Chayaphon Moonsri vs Tatsuya Fukuhara II

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Chayaphon Moonsri vs Tatsuya Fukuhara II
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Friday, May 31, 2019
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Official Judging
Yoshikazu Furuta 78 - 74
Jang-Sung Kim 78 - 74
Stephen Blea 79 - 73


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come on fukuhara!

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You don't like Menayothin?

no I don't like him he never fight out of thailand he doesn't move up or even try to unifield the bels in straweight he does absolutely nothing and if he has beaten jerusalem I'm blind and even in straaweight he hasn't fight most of the other top of the weightclass

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True, I will defend him on not moving up, he is very small, 5'2 I believe, might make 105 easily enough, but I agree, he should not have gotten the decision vs Jerusalem, there was corruption there, he hasn't ever fought out of Thailand, not sure how much criticism we should give him for that, but that is a mental challenge most fighters face in their careers, a true champion goes anywhere. He is old, Menayothin, we see heavyweights who are his age and they are still young, middleweights who have plenty left, lightweights who might have a bit left in the tank, but strawweights, different story, and 32 is old.

this fight is postponed to 29

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I think Menayothin wins this, another UD, but it will be closer this time.