Andrew Cancio vs Alberto Machado II

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Andrew Cancio vs Alberto Machado II
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Friday, June 21, 2019
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Champion97's picture


Good rematch, first fight was a big upset, a great win for Cancio. I don't know how much of the first fight was down to Machado being overrated, maybe it was an off night, Cancio fought the fight of his life, might have been underrated, but it might be a combination of all these things.

I think Machado is better than Cancio, I think he might have overlooked him the first time, it is very easily done, for a fighter coming off a first round finish like Machado had against Evans. I think if Machado prepares for a tough fight this time, gets the tactics right, doesn't give ground and let Cancio into the fight, he should win.

I think this will be a competitive fight, but one sided, and Machado will keep it basic, box his way to a UD win, Cancio will try his best, win a couple of rounds, but he will lose wide.

I think Machado gets a UD win, 111-117, 110-118

SalTnutZ1's picture

I’ve watched a lot of Cancio, he either KOs Machado in 5, or gets put out before the 10th. He can gas, as he’s such an offensive fighter, and the way he’s willing to trade, he takes damage early and often. I can’t wait for this one!