Keith Thurman vs Manny Pacquiao

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Keith Thurman vs Manny Pacquiao
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Saturday, July 20, 2019
MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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WBA Welterweight World Title (Thurman's 6th defence)


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Champion97's picture


Awesome match up! Great that this fight is on!

I think this is a 50/50 fight. Pacquiao is great, but he is 40, Thurman is good, not great, but he is 30. Thurman might be in his prime, isn't far past it if he isn't, but Pacquiao is well past his prime, it is incredible that he isn't shot, can still do what he did in his last fights, after 24 years a professional, 70 fights, almost 500 rounds.

Thurman has proven he is a good fighter, he is unbeaten, he beat Porter, Garcia, unified in 2017 with the Garcia win, but Pacquiao's resume, legacy is something else, he has proven himself as a great fighter, 6 weight world champion, beat Barrera, Morales, Marquez, Cotto.

Pacquiao looked great in his last 2 fights, it was a great performance against Bradley the 3rd time as well, he didn't look great against Vargas, looked shot against Horn, lost that fight, and it looked like he shouldn't have come back from the brief retirement in 2016, but he proved that wasn't true with the Matthysse and Broner wins. Thurman was very impressive against Porter and Garcia, beat both, close fights, but Porter and Garcia are very good fighters. Thurman was out for almost 2 years after the Garcia win, he came back in January, beat Lopez, it was a decent performance overall, it was a wide win, but it was an MD, and he almost got stopped, wasn't a great performance, didn't look the same as he was before.

Thurman probably has the 2 best wins between him and Pacquiao in terms of who they beat from 2016 to now, but Pacquiao has been fairly active in the last 2 years, has fought 3 times. Thurman has fought once, both fought in January, but Thurman has only fought once in over 2 years, hasn't been active, and after almost 2 years out, 1 fight, even going 12, isn't enough to get back to his best, so I think the layoff will be a factor, but not as much as against Lopez.

Thurman is fresher, he was in a more damaging fight against Lopez than Pacquiao has been in since maybe Marquez, but apart from that fight and the Porter fight, Thurman has not taken much damage. Pacquiao has a better chin, but I don't think he is more resilient now, and although Thurman comes off a damaging fight, 6 months should be enough for him to recover.

Thurman might not hit as hard as Pacquiao naturally, but he is naturally bigger, a natural welterweight, Pacquiao might be a natural super feather, and although he does very well at 147, one thing he hasn't been able to do is carry his power up, which is why he has only one stoppage since 2009.

Pacquiao might be a more awkward opponent for Thurman than vise verse, because Pacquiao has fought only orthdox fighters in the last 11 years, whereas Thurman hasn't fought a southpaw since 2015, so stance wise, it's another day at the office for Pacquiao, but for Thurman, the stance might be a challenge.

I think for defence, it is interesting, neither are great defensive fighters, Thurman's foot movement is great, but he lacks blocking abilities, Pacquiao can slip, block well, but he has never been the best defensive fighter. I think overall, Pacquiao is better defensively than Thurman.

Both fighters are fast and explosive, both often fight in offensive spurts, I think a prime Pacquiao was definitely more fast and explosive than Thurman, but it will be interesting to see if he still is.

Pacquiao is a great athlete, a solid 12 round fighter, he doesn't have the output, stamina he used to, and his recovery is much slower, but he can still throw a lot of punches for 12 rounds. Thurman's stamina has been questioned, he seemed to tire against Bundu, but he finished strong against Porter, coasted against Garcia, didn't really tire. I think Pacquiao is more likely to tire in the late rounds than Thurman is.

I think Thurman wins this, I wouldn't be surprised if Pacquiao won, but I think Thurman is good enough to beat a 40 year old Pacquiao, I said the same about Matthysse, Broner, so I can't predict this fight with confidence, but I think Thurman is a lot better than Matthysse and Broner, and although he has been inactive, Thurman will be a fair bit better in this fight than he was against Lopez. I think if they had fought in January, Pacquiao would have won, but Thurman is back, and I think he has the beating of Pacquiao now.

I think this will be a good, competitive fight, Pacquiao will pressure Thurman, Thurman will be on the back foot, Pacquiao will have success whenever Thurman's feet stop moving, Thurman will be able to counter Pacquiao coming in, and if he can get Pacquiao to step back even for a second, he'll go on the attack.

I think when it goes past 7 or 8 rounds, Pacquiao will struggle for pace, he will tire, he will have taken the more draining punches, will have been hit clean to head and body, not that much, and he will have landed more, but he will not be able to take as much of a toll on Thurman as vice verse, and Thurman will revover from a tough round faster than Pacquiao, as the much younger fighter.

I think Pacquiao will be ahead, but Thurman get a KO, late.