Austin Trout vs Terrell Gausha

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Austin Trout vs Terrell Gausha
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Saturday, May 25, 2019
Beau Rivage Resort Casino, Biloxi, Mississippi, USA
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Trout is underrated, beat Cotto, and he doesn't get enough credit for doing as well as he did against Alvarez and the Charlos, he is well past his prime now, he might be finished, might not be, but he is past his best. Gausha is not bad, was a good amateur, and as a professional, he only lost to Lara, only big fight he's been in, lost a wide UD, but Lara is very good.

Trout is more experienced at world level, has achieved more, has the Cotto win, he didn't do better against Lara than Gausha did, but I think that was somewhat an off night for Trout, and I think the Trout who beat Cotto, did well against Alvarez, would beat Gausha.

Gausha is younger and fresher than Trout, that gives him a much better chance of winning this fight. Gausha is 31, Trout is 33, and Trout has taken more damage in his career, been down 6 times, took a lot of damage against Hurd, a fair bit against Alvarez, Lara, and both Charlos, Gausha has taken less damage in his career.

Trout comes off almost a year out, so there might be some ring rust, and Gausha fought in December, but it was a 1st round KO, and he came off 14 months out before that, so he hasn't been active himself.

I think Gausha will win this, it is a 50/50 fight, I think it will be very close, but I think Gausha will edge it.