Jermall Charlo vs Brandon Adams

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Jermall Charlo vs Brandon Adams
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Saturday, June 29, 2019
NRG Arena, Houston, Texas, USA
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Interim WBC Middleweight Title


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This is a mismatch in my opinion, Adams got stopped early by John Thompson, schooled by Willie Monroe Jr, he seems to have improved since his losses, comes off a shutout over Shane Mosley Jr, won the Contender tournament, but Ievgen Khytrov, Mosley Jr aren't world level fighters. Adams did beat Eric Walker in the Contender semi-finals, Walker beat John Thompson, John Jackson, Christopher Pearson, but he also lost to Patrick Day. I think Adams has improved his his losses, but he shouldn't be fighting Charlo in my opinion.

We want to see Charlo fight a better opponent, but to be fair, he comes offa hard fought win over Korobov, he has a decent resume, beat Trout and Williams, but this seems to easy a fight, might just be a tune up for Charlo more than anything else.

I think Charlo stops Adams in 3.