Guillermo Rigondeaux vs Julio Ceja

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Guillermo Rigondeaux vs Julio Ceja
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Sunday, June 23, 2019
Mandalay Bay Events Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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Rigondeaux has the talent to be a great fighter, his defence is up there with Mayweather, Whitiker, but he hasn't been able to make the most of his career, his career never really took off, only big fights he was in were the Donaire win, and the Lomachencko fight. Rigondeaux proved how good he was against Donaire, but against Lomachencko, he moved up two weights, fought a great fighter who was in his prime, was getting easily beaten, couldn't use his reach well, and he quit, because he didn't believe he could win. I thought Rigondeaux would retire after the Lomachencko defeat, but he came back, got a first round KO in January. I saw Rigondeaux's last fight, first fight with Ronnie Shields I believe, and he seemed to be more aggressive than he has been before, didn't mind taking a couple of shots to land more of his own and do more damage early, he fought with urgency, and he got the early finish. At 38, Rigondeaux is well past his best, very old, doesn't have a lot of miles, but he is still very old, so he can't repeat his performance against Donaire, but he is extremely skilful, and he is not in the strongest division.

This is a step up from Rigondeaux's last opponent, but Ceja lost to Hugo Ruiz, Jamie McDonnell, was stopped in his last fight against Franklin Manzanilla, he doesn't have a good chin, Ceja, and he doesn't have the skills of Rigondeaux. Ceja is a puncher, Rigondeaux has been down 4 times in his career, he doesn't have a good chin either, so Ceja can hurt Rigondeaux, but Rigondeaux can hurt Ceja as well, and hurt him more easily because he can hit Ceja much more easily than vice verse, take him apart by hitting him clean from body to head.

Ceja is 26, a young fighter, and he is experienced, so he has the age advantage without being inexperienced. If Ceja and Rigondeaux trade shots, it is a close fight, because both can be hurt, both can punch, so by that logic, you have to give Ceja a shot, but if Rigondeaux does everything right, doesn't do what he did in his last fight, boxes, has respect for Ceja's power, makes it technical, this will be a very one sided fight because of the vast difference in technical skill.

I think this will be an entertaining fight for 4 rounds, there will be the possibility that Rigondeaux gets knocked out, or maybe he gets Ceja out of there early, but if as the rounds go on, and Rigondeaux gets his boxing together, it will be harder for Ceja to get close enough to let the shots go, and Rigondeaux will pick him apart, beat him up, will have broken him down, and he'll stop him maybe on his stool.

I think Rigondeaux stops Ceja in the mid rounds.