him.

I think he's fighting lesser opponents so that whilst he is waiting for his next big fight, he is able to keep that rhythm, stay active, keep his timing and fitness at the level he needs it to be, and he also wants fight on a channel like ESPN because that is the channel Lomachencko and Crawford fight on, Top Rank is a successful promotion company, and he was smart to sign with them. The advantage of Fury signing a contract, is that it keeps him busy, so that he won't go offthe wagon again, his mental health could be a liability to him as a fighter, but even though I don't like him, I respect him for coming from where he was to where he is now, and I hope he doesn't fall into another deep depression.

The reason Fury doesn't fight Whyte is because what's in it for him? Why bother with a fight that's tough and high risk enough that you don't take unless the reward is worth it?, what would Fury gain by fighting Whyte?, Whyte has no belt, Whyte is not considered a top 3 fighter, he doesn't need to get himself into a position for fight for a world title, he is the lineal champion, so he doesn't need to fight Whyte. Because Fury only wants to be in the fight for the number one heavyweight spot, he would fight Joshua if Joshua beat Wilder, but I don't think he sees it as a fight worth taking until Joshua has cemented himself in the top 2, and he can't do that until he has beaten Wilder.

I wouldn't be surprised if it was Pulev, not the best, but any of these fights is just another decent match up which is nothing special, and with the Wilder fight not happening this year, and Fury not wanting to fight either until one has all the belts, what else is there for Joshua? The problem is, the business of boxing is not always good for the sport of boxing, because the business and the sport are very different.

If Joshua doesn't beat Wilder, I believe the fight will never happen, but if he does beat him, and Hearm still offers Fury 40%, I think Fury will fight him. I think Fury beats Joshua and Wilder, it's Joshua vs Wilder that I would really struggle to make a prediction for.

I think if he can get him in a corner, he can have success, because lateral movement is harder if you are in a corner, and if you let Pacquiao back you up, are stationary, Pacquiao will let his hands go, even at 40, he is fast, explosive, punches at angles, attacks the body, and I don't think Thurman can deal with that, he doesn't block well, he moves his head, but that might mean he moves into a Pacquiao shot he doesn't see coming, which is the worst thing for Thurman. When Thurman's feet stop moving, Pacquiao will go on the attack, Thurman will struggle with that, Pacquiao's jab as well, he isn't thought of as a fighter with a good jab, he doesn't have the best fundamentals, Pacquiao, but he does the fundamentals better than Thurman.

Pacquiao should use his jab to set up his shots, try to be the counter puncher, keep his defence tight, but if he can stop the movement of Thurman, that could be his key to victory You?

Guys Fury didn't avoid the Wilder rematch he just chased the big money. Something every prize fighter would do. It's Wilder who is making illogical choices like declining big money to fight Joshua. That is avoiding

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He put it off, nobody is calling Fury a ducker or a coward, but the fact is, he turned down the Wilder fight, it was smart to sign with Top Rank, but a lot of things that are smart in boxing, go against what the fans want. That's somewhat a double standard to give one fighter and explanation but not the other, Wilder turns down offers for reasons, Wilder and Joshua want to fight each other, like Spence and Crawford, but these fights get delayed not because anyone is ducking, but because the teams struggle to work together and there are disagreements about money, time, location.

Also, Fury doesn't want to fight Wilder again just yet not because he doesn't have the balls but because he knows Wilder's power makes him extremely high risk, Wilder probably hit harder than Fury expected, but the difference is now, that risk is not as high reward for Fury because of how much his stock was raised the first time. Reputation, pride wise, if you are Fury, you don't need the immediate rematch, you got up from what looked like a KO, in most people's minds, should have gotten the nod, nowadays, fans like yourself don't care what judges say, most of you decide who has won when the final bell goes, so apart from the belt, which doesn't mean that much to Fury, what is there to gain from the Wilder rematch? The win and the belt, yes, but Fury is happy being known as the guy who got robbed.