Chris Algieri vs Tommy Coyle

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Chris Algieri vs Tommy Coyle
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Saturday, June 1, 2019
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USA
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Great match up. This will be a good fight, both have positive styles, Coyle is always in a good scrap, and Algieri has the work rate, has been in good fights as well, and these two are well matched.

Algieri has been in the bigger fights, been in against Pacquiao and Spence, Coyle has never fought at that level, he's probably never been in against anyone better than Campbell, but he is a great British level fighter, is experienced, had 29 fights, is in his prime, has learned from his losses.

Both guys have been in damaging fights, Algieri, against Provodnikov, Pacquiao, Spence, Coyle, against Campbell, Matthews, Brizuela, both lost two of those fights, won the other, both did very well, Coyle was in one of the best fights I've ever seen against Brizuela, and Algieri did great to get up off the deck against Provodnikov, out box him. I think because Coyle is 29, the miles haven't caught up to him yet, Algieri is not shot I don't think, but he is well past his prime, because he is 35, which is very old, and it is harder to get away with having miles on the clock when you're older.

Neither fighter has been that active, Algieri was out for 2 and a half years after the Spence loss, Coyle was out for 14 months before the Dodd fight, but both have got two wins in a row since coming back. Both got hard fought UDs in their last fight, Algieri got a shutout in his comeback fight, Coyle did great to stop Dodd.

I think Algieri has a better chin, Coyle has only been down in 4 fights I believe, but he has been down 10 times, Algieri has been down 10 times himself, but Coyle hasn't come accross punchers like Provodnikov or Spence.

I don't think Coyle is as good at 140 as he is at 135, that might be a factor, best I've seen from Coyle was against Katsidis and Dodd, he didn't look great against Nurse, Algieri is big for the weight, 5'10, he was at 147 against Khan and Spence, fought Pacquiao at a catchweight of 144, didn't make 140 for 4 and a half years, so getting down to 140 must be very tough for Algieri, he made it in his last fight, I didn't see the fight, but it was closer than I thought it would be, so Algieri might be drained at 140, and Coyle is an aggressive fighter, attacks the body, if Algieri is drained at the weight, I think Coyle will win.

If Algieri isn't drained, I think the weight will work in his favour if anything, because he is used to fighting bigger opponents.

I think Algieri will struggle at 140 now, I would not be surprised if he made the weight, rehydrated, and beat Coyle by UD, had too much pedigree, but I think Coyle has more in the tank, I think Algieri will be at least a bit drained, and Coyle will beat him, I think by stoppage, I think he'll do a lot damage to the body, he might want the win slightly more at this stage, and I think he'll stop Algieri late.