Demetrius Andrade vs Maciej Sulecki

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Demetrius Andrade vs Maciej Sulecki
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Saturday, June 29, 2019
Dunkin Donuts Center, Providence, Rhode Island, USA
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WBO Middleweight World Title (Andrade's 2nd defence)


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Champion97's picture


I like this match up, should be a good fight, Andrade needs a fight like this, and Sulecki deserves another opportunity after beating Rosado, and even just doing as well as he did against Jacobs.

I think Andrade is underrated, I think he will win this, and unlike in his last few fights, he will make a statement, I think Sulecki will make it competitive, have success, push the fight, but that will only bring a better performance out of Andrade. I think Sulecki's work rate will be a problem for Andrade, and also his ability to do the basics as well as he does, but I think Andrade will use his variety, superior skills, and that might be the difference in some of the rounds, he hits harder as well, so for Sulecki, if he takes the risks necessary to give himself the best chance of winning he can, it will be hard for him to inflict more damage than he takes.

Sulecki boxed well against Rosado, for 8 rounds, he was dominating the fight, proved he could hurt Rosado as well as out box him, but he got complacent, and in round 9, it was nearly a disaster for him, got hurt bad, dropped twice, almost stopped, but he survived. You have to consider the fact that Sulecki got dropped twice against Rosado, which proves he can be hurt, but at the same time, it was still a good performance, and I don't think Sukecki will be complacent for a second of this fight, but Andrade is a level above Rosado, I think he hits as hard if not harder, he can break down his opponent more effectively, can set shots up better, and if Rosado can hurt Sulecki, almost stop him, whether Sulecki gets careless or not, Andrade has a very good chance of stopping him.

Andrade won the belt last year, but the Saunders fight wasn't just about the belt, he needed a big win, needed to prove himself, Sulecki might not be as good as Saunders, might not be as good a win, but it will be one of his best wins, definitely since Culcay.

I think this will be a competitive, entertaining fight, Sulecki will come forward, throw in clusters, will out work Andrade at times, but Andrade will counter him, land at angles. I think this fight will be closely fought in the early rounds, Sulecki will be the aggressor, Andrade will land the stand out punches.

I think Andrade will do better in the mid rounds not because Sulecki will be fading at that stage but because Andrade has the skill and the unpredictability, Sulecki will still do what he was doing well in the early rounds, but he won't really be able to do anything different, it will still be a competitive fight, but Andrade will likely be ahead clearly after 8 rounds.

I think Sulecki will go out on his shield in the late rounds, sustain pressure, keep throwing, but he will walk into counter punches, Andrade has the power to hurt him, and I think once Sulecki is hurt, he won't know how to survive, and Andrade will get the stoppage.

I think Andrade stops Sulecki in 10.