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Erislandy Lara

Brian Castano

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How was this fight? I'm still trying to look for a link.

Also I forgot to do pcom for this month, I will for next. I totally forgot with there being 28 days in Febuary.

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Good, it was an interested fight, very close fight.

Whatever you want man.

I'll check it out, but what do you think is next for Lara?

I'll wait for next month, but do you think Ugas will pose any problems for Porter tonight?

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The Hurd rematch is a very real possibility.

Yes, I think Porter will win, but for 6-8 rounds, it will be close, Ugas will give him problems, you?

I wouldn’t mind seeing it but Hurd might go to 160.

I think porter will won around 7-8 rounds some rounds will be close.

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Well there are other options, Spence might move up, Munguia is improving and has a lot of potential, Charlo is still around, and of course Harrison. Hurd should be strong at 160, he seems to be a natural middleweight or even a natural super middleweight, making 154 must be very tough.

Porter vs Ugas was a good, interesting fight, I agree with the verdict, Porter won, but it was a very close fight, Ugas boxed great, deserves another shot, wouldn't mind seeing the ainner of Garcia vs Granados vs Ugas.

Hurd is massive for 154, I wouldn't be surprised if he moves up soon. I do want to see him fight Lara again, and Charlo of course. I do feel the Lara rematch should be next for Hurd. How do you think he does at 160?

I enjoyed it too, I thought it could've went either way, fair decision. I kind of figured Porter would get the decision in a close fight since he's the champ. There were some people who had it wide for Ugas, which I think is crazy. Even though I had Ugas winning, he won 5-7 rounds. I'd like a rematch or even Thurman fight too for Ugas. Garcia Granados winner is another top option too.

Also, I was watching the Monsour fight, I think he should retire. Even though I used to be sort of big on him he's getting to old. I think that Ajaba looks like the real deal I can't wait to see him progress more in the heavyweight division.

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Very well, he is a natural middleweight and a big one, he is 6'1, there is no reason for him not to adapt very quickly, what do you think?

Yeah, the champion often gets the benefit of the doubt. I agree, that is ridiculous, it was close, could have gone either way, round 12 was Ugas's by reckoning, quite clearly I thought, and Steve Morrow scoring it 8-4, don't like that one, I think it's a two point swing either way, but 117-111 is a bad one. Ugas will be avoided by some, or at least, fighters will be told to avoid him, but he deserves another opportunity, definitely. I think Garcia vs Ugas would a great match up.

I haven't seen much of Ajagba, I think he is very badly matched, compared to other heavyweights who are moving along much faster, but he seems like a fighter with a lot of potential. The heavyweight division, at prospect level, is great, Dubois vs Gorman might happen this year, and of course there is Joyce, Yoka, Ajagba, Hrgovic.

I think he'll do great at middleweight. He's so heavy at 154 the next day that has to be his walking around weight. He won't beat Canelo GGG or Jacobs but he'll still be a good fighter.

I don't like that but I understand. You basically have to win a one sided fight to beat the champ. Last time I seen a challenger win close fight from my memory was Ward against Kovalev. I thought the only reasonable score was the 7-5 Porter one. Even though I had Ugas winning, I can still see 7-5 Porter. I agree with that, some will avoid Ugas. He's one of those fighters who have a high risk low reward, good on Porter for fighting him. Even in a loss I feel Ugas's stock raised in this one. What do you feel is realistically is next for Ugas and Porter?

Before this, I only remember him fighting a guy who walked out the ring and didnt even fight him. What was the story behind that? I think he has fought bad comepetition so far, but some of these wins are just fights that your'e supposed to be win. He will be in learning fights and step up soon. Who do you think he should fight next?

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I don't know how heavy Hurd is, some fighters are heavier than others outside of the weigh ins, but a fighter of Hurd's size can't make 154 without killing himself, so he should definitely move up, he has done well to make 154, but fighters need to know when to move up, making a weight you are naturally too big to make is very dangerous, that's what happened with Higa, Diego De La Hoya, and I think Castano as well. I'd give Hurd a decent shot against anyone, but I don't think he beats Canelo, man, what a fight that would be, neither are hit that hard, can both punch a bit, are both pressure fighters, both have great chins, but with the technical ability, pedigree of Canelo, and the body work, I think he'd be too much for Hurd.

Definitely high risk, low reward. No belt, not a big name, not a big money fight, good fighter, but if fighters get ordered to fight him, they'll have to fight him. I think Ugas should stay active, have a 10 round fight next on the undercard of a fight in September-November, hopefully he can get an eliminator early next year. I think Thurman vs Porter II is likely, but so is Porter against the winner of Spence vs Mikey, it depends on which fight is better money wise, which would be easier to make, but I think a unification fight, for the WBA or IBF, is next for Porter.

I think Porter gets a lot of unfair criticism, he doesn't have that talent that a puncher or a gifted technical fighter has, he has developed his jab, worked like hell to get the gas tank he has, foot speed as well, has lost, but leanred and come back, is a two-time world champion, beat Alexander, Broner, Garcia, he is one of my favourite fighters, I think he will retire next year, that is probably the right time to retire for him, but he has had a great career, and it would be great to see him in a unification fight this year, he still has a bit left in the tank, he is probably starting to decline, but I think he can do better than he did against Ugas, and I think he has a very good shot to beat Thurman.

That was some sort of protest, he was trying to make a case for himself, getting more money, stupid if you ask me, wasted a lot of people's time, and money, I know it wasn't the main event, but an undercard fight is built into the billing, so he conned the fans, wasted his own team's and the other team's time.

Maybe Charles Martin, Chris Arreola, step up, not too much too soon. What do you think?

I think he should do it soon. I think he'd be a tough fight for anyone at middleweight. I do agree Canelo will be too much for Hurd. I'd love to see Hurd fight Saunders. Hurd did well against Lara who moves a lot, Saunders style is somewhat similar to Lara's.

I like that idea for Ugas. Stay active fight on an undercard and line himself up for a world title fight. If I were Ugas, I would push for a rematch with Porter. I like the idea of a Porter Thurman rematch, they have been talking about that for a while, and it's a great fight. The first one was a classic. I give him a good shot of beating Thurman, he came close last time, and he's been more active then Thurman.

Very stupid, he wasted a lot of peoples time, and if he was really pissed off about the money he shouldn't of taken the fight.

I like those fights for him, maybe even Gerald Washington.

I hate that people are saying Loma is ducking Lopez. Lopez is still a prospect and very young. Also, Loma is taking unification fights over fighting a prospect, and that's the way to go.

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I agree, he is somewhat similar, very skilful, southpaw, not the most dangerous. I think Hurd could beat Saunders.

He is, but I would think it unlikely he'll get it. I think so, although, Porter is slightly older, has slightly more miles I think, so is he on the decline now? Inactivity is probably still a factor for Thurman after just one fight since his layoff.

It was some stupid protest.

Maybe, but after what his last fight, I think Martin is a better option, not because he's better, but because Washington is shot.

Joshua's ducking Wilder, Wilder's ducking Joshua, Mikey is ducking Loma, Loma is ducking Mikey, you get all this crap on the Internet. We'll see how Lopez does against Tatli, that's a big step up, would be great if Tatli could beat him, I think Lopez will win, and credit to him of he does, but I think the fight will prove that Lopez against Lomachencko would probably be like Charlo vs Lubin.

What would you tell Mikey and Spence if you were in their corners?

I think Saunders might be a little tougher, and less miles on the clock.

I think he may possibly be on the decline now. It's still an interesting fight. Who do you think Thurman will fight next?

Definitely a stupid move.

That's true about Washington, the Wilder fight ruined him to be honest.

It depends who you root for, most fans are biased and will believe anything good about their guy and believe anythinng bad against the fighter they hate. I wish people would be more honest about what happens for making these fights. Is Tatli good? I don't know much about him. I think Lopez wins this, but do you think it'll be close?

For Mikey, I would just try to outbox Spence. I think Slugging it out with Spence is a dumb idea. Especially with the weight advantage. Box from a distance, catch Spence coming in or over extending.

For Spence, I would just tell him to go to the body early, be on the attack early and to make it uncomfortable for Garcia and doubts his own power.

What about you? My advice is kind of bad I just don't know how to articulate it.

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Good points, but he is also not as well schooled, lacks dicipline, still, I agree, Saunders has a better chin, younger, fresher.

Possibly Porter, Pacquiao is an option, but he wasn't at Thurman vs Lopez, he will be at Spence vs Garcia.

I think it will be a tough fight for Lopez, Tatli, at European level, is very good, Lopez probably has the potential to be better, but he is still inexperienced. Tatli's only loss which he didn't avenge was Abril, who I think was underrated.

That's a good point about over-shooting, he did that against Brook, he hasn't been that active, Spence, if he does that against Garcia, Garcia can take advantage better than Brook. I think the problem with boxing at a distance is that, that allows Spence to be on the front foot, and when Spence is on the front foot, he is dangerous, but he isn't careless. I think they should, at least early, try to back Spence up, what I noticed against Brook, was that Spence couldn't box off the ropes, when he got backed up to the ropes, Brook looked in control. Mikey has gained about 6lbs of lean muscle I believe, still probably won't be physically stronger than Spence, but the strength difference won't be as much as people expect, and if Mikey can put Spence on the ropes, he can have a lot of success. I think Mikey should back up to the ropes, rather than trying to overpower Spence, but spin Spence, pivot, and put Spence on the ropes.

I think foot movement is key for Mikey, if he can counter Spence, frustrate him, control the range, he has a great shot to win this, but he has to follow the game plan, take necessary risks, but Spence proved against Brook that he has the stamina, isn't just a front runner, so Mikey has to be conservative enough.

I agree, I would say be patient, use the jab, go to the body, hold centre ring, use the jab upstairs to set up the left to the body, that way it is harder for Mikey to counter him because the jab delays his reaction. Spence can't look for that one great shot, he should keep busy, keep Mikey occupied, appply pressure, push the pace without getting careless.

I think Spence might have to take punches to land punches, and that could be a dangerous game, because Mikey will still have a bit of power, although, I think Mikey will struggle for power, will need 2 or 3 shots against Spence to do the damage he could do against Easter, I think he will do very well for strength, but power is what it is, harder to carry up the weights, and I think Spence can soak up Mikey's power a lot easier than vice versa, but still, the right shot lands, Mikey can hurt him, definitely if he can have the output.

What do you think of Lomachencko vs Crolla?

I agree on all that.

Pacquiao is still in the mix which is good. I wouldn't mind watching Porter vs Pacquiao.

I'm going to watch some of his fights.

Those are some good points. It's been a while since I seen the Brook fight but I do remember Brook giving Spence a lot of problems in the early rounds. If Mikey is strong as he looks and can bully Spence, put him where he wants, he has a good shot. Back Spence up, and put him on the ropes he has a great shot.

I agree on that. I think Mikey has to be too conservative in my opinion. That's why I'm picking Spence to beat him. For Garcia, I feel he was to fight the perfect fight to win, like Khan had to against Canelo. I believe Mikey has a better chin in my opinion. The risks have to be smart, and not stupid, although I feel if you're down in a one sided fight you should always go for broke and do what it takes to come back to get the stoppage.

I think a lot of it depends on how Spence takes Mikeys power as well. If Spence can take Mikeys power easy, it'll be easier for him to take punches to land and to get off what he wants. If Mikey gets Spences respect off his power it might not be a good idea. I wonder how Mikeys power at this weight is.

I don't hate the fight, but I'm not the biggest supporter of it. Lomachenko was supposed to do a unification with Commey next but he got hurt, so he's fighting Crolla who's his mandatory. I'm not going to say the fight is the worst thing because what's Lomachenko supposed to do if the original opponent is injured. If he doesn't fight his mandatory he gets stripped of that title. What don't people get about that. Some people just like to hate and will find anything to hate on fighters for. What do you think of the fight?

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It would be awesome if Lopez lost to Tatli, it would be like when Frankie Gavin was being hyped up, apparently would beat Porter, Maidana, would beat Mayweather and Pacquiao when he was more experienced, Bundu was not considered to be in his class, and Bundu came over and beat him, man, if Lopez lost, that would be great.

He gave him problems early mainly because Spence was quite inexperienced.

Here's what could be key for Mikey, if he backs you up to the ropes, tie him up, and do a 180, turn him, put him on the ropes, and take advantage without getting careless. Mikey has to be one step ahead, has to use his knowledge, his skills, use feints, keep that solid defence, use his fundamentals, counter Spence, but just do what is necessary.

I don't know, he shouldn't take too many risks, but if Spence misses, he has to counter with power on the shots, not necessarily to hurt Spence in the early rounds, but to impress the judges, do quality work. Mikey should put shots together, because I think single punch counters, against a fighter as strong as Spence, who is also a counter puncher, that's a dangerous game.

I disagree on Mikey's chin, he doesn't have a Khan, Gamboa chin, not been down 10-15 times, but he has been down twice, doesn't have a granite chin, Brook couldn't hurt Spence, he has not been down, so I think Spence has the better chin.

I think Spence will take Mikey's power very well, because power is a very natural thing, hard to get more power once you are in your prime, and the thing is, Mikey will still have some power, but hitting a natural light middleweight, when he's fighting at 147, he will not hit as hard as he did at the lower weights, to do the damage he did at 135 with one shot, he will need 2 or 3.

I think it is somewhat predictable, expect Spence to soak up Mikey's punches more easily than vice verse, but Mikey will still not be a non-puncher, he will need extra shots against the bigger fighter, but, if Spence gets frustrated, walks into punches, 4 or more clean punches, and one of them is a shot which is accurate, well timed, Mikey can hurt him, and that's the thing, sometimes a great fighter can hurt his opponent without that much power, if he has the timing and accuracy to make good use of what power he has.

Spence will want to work the body, slow Mikey down, but when a fighter controls distance, is defensive and aware of what is coming, it is hard to land body shots, that's a problem GGG had against Canelo, because to attack the body, with power shots, you have to give ground at least to some extent, and you put yourself at risk of falling onto an uppercut, if Spence does that, he will get hurt. In terms of straight shots to the body, from range, not aggressive, just smart, Mikey has to use his elbows, because those body shots still knock it out of you even though they look like little pot shots.

It is the opportunity of a lifetime for Crolla, it would be possibly the biggest upset in boxing history if he could win, but I think Lomachencko will win easily.