Deontay Wilder vs Dominic Breazeale

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Deontay Wilder vs Dominic Breazeale
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Saturday, May 18, 2019
Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, New York, USA
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WBC Heavyweight World Title (Wilder's 9th defence)


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Champion97's picture


Not a great match up, definitely not the best, Breazeale doesn't deserve a world title shot before Whyte, but it is not the worst match up, both likely top 15 heavyweights, both big punchers, have great power.

Both fighters are 33, still young for heavyweights, probably both in their primes, both been active enough, Wilder might be underestimating Breazeale, which would give Breazeale more of a chance, but he might not underestimate him.

Both fighters can hurt each other, but although Breazeale hits hard, he doesn't hit as hard as Wilder, and he doesn't have as good a chin, Wilder has been down once, been hurt, but Ortiz couldn't put him down, Breazeale has been down 4 times. Wilder can hurt Breazeale more easily than vice verse, and going on the offensive is higher risk for Breazeale than it is for Wilder.

Everyone knows Wilder isn't a great technical fighter, but his lack of technical skill is exaggerated, he is not technically that bad, just not good compared to other top heavyweights. Breazeale is very technically poor, I think Wilder is a lot technically better, he did nothing against Joshua, was tough and reslient, and that's it, he didn't use his reach at all against Mansour, Ugonoh, they were beating him on the cards. I think before the fight has got going, Wilder can out box Breazeale, can definitely beat him to the jab.

If Breazeale lands one on Wilder's chin, he can hurt him, and if Wilder let's the personal stuff get to him in the ring, he walks into one, or definitely if he gets careless, doesn't see a big shot coming, Breazeale could knock him out, but if Breazeale has him in trouble, tries to build on it, he still makes himself vulnerable even if Wilder is hurt, because if Wilder recovers quicker than Breazeale thinks, Breazeale keeps going for the finish, and he walks into a counter, he's done. Breazeale is big, and he has great power, but if he doesn't put his opponent down, tries to build on hurting them, he is nowhere near as explosive as Wilder, punches himself out a lot more easily.

I think Breazeale's best shot is an early KO, Wilder is the better athlete, has the better stamina, is much lighter, can throw more shots and is stronger in the later rounds, so Breazeale should take that gamble, if he lands clean, hurts Wilder even a little bit, he has to go for it and try to force the stoppage, but he is always at risk of getting knocked out.

I think for 2 rounds, Wilder will control the fight with his jab. In round 3, Breazeale catches Wilder and hurts him, gets his respect, but can't put him down, Wilder goes on the defensive, goes back to his jab in round 4. In round 5, Wilder catches Breazeale with a great counter, puts him down, Breazeale gets up, but can't recover or survive, can't stop the onslaught, and Wilder gives him a beating, puts him down a couple more times, gets a brutal stoppage.

Wilder stops Breazeale in 5.